It was only fair that he’d bring me here. Cabernet Sauvignon in hand touring the beautiful glades in Montpellier, France. It was a definite step up in the right direction from our last visit to a wine country; Sonoma, California. This was a beautiful way to spend our summer, touring Europe. At this point, we had been to Spain, England and Northern Ireland and now we were enjoying France. The most romantic country in the world, so I have heard. My boyfriend of two years is a romantic god. He’s the guy that sends flowers just because, cooks me “specials” and makes hand crafted gifts, I mean who still does that in this age and time! His charm makes me wet just from thinking about it.

He works in construction, he used to be a foreman and now he owns his own business, 12 trucks and 3 offices (soon to be 5) in San Diego and we seem to be doing great. We’ve only been together 3 years and wedding bells are starting to chime but we are in love. You would not be able to tell what kind of work he does by his hands. His hands are so soft but strong. They keep me safe but make me purr, he’s like a magician with those hands.

Paris has been fun, we had dinner on the Eiffel tower last night and have been to the museum and symphony, cliche stuff you do in France but then again, it’s France! Cliche is more than adequate. Telling you how France made me feel is great and all but how it made me feel was magical.

They say once you go, you always want to go back, I don’t want to go back for the food or the views or the art but I want to go back for the sex. I want to go back and stand in the same position that I was that evening. All I need to do is stand there, the passion and heat, whew!

Back to my glass of wine that I was talking about, Yacob, a Senegalese born immigrant from his story, was giving us our private tour. We had seen some of the sweetest grapes and some barreled wine from 29 years prior that wasn’t scheduled to be bottled for another 6 years, they take that stuff seriously. So here I am, in my beautiful sun dress I had picked up in my last minute shopping stateside from New York and Co, walking down the vineyard paths.

I knew my fiance Ryan was staring at me from behind, I could feel his eyes on my back. He has those eyes, the ones that tell you “I’m a responsible man to the world but also I can rip your body sexually like a savage”. Do not make me tell you how many times he has undressed me with his eyes alone, like made me soaking wet just with the way he has looked at me. He especially loves doing it in public, making me wet, he did that once when he was sitting in on my business law class, licking his lips and winking at me, I couldn’t focus. At one point I slipped and said “yes! in America, you can sue a minor”. The fuck! I hear you say, but yeah, that was normal, that was the kind of crazy shit his eyes did to me and his dick, well let me just continue the story.

So, its getting late and our tour had been going great, we were about to see the final warehouse when our tour guide Yacob was radioed in. He politely asked for our permission to quickly go and attend to a delicate matter and whether or not we would be okay alone for a little while, we had the whole warehouse to ourselves and you can imagine my fiance’s response. It was a quick and sharp “yes! We’ll be okay. Go and do what you need. Take your time.” Take your time?!?! No! Don’t take your time Yacob I thought to myself, he has me to himself! He will devour me!!!! But then again, who was I fooling, I was starting to get wet at the mere idea of us two being in this warehouse all alone and I was ready to do things I’d never have to tell anyone.

Well, anyone but you guys. So Yacob left in his go cart and my “smooth” man, allowed us to walk through a few aisles before he grabbed me. He did. I was standing at the foot of one of the shelves reading about the grapes and leaves that were used in the making of a certain wine when I felt his hand touch me and in one swift motion, he turned me and planted the hottest and wettest kiss on my lips. I dripped. He turned me around again, much slower this time. And he moved my hair from the left side of my neck and he put all the hair on one side and then he started to kiss my neck, my neck! That is probably the next most sensitive place on a woman’s body after her pussy. I couldn’t contain myself and I started to moan slowly trying to keep the sound level at a minimum in what was a large warehouse with enough potential for my voice to echo. So he kept on kissing me and then he started to slip his hands around my body, now picture this with me; the man of my dreams is kissing down my neck and making me moan with his soft lips, his left hand cupping my breast in his strong hand and his other hand is slipping up my thighs under my dress. From every angle, I can’t win. Finally his hand arrived. His right hand was around my pussy and he was moving around. Now my man is not all that predictable but I confidently thought that he would turn me around so that I could look into my eyes while he devoured me but no he didn’t. He bent me forward, raised up my dress and then slid his tongue inside my pussy; from the back! I was going crazy, the heat from his nostrils was “burning” my clit as his tongue was exploring the depths of my pussy. He continued for a while, he was driving me crazy and at this point I was moaning out of this world. I didn’t give a fuck about whether or not my voice echoed because I was in the clouds. I was enjoying him eating me out so much, his wet tongue in my juicy pussy and my pussy juices all over his chin and face, I was about to cum for the second time when I remember moaning out things like “baby, don’t stop!” “please stop!” “Oh shit, Oh fuck!” “that feels so good” “you’re making me cummmmmm!!!!”

I yelled out in pleasure as he cracked the code to my love juice factory again and I tried to push him away accidentally knocking a bottle and smashing it on the floor. Oh fuck! I thought to myself, I’m super wet, let’s establish that, he wants more of me, check. I just broke a thousand dollar bottle, check. and I don’t give a fuck because I want to get fucked, check. And then he did what he does so well, he carried me, over to this basin. Yacob had said it was a fermenting basin where grapes that needed to be dried out were put in the basin, air dried and then blended or pounded into wine. He put me inside it, calf deep in grapes we stood, as he started kissing me again and then he bent me over and slid his big black dick into my tight wet juicy pussy. I let a sensual and wanting moan as I grabbed on to the edge of the basin, I turned around to see his face as I knew how much pleasure he must have been getting from me in this position and the things that he was doing to me. He looked in the clouds, he was sliding in and out of my pussy with such confidence in his ownership and he was right, he owned this pussy, every depth of every inch of it. He grabbed my waist as he controlled my movements as he went in and out. I turned around and looked in his eyes as I moaned, he smiled at me, he absolutely loved when I looked back at him as he fucked me. I think the wanting look on my face in wanting his dick was what usually turned him on. And then I asked him if I could play with my clit while he fucked me and the pace changed. He hates me playing with myself when he was “working” on my pussy. And so he grabbed me by waist a little tighter and with such aplomb, he thrust deeper and harder into my pussy. Every thrust deeper than the last one. At this point, I was yelling and begging for his mercy on my pussy but he didn’t listen.

I loved the way he took control of my pussy, you know when your man sort of puts a marker on your pussy as if to say “I want you to always remember what I’ve done to your pussy”. Then he made me cross my legs as he pounded, he had said it made my pussy tighter for his dick and made the thrusting sensation feel so much more amazing. He was hitting all my spots and I held on to the edge of the basin for support and he was pulling my hair from the back and smacking my ass like I was his little “dirty student”. It felt great! And then he turned me over, hoisted me off the ground and slid inside my pussy again. So here I am, hanging in the air, my ass cheeks in his hands, his dick inside me and my arms around his neck. Now he was going inside my pussy very slowly, a very intimate movement. I was feeling pleasure but feeling very safe in his hands.

He continued for about 20mins before shooting a full load of hot cum into my pussy which I felt inside my gut; birth control is the shit! He held onto me, as if to let me know that I would always be safe in his arms. He put me down and I pulled my dress down and there we were in France, walking out of a gorgeous winery, into the night lights, grape juice all over my feet. It was magical and this is the moment I mentioned reliving over earlier.

Paris is so magical for many reasons, it got me thinking too, wedding in Bordeaux? Hmm, we’ll see. 🙂 XOXO

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