A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love


Fifemayo by Pepenanzi

To Mother,

For the first time

Our stages coincided 


Into your eyes I found love

Before self discovery 

You would hold my hand as I wrote my story

Being in love with you was all the history I had

O’ Mother


Like an vhs cassette

I have ejected myself out of your love

Pretended like being in your care wasn’t home

Rebelling against you and hurting myself

A stubborn young man

I tried to navigate life without the safety of your love

Like a trusty navigation system

You helped me avoid potholes

Re routed around traffic

You alerted when the storm was near

And gave me reason to go out in the world without fear

I pray love on you mother


Times have changed

My beard is now flourishing 

And I get too busy

But I am still no one without your touch

Your blessings

I still crave the warmth in your love

Even as your words chasten me

They have moulded me

Into a version I can be proud to say is yours

I know I have hurt you

It must have hurt more

Like hitting your pinky toe on the corner of your new settee

The screams are internal

Like when I moved inside of you as a fetus

No one will understand a mothers pain

And sometimes I act like you are the pain

But without your love

My life is not the same



I didn’t just realize all this today

But I’ve been trying to find the right words to say

I love you

In a meaningful way

Needing you is not something I can deny

And fear of you pushing me aside

Breaks my heart

I cannot imagine a day without a prayer from you

To you 

I owe much of me to you

Everything in truth

I sometimes fail to show you how much I love you

Or how much you mean to me

But what I am here trying to say today is

Mother, you are everything

My everything

Without you

There is nothing

So today and everyday I forget to say or show it

Please know that I love you


More than anything I can ever find

Thank you for loving me


Written in June 2015.

People have sometimes joked and called me a “mama’s boy”. I find that term very interesting to understand considering that I feel like she’s mad at me half the time.

Like she is right now.

But I wrote this to remind her of the love I have for her. My journey with her.
Her influence in me.
My realization that only one person can love me more than she does. Ever.

I started to think of the idea of “unconditional love”.

There is a bond between a child and a mother that withstands much of life’s tests. But what prevents that love from being recreated within different interactions and relationships.

The love a mother has is one that never gives up and even if it does, it has to be in the most extreme of circumstances.
Today, we are so quick to give up. On people, relationships, dreams and love.
I have been extremely frustrated with my friends or situations before but I find it hard to give up. Like the pull within me to give up on someone I love is so hard.

I always ask, would I want someone to give up on me?
And the answer is always a resounding NO.
I have a forgiving personality. I let things go. But I realized over the last few months that I havent always truly let things go.

When a child offends, a mother chastises and then moves on. It may be slow but eventually, she moves them along.
I feel like people need more of that.

What is that thing that is holding you from giving love that stands the tests of situations?
Understand that thing and work on it.

It seems trivial but letting someone know that you will never give up on the love you have for them, is a helpful step in them loving themselves.

This concept of love can be discussed from now till Jesus comes but make it your duty to love everyone like they are your own.
Forgive when you can, admonish when necessary, support always, pray without ceasing and love unconditionally.

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3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. Beautiful ! A mothers love is priceless .. Your relationship with your mother is admirable and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a ‘mama’s boy’ .. A mothers love , guidance and protection is needed always . I am also very forgiving as i wouldn’t someone to give up on me .. I try as much as possible to love freely but at times my stubbornness can get in the way (this has improved a great deal though )

    Your rant was funny as always .. I have had Tesojue stuck in my head all week .. Can’t wait to find out who the killer is in Faded 4 .

  2. Truly unconditional. Mothers are beautiful, the love is jus too mush. May we all love as our have. Beautiful piece again!

  3. My mum is my absolute best friend so I can relate. I try to still make out time for her now that I’m older cos I know how lonely it gets when it seems your kids have outgrown you. We should appreciate our mothers for their prayers, support and unconditional love

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