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I Fell Off

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Higher by Mali Music

There was a time when looking up to God was how I solved my problems

Now friends have to camp at my house and go on in long conversations to address issues

There was a time when I wasn’t so vain

There was a time when my heart wasn’t in so much pain

I fell off

And life hasn’t let me go

It hasn’t let up

I write this at the moment with a huge headache

Realizing that I drifted too far away

And my new “loves” are causing me heartache


Sweet is the lure of the world

But in it’s heat we burn

And slowly bright futures bake

I won’t say that I’ve become fake

But I have to admit

Realizing I’ve slipped is much harder to take

It’s nice to know now before I self-destruct

Because for the longest time

It felt like a mission I couldn’t abort

Validations I seek from the wrong people

Some might even say I’m in the wrong circle

People and their minds can be so fickle

But you only give them reason to talk

When your backbone seems so brittle

I used to pray more

I used to yearn

For his word and his wisdom

Now I sit in church yawning consumed by boredom

I tithe when it’s convenient

Forgetting it is an essential ingredient

The last time I went to church was because I visited home

I can’t even ask God to abide in me

This is not his home

I used to be humble

Now it seems my pride has caused me to stumble

I learn new things about me everyday that I never expect

I just want God to speak to me again

Live and direct

This journey is not for the weary

And I’ve grown faint

Forgetting the intensity needed to score points in the paint

I realized a while back that I let him down

And now I’m hoping he can take me back

And turn my life around

I cannot predict the future

But I remember his promises for sure

I have fallen off

But I know he never wrote me off

Humbly I come back to you

Cleanse me and start me anew

It doesn’t matter how far you think you’ve fallen

He’ll still hold your hand and take your burden

Will I sin again after this?

Probably yes

But this was my cry for help to him

I had to get this off my chest

Have your way with me Lord

You know what’s best

Give me the grace to follow whole-heartedly

I know you’ll handle all the rest.

Part 2

Recently, I was touched by the amazing story of a friend. The things said person had gone through, made me appreciate my life and the way things have panned out for me. I did not write this latter piece to mock their struggles but to empower them and anyone else out there. No matter what your situation or story is, you are Beautiful.


Beautiful by Mali Music

The days get harder

Plans get cloudy

The future seems father

And you’re more doubtful than when you first planned it

You start to panic

And end up looking manic

Don’t forget the backbone

And cling on tighter to your cornerstone

Cry to him louder

Go francophone

Your time is now

Your frown is about to turn upside down

Believe it

I’m urging you to key into it


To Actualize

We spend so much time trying to strategize

Did factor in how much time God took to analyze



All those plans might never come to pass if your faith dies

So stoke that fire

I bet you

He hears your cry

I’ve see your drive

In any situation

I know you’ll thrive

Forget not your humble beginnings

Let them remind you of what all of this truly means

I’m not a preacher

I’m a sinner

With self doubt

But I know this struggle

And I know what it’s about

His mercies endless about

And your strength and sheer will

Will you pull you through?

NO doubt

The days might get gloomy and wet

But the sun in your life will never set

His eyes are on you

You’re a superstar

Believe it with me

He’ll show you how great you are

Stand strong and have faith

On him alone

Should you wait

Your time is now

His blessings, favor, grace and divine direction

On your life

Will always abound

Time and time again you surprise me

Your dedication to who you are is phenomenal

The pureness of your heart makes you the envy of many

The fact that in the middle of adversity

You let the good in you shine through

Over time I have come to know you

The real you

The one that seeks the best out of every situation

Always optimistic and full of belief

That attitude has propelled you to where you are today

On the cuff of greatness



Inside and out

You have captivated me

You know exactly when to evolve

Taking your all around beauty to the next level

You are the true meaning of beautiful

Because like fine wine

You get better with time

And you remain beautiful inside out.

Without a shadow of doubt

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The End

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12 thoughts on “I Fell Off

  1. It’s always a relief to know that you are not the only one with struggles. Thanks for reminding me that no matter how far we drift away from God, He will always be there to take us back. Both pieces are beautifully written, well done and may God bless your hustle.

  2. I can relate to this completely! Life is so tough, but not having a relationship with God is worse. Beautiful piece.

  3. I am already loving #WordsOfWednesday . A great way to start my day . Beautiful song choices !! Especially the Mali – beautiful song . I play this song everyday . You really captured the battle of remaining faithful with Christ . A battle I also have . He will always reward our efforts . You are right we are all beautiful , no matter what we go through. Need to remind ourselves of this daily .

  4. I always said I fell off, I always said I’ll take action to change it but all I did was procrastinate. I fell off.. far and deep and I plan to get right back on. Thanks S

  5. I am presently going through this situation right now and this what I needed to hear especially the betrayal nd beautiful writeups,its so touching and I have been pushing,ignoring God for a while now because he didn’t give me the answer I wanted but now I know he just wants me to wait in when he wants to bless me at his own time,thanks for all this wonderful stories and words u write which touch nd inspire your readers

  6. Thanks so much to you Sanmi. I can barely say anything rather than; I needed these words. Well thoughtful and written!!

  7. today is one of the stormy days and this has uplifted me. I just came on your blog knowing that I would find something to help and my random choice happened to be just what I needed. Merci beaucoup!

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