The speed of light was in contention of being recalculated

As the responses to text messages were swift

The picture messages that lit up the phones

As you took each other on a journey of where you’ve both been

The enthusiasm to know more was amazing

We scour each other’s minds with questions to make sure all is known

The things she says are the cutest

How she pronounces her “R”

Or how she sleeps with her mouth open at night on Skype is so beautiful

The way he looks at me in public without saying a word

The mystery behind his eyes

It makes my heart skip a beat waking up to his messages

I can’t wait to talk to him everyday

It’s real

It’s new

And I want more

Those five hour conversations every night

Seem like mere minutes when they’re over

Willing to risk being late to class to hear her voice

While he pushes the limits at work by being on the phone when he shouldn’t

More and more the things we do

I want more

The first non church hug

The first kiss

The first moment our eyes say “I want only you”

But our mouths don’t move

We both just know

That first conversation with the girls

Recapping how amazing the dates have been

Or how mesmerizing his eyes are

Your buddies are telling you how hot she is

The fumes from them gassing you up on your achievements leave you on a high

You both really start to believe that this might be the one

Then the first argument

Usually about something stupid

Like why you RT’d that girl 3 times that day

Or why she texted back instead of returning your call

It sets in

You both hate it

And it usually is resolved with makeup sex

And then the next one happens

And the one after that

And then your girlfriend is telling you to “try”

And your boys are reminding you of how fine she is and you shouldn’t let her go

Then you both start to spiral

You get caught in this web of crap

Trying to figure a way out

And constantly crashing while you try to fix things

Now you sit here

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…

Followed by the eye roll

You’re wondering why he won’t stop texting

He’s wondering why it’s so hard for you to let go


Now those same looks in public are met with digust

Messages are responded to with the same pace it takes the Nigerian government to fix electricity


Some are even deleted before being read

The level of disgust

So quickly you begin to wonder how things that felt so good

Hurt so bad

It’s amazing

The memories become much clearer

The little things are more appreciated

The petty arguments you want to take back

The hurtful things you said, you wish you didn’t

But it’s all too late

Then it all breaks apart


For a quick moment

Bask in the refreshing feeling of your “independence”

Forgetting your binding contract to the game

The one that ensures that time will heal and another will come

The next one that you will think is unique

He’ll pressure you into saying “kay”

And you’ll soon think he’s the one

And then you are

Again on another whirl

Experiencing another thrill

Discovering new things

But there’s always that fear

That after the  little whistling storm it all might settle

And then what

You’re caught back at the place it all began



And after a short while

Ready to do it all over again


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  1. Nice writing!!! how she sleeps with her mouth open at night on Skype is so beautiful.Loool!

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