The Reframe

Reframing things

There is something they say about meeting your heroes.
I went to a high school in Nigeria owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God where my parents were Pastors.
I liked my experience at the school and at the time Pastor Adeboye was a hero to me.
Over the years, I continue to appreciate his standing and his impact in the lives of Nigerians, Africans and Christians worldwide but I most certainly cannot say that he is still a hero for me.
I have met him up close a couple of times – I am pretty sure he doesn’t remember. He has met millions of people over his long life.

In a few weeks, he’s coming to my neck of the woods.
All the churches in the area have suggested people to build out a mass choir and my name was mentioned.
For my efforts and my abilities, I assumed or expected to be one of the leads.
Somehow I was not selected as a lead but as a backup(I don’t think our choir mummy likes me but subject for another day)
I immediately got in my feelings – especially because both of the rehearsals are almost two hours away.
I was very annoyed.
But I met this amazing soul a few months ago and they thought me the power of reframing.
Frankly, I think they reframe a little too much but I truly appreciated their perspective on trying to see the positives in things.
I started considering the simple fact that, truth be told, it’s possible that I may not have been selected at all.

The reframe gave me a reason to be grateful for my talent period.
But also be grateful to be called.
I can sometimes struggle to reframe into the positive and it’s something I am working on but I wanted to share with you all.
There will be a lot of times where the world tries to knock you down but being able to stop and reframe might be one step out of navigating through a difficult situation.
And funny enough, I am currently now in line to lead one of the main songs because the other guy chosen can’t make it.
Look at God – I’ll report back to see if I actually end up leading.

Do you have any phobias?
I really HATE cats but I also hate raccoons. I was rushing out of the car to avoid raccoons and cracked top of cologne bottle. It fell and I broke it.
So it got me thinking – what things out there are you all afraid off?
Please share in the comments below.

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