Miles and Decades

“Ma’am you might need to take this out of this bag”. “Screw you” I cursed under my breath as I moved and rearranged my bag to fit everything. I HATE FLYING! 15 minutes later I was taking of my shoes and walking into the body scanner. I swear I hate flying. As I walked towards my gate I began looking for something to eat, I was starved. It was only 4:43am and I left my house about 3 hours ago, an hour on the airport shuttle and oh the joys of travelling. I finally spotted a sandwich spot in the corner and I grabbed an expensive bite (Ugh! Airport food)  and then walked to find a seat, my flight did not leave for another hour and half, so I thought I’d sit at the back in front of the gate, catch some sleep and then get on the plane.

I ate that sandwich so fast like it was the first time I had ever seen turkey and bread caress each other. I was so hungry. I put my bags close to me and I got ready to take a nap, 55 minutes to boarding. All my work taken care of for the week, I had told my new assistant not to call me for anything. She only had one work day left in the week anyways, she’ll survive. Physical therapy is divine, it’s beyond rewarding to help people distress, get physically better and just discover a new side to them. This was the first couple days off I had taken since I got the new contract to provide therapy for this major insurance company’s clients, it means more money for my practice but it also means more clients and much more stress. This was it, I was looking forward to Hawaii, Mojitos and jokes about how I was still not married at my cousin’s wedding. Ugh! I need to sleep and at this point I only had 25 minutes to sleep and then I started to drift, into that peaceful place and then I start to hear my name, “Kelly… Kelly, is that you?”… I slowly start to open my eyes and there he was, Leo my high school crush. He was standing right there!!! And he was just calling my name, wow! I compose myself and then I respond, “Hey Leo, what are you doing here?” He responds “flying t Hawaii apparently with a smile”. Gosh! His smile! His eyes! Ugh! I was weak in the knees. We began talking as he sat next to me, from life to work and everything in between. Apparently, my cousin’s husband and him met in medical school and became great friends. Small world was all I could think. He was still as smart as I knew back then, a decade had literally gone by and I was still attracted to him. Of and on I would hear things about him from people like he was working with the WHO in Chad for about two years or full time into pediatrics now. I always heard a little here and there but not enough to make contact or what not. So we continued to talk as we boarded. We took our seats in business class, my cousin’s husband to be had paid for the tickets of all 50 of us coming from all parts of the country to the wedding. Yes, you can afford it when you’re the Chief of Surgery at one of Orange County’s finest hospitals. I took my seat and realized that Leo’s seat was a couple of rows behind mine, I could still clearly see him whenever I turned around. I realized when the plane began to take off that nobody was seating right next to him but I wasn’t going to just get up and move there, I have no time for that kind of thirst. I was just going to get some sleep and find a way to stop my heart from racing because it had been trying to get out of my chest since I opened my eyes and set my eyes on him at the airport. Sleep will calm me. I know it will.

. . . .

My cousin and I grew up together in my parents’ house. Our mothers are sisters and we did everything together. Her parents sent her to America to go to school and to school and into trouble we went. She was the sister I never had and we always had each other’s back in everything from our first hair accidents to drive me to Planned Parenthood after my first pregnancy scare, well only pregnancy scare I have to point out. And then in college we moved to separate ends of the country, I went to school in Arizona and she chose to go to school in Maine. We kept in touch and spent every spring break together from Cancun to Hawaii in our senior year in college; I think that was where she decided that it would double as he wedding location too. I love my cousin to pieces but one bit of information that I feel like we never got over what Leo. Jessi introduced me to Leo because she thought he was cool and I instantly liked him. I would always get this vibe from her that she sort of liked him but she would always deny it whenever I asked. So the summer before we all went off to college, in all honesty of not spotting anything between them, Leo and I began hanging out. Movies, to concerts and dinners as my cousin worked and I did my internship. I would come home after almost every meeting with Leo and tell her how great it was and how much I like him. She never said anything negative or to suggest that she wanted a piece of him. In hindsight, I think she never said anything because she wanted to protect me and not put in the position to choose between him and her. They had a bit of a history, at one point in high school, she had liked him and the news leaked to him and they never got to go out but she always secretly liked him but I think she was too embarrassed to let it ever become anything. We went through the entire summer on a high of this thing, whatever we wanted to call it. And it felt great, a lot of great things happened until we started making concrete plans for where to attend college and he chose to study in England. Everything went downhill at that point. I began to withdraw and I knew I couldn’t go into college dating someone in another continent and we tailed out. And from then on, it was the case of what could have been.

. . . .

I couldn’t sleep! I was so restless. We had been 2hrs into our flight from Boston and I was not into the movie that was playing in front of me. I could not stop thinking that he was here. He was only about 20 feet away from me. The guy that I first felt anything for. The guy that every summer for the past decade I had wondered what might have been. The first guy after Will Smith that I wanted to jump and have crazy sex with! He was right there! Actually I had lied, at one point about 3 years ago, I heard about Leo from a girlfriend of mine that he had a girlfriend and so the courage I had summoned that time to call him faded. But this was the moment; this was a redo, fate made this happen. I slowly began to turn around to sneak a peek at him, the exact moment I turned, he was lifting his eyes from the book he was reading and our eyes met. “Shit! “ Why did he have to look up right then?!?! Why?!” I pulled out a sheepish smile and waved, the only thing that could stop me from killing myself at this point was… “Wait what? What is he doing? Was he asking me to come over to him?“ Yes he was! He was motioning me over as he took of his glasses and set the book down. I walked over trying not to wake anyone and sat next to him. It was great. We began to talk about everything and that summer. I told him of how heartbroken I was when he decided to go to another school besides the one we had chosen to attend together in California. He then told me about how his dad had forced him to go to England threatened to cut him off if he did not take up the opportunity to study in England and his mother told him to respect his father’s wishes. He narrated how thankful he was for taking that decision because his father would pass away a few months after he graduated top of his class. His father had seen something he hadn’t and was beyond proud of him. My heart began to melt and I was near tears when he told me about the kids he cared for during his two year stint in Chad, I was just “loving” this guy and I was starting to get turned on. The words and the brilliance of this man was turning me on. The physical attraction from a decade again was morphing into this uncontrollable feeling, I crossed my legs. A failed attempt to trap the flow of things, if you know what I mean. Save you all the trouble, and fast forward to both of us in the bathroom of the plane. I was backed up against the mirror as his lips searched mine. I was weak at the knees and I think he knew it too because he immediately wrapped him hand around my lower back as if to support me. I had waited for this kiss for years. Literally a decade! And it was so good, he was such a sensual kisser and his lips were just as soft as I remember them. I began to suck on his lower lip. I just wanted to rip of his clothes and fuck the shit out of him. But I had to play it cool. Let him run this show. Besides, I was going to need to keep my voice down, the hostess we walked past when we snuck into the bathroom might get woken up and notice us missing.  He began to touch me slowly and whispered  my ear, do my know how long I have waited to have my in my arms. I whispered in response “how long?”.  “Too long” was his response as he started to kiss my from my neck, to my lips, then my breasts and then my navel, He started to work his way down to my pelvic area. Moving around my waist while I started to moan lightly. I bet he could now smell my love juices dripping out of my lovebox and he was getting ready to devour. He then dropped my underwear, then he started to move his tongue around my lovebox without really touching it and my moan, as if begging him to eat my out already, was getting more sensual and then he finally caved in and start eating my lovebox. He first started slow and then he turned the heat up and then back to slow as he searched me with his tongue and on his knees and me hanging on his shoulders.  He began to moan so loudly! Moaning his name, telling him not to fucking stop and how great this was feeling. He even started humming a song! What guts right?! Well, it seemed he had already thought this whole thing out and was not planning to stop until I came for him multiple times. And so he kept eating and I kept moaning and begging but he didn’t listen. He just kept on going and drinking it all in.  He made me cum a few more times till I couldn’t move my legs and then he took out his dick and decided to  plough it into my tight wet juicy lovebox, my moan and plead for him to take it slow! I had never seen a man put a condom on that fast ever!  He was big. It took up every space in my lovebox. It was soo good. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he entered me from behind, our eyes meeting in the mirror. He began to thrust in and out slowly and picked up traction the wetter I became, I had wanted him for so long. I couldn’t believe this, he picked up the pace and began to go harder. My moans got louder and then he turned the water on in an attempt to drown out my voice. I was trying soo hard to keep it down but I couldn’t help. I wanted to feel his balls hit my clit and so I put the seat down and I knelt down on the top of the seat and asked him to take me. He slid back in and I let out a gentle moan. I thought to myself, “I could get used to this. How far is Boston to Maryland again?”. In my thought he thrust really deep and I turned around to look at him, which drove him wild! He was off! In and out in controlled fashion he went! I felt like I was going to go mad! I wanted to scream but the thrill in also knowing that I couldn’t was turning me on even more! He put his hands on my waist and then used his knees to spread legs wider, that gave him a clearer path of some sorts and he was driving deep into my lovebox and I could feel him in my gut. OH GOSH! He then asked me to get up and straddled me on him, facing him, arms around his neck. He slid into my lovebox and this time slowly guided me to my third moment of explosion, the whole time locked in kisses. The way he took control and handled me felt soo good. Then he put me down and he kissed continuously as we put our clothes on. He wanted me as much as I wanted him and that felt good. He slowly opened the bathroom door to make sure the coast was clear, it was, so we both went into our seats. It was so great that the entire time, no one tried to use the restroom at all. Fate I supposed because what just happened was nothing short of magical. “What just happened?” I asked myself as I gathered my thoughts and controlled my heartbeat. “Wow!” was the reoccurring theme in my head. I hadn’t asked him the main questions. “was he single? Married? Kids?!” Ugh! But for some reason it all didn’t matter. As we walked off the plane and into the airport, I asked him one question and only one question. “Are you single?” He smiled and showed off those gorgeous teeth and said “yes”. “You?” he asked. I said “no, I’m not but I will be in a few hours” with a beaming smile. He smiled as we entered the limo, I put my sunglasses on and thought to myself “This is about to be a fun ride! ” as chills ran down my spine.

To be continued…

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