These are some of my oldest friends, and I am grateful for their lives and their place in mine. 🌹


My journal has a weekly review section that I enjoy so much.
The daily entries are pretty standard which is fine but the weekly entries ask you questions that truly stimulate your mind and give you the chance to free-write.
As a writer like myself, you can imagine lovesss this section.
This week, one of the questions asked something like “Think of the 5 closest people to you 10 years ago, where are they now and blah blah blah”
The questions struck me as I began thinking about my friends from 2012.
First of all, as I write this, I actually realize that I graduated from my undergraduate program 10 years ago this year.
How time flies?!#$%

Back to the friends, I realized that while some of us are still in each others lives, others have moved into different realms and relationships.
It didn’t bring me sadness but instead a realization that life happens.
Time changes things and that is okay.
For example, some people have gotten married, had babies.
Some, we stopped f**king, loving or dating.
And that’s totally normal.

The lesson I took from that was simple: invest your best in the people in your life right now.
They may only be there for a season but they are there right now.
Appreciate them, appreciate that.
But also know that things change. Time changes things.
Growth changes things. Egos change things.
And sometimes, you change.

Consistency is Key

This week, I took a gamble on myself.
I have been wanting to post short clips of things that I normally write on TikTok and Instagram.
For months now, I have been sitting on the idea.
This week, I took a chance and recorded them.
I edited the first one while in church on Sunday – bros J, abeg forgive me.
And then as I was sitting there, I posted it.

I wanted to flag that piece because right before I posted it, I second guessed it one more time.
“What if it flops?”
“What if people hate it?”
“What if I just look weird sitting there?”
Our self doubt always finds a way of starring in our movie. The goal is to ensure it remains only a bit part character.
I am enjoying the consistency of making and posting the videos.
So far, I am working out M-F and posting M-F too.
I’m proud of myself and I hope you take a gamble on yourself too.

Do you speak kindly to yourself?

“Phenomenal, magical, unintentionally humble – inspiring”
Those are just some of the words I used to describe someone. But I realized that I do not call myself any of those words, at least not often.
Why is that?
Why is it so easy to call myself a “dumbass” when I mess up?
Than it is for me to call myself “magical”
I can’t tell you that I know exactly why.
All I know is that I hope that we all work to be kind to ourselves.
You are magnificent, powerful, magical, beautiful, intelligent and so much more.
Say it.
Yes, SAY IT.
To yourself now and every single day.
Who better to tell it true, than the person that runs the show?

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The Wordsmith,
Master of Cliffhangers.

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You are highly appreciated.


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