Triangle of Revenge IV

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It was Wednesday and we had only been in Bordeaux for about sixteen hours for the wedding on Saturday when my mother and I had a heart. She raved on about how proud of me she was and how I was able to handle the situation. She obviously did not know everything. She once again expressed her reservations around me marrying Denise after all that happened but respected my decision and prayed for me. I was confident that even though Denise had lost a lot of respect and trust in the eyes of my mother, my biggest fan, she would regain it as the time went by.

Something had stuck with me around the birth control incident. Why was she using it? From the time of the incident till now, it would have been about eight months since she last had sex with me and up until the night she came over just a short while back, we actually hadn’t had sex. So who was she using it for? When I asked her if she had been with or was with anyone during our time apart, she said no and I knew she was lying, I saw it in her eyes. I didn’t know exactly what part she was lying about but I knew she was lying about something and I was going to find out what. I just had to be sure. They say “Once bitten, twice shy” and so I put my cousin Lisa on the case. Lisa was a detective, well, without the certification. She could find dirt on anyone if she wanted to. She’s that girlfriend that a man can never cheat on because she would catch him and most likely kill him but she’s also the same one that a man can never fully commit to because she has some element of crazy to her. We all have at least one friend like that. One that we are glad is a friend of ours and not an enemy.

Everything was going smoothly. Friends flying in, the setup was looking nice and we were all at the rehearsal dinner. My grandfather was present, a handful of people were arriving very early the next day. Our wedding venue was in the city center; the perfect location. It was a 5 minute walk from the hotel we were all lodged in and a 15 minute shuttle ride from the airport. Everyone was finding their way in. I remember glancing down the table at the 30+ people seated and feeling blessed. I looked at my wife to be and flashed back out college days, our struggle days, our “perfect” days, our petty fights, the name calling, the doubt, the determination, the hope, the fear and all I could clearly see was the love and our future together. I remember the final toast being made by Chris, my step brother that lived in the same city as me but we barely talked. We had grown up together when his father married my mother. Chris and I are only 4 months apart and I’m the older one. Our relationship was never the smoothest but it was cordial and respectful, for the most part. “I wish you Damien a happy home and Denise, I hope he can continue to satisfy you” Chris said as he closed out his toast to a few awkward glances. That statement did not seem to make perfect sense to me but it did to Lisa. I looked over to her and her eyes had lit up! She had figured something out.

I soon received a short text message from Lisa reading “Update after dinner”. I was nervous and curious to know what she knew. A few hours later, after some storytelling and reminiscing on memories, we all disappeared into our various rooms. The kids shared a suite with Liv, my only aunt with no children but she absolutely amazing with children. I adore her. The “single and soon to be married” cousins shared another suite together. Denise had her suite with Rachel and I had mine with my younger brother Julian. After making sure everyone got in safely, it was almost 2am when Lisa and I finally got a chance to talk and she basically told me that she was not sure about me going ahead with the wedding. I was shocked. After coming this far? No! This wedding had to happen. Our parents pretty much paid for the entire thing, we could not let them down, it was going to happen. Lisa would let me know that she felt strongly that Denise was not being completely straight with me. I doubted Lisa but I could never be a hundred percent sure especially given what had happened not too long ago. So I did what I felt was best, marched over to Denise’s room and knocked. She opened. I remember saying something along the lines of “you’re not in your wedding dress yet, so technically I can still see you before the ceremony”. She laughed and said “yes, you can”. I then became very serious; I looked her in the eye and said “Dee (as I fondly called her), this is it. This is our moment. We had waited and been through so much for this moment. Is there anything that could hinder our union in a few hours?” She looked startled. I continued. “Anything in the past, anything at all that you might have said or not said before?” At this point, I figured she had sensed I knew something, she bowed her head and then looked up at me and slowly said “baby, there is absolutely nothing to worry about”. I breathed a sigh of relief, pulled her in for a hug and planted a kiss on her forehead. “Goodnight my love” I said.

“I can’t wait to make you the happiest woman in the world starting later today” I added. She smiled and said “me too” as I walked off. I was happy. I didn’t care what Lisa might have “thought” she found, I just asked Denise and her answer was enough for me to go by. As I walked down the hotel lobby, I called Lisa to let her know that I had asked Denise and everything was fine, I heard the elevator door open and someone that sounded like a man begin to walk out but very quickly rushed back into the elevator and pressed the button to close it. It now in hindsight seemed odd but then, I just figured someone must have gotten off on the wrong floor.

When I returned to my room, my brother was already asleep in his room and I quietly made my way to mine. I was just thinking of the great things my union with Denise would bring forth like kids and a family of my own when I got a text message asking me to open a Dropbox message. I was wide awake so why not, I watched one more electric slide video on YouTube to be absolutely sure I would get it right later that day while the video downloaded. I opened the file and clicked play and I was in shock. Tears streamed down my face as I watched the video my wife to be open her hotel room and passionately kiss him. He came in and said “I always win” with a grin on his face. One that I was forced to watch all my life growing up with him; it was my brother Chris. Words could not express the anger, pain, hurt and disbelief I was feeling, I watched them passionately kiss their way into her room, the video would then lose picture but kept sound as my step brother in my wedding party and my wife to be in a few hours made crazy sex. I felt like someone had ripped my heart out of my chest and taunted me with it as it burned on a stake. Why?!?!?! I yelled out in tears and pain!

I got up ready to go and kill them both but as I opened my door, there stood Rachel. She knew why she sent the video and why she was standing there. She smiled and said “settle the score?” I pulled her in and carried her to my room. Safe to say that if it was possible to physically break a woman lovebox I might have broken hers that night, I let it all out. Like a savage, I ravaged her body exploring every inch of it. Scratch marks, bite marks, moans that potentially woke up everyone on my floor. With every thrust into her I searched for more, like a philosopher for truth, a scientist for a cancer cure. Rachel was willing; she knew I needed her to just be at that point. No words needed to be said. We just fucked. And we fucked hard. I fucked her like it was the last time I would be allowed to have sex, like it was a long overdue conjugal visit. Her body took it all. I slumped into the bed once we were done and wept like a baby in her arms, she said nothing. Nothing needed to be said. The sex we just had was amazing, for aggression but it was pointless in the grand scheme of things, I could not love again. I would not love again or trust again. I was a broken man. Unfortunately, Denise had broken me again and this time for good and beyond repair.



She looked gorgeous as she walked down the aisle towards me in her Vera Wang dress. She was indeed a beautiful woman. I smiled. Rachel was just as beautiful in her role as maid of honor. I had been staring at her for the past twenty minutes. I was very calm and collected considering the events of only a few hours ago. Everyone looked beautiful and well represented, I felt honored and sad because I knew something like this would never happen again. I glanced behind me to my groomsmen and my eyes met Chris’, he smiled and gave me thumbs up, I smiled back. I remembered our conversation about thirty minutes prior to the ceremony starting where he urged me to marry Denise and stay faithful to her, to be a real man and protect her. Ironic isn’t it? He was ravaging her body and still trying to convince me to marry her. What a cold world.

It was all making sense to me now. Denise was the girl. The girl Chris reported hates me for. The girl he kept mentioning in a drunken rant a few years before at Easter that I had stolen from him. The love of his life but he never mentioned her name. Back then, if he had, I probably would have let them be and left her alone but as Lisa would tell me, they had been meeting up occasionally over the last 3 years and having sex. This was Chris’ way of getting back at me. He wasn’t going to marry Denise anymore, after her cheating on me? Never. But he would ruin the chances of me being happy with her as revenge for “taking” her from him. He had introduced us but never said anything else. He was a player and had many girls; he even had his girlfriend there when he introduced me to Denise so I never thought they were something. Chris had always hated my guts I felt. I was better at school and financially. He was better at getting women but it never lasted. We had our differences but I loved my brother but my own brother went to great lengths to ruin my life and I could only smile.

The reverend father was preaching his sermon on the sanctity of marriage and how we needed to love each other whole heartedly. I could only smile at how much he was wasting his time.

I was waiting, patiently waiting for this to be over. For my own moment, my time to define things. And then it happened I snapped back into reality as the father asked me, “Do you, Damien take Denise to be your lawfully wedded wife?” I leaned into the microphone in a city center with 300+ people and as slowly as possible with a grin on my face said “I don’t.”

Gasps. Sighs of relief. Disbelief. I looked at Denise and slowly repeated it to avoid any confusion “I don’t” I slowly said again. I smiled at her as she dropped to her knees in tears and I walked off. Giving a quick glance to my mother who had a confused but appreciative smile in the front row, I undid my tie and threw it to the ground as I strolled on. That was the cue for the video to start playing on the street advertising billboard and into the ceremony speakers. Everyone could see what Denise and Chris had done. I heard they looked like the ground should open up and swallow them. The whole video played, every single second of it with great thanks to my cousin Lisa. Their lives were ruined just as my heart was crushed. I started the 1937 Citroen and drove off. Everyone was in a state of shock except my parents and siblings who I just debriefed early that morning. What had just happened? Did the groom just walk out of his own wedding? Well, yes I did.

I made my way to my vantage point on the hill about a mile away from the venue in a coffee shop, I sat myself outside while I watched all the guests leave slowly with confused looks on their faces. I felt sorry for them because they missed what would have been a great party and some amazing cake! Chris had left, possibly to check out and jet back to Seattle. Denise was still crying on the floor being consoled by the food caterers for the day. I was watching it all unfold when my phone started to ring, it was Rachel. Just then waitress came up and asked me what kind of coffee I would like to drink, “Can I get a Pot of the Ethiopian Beans?”  For a quick second, everything that had happened flashed in front of my eyes; I shook my head, relaxed back into my seat and smiled.

This life is just a…. Well, I’m pretty sure you know the rest.



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