The Reframe

Reframing things

There is something they say about meeting your heroes.
I went to a high school in Nigeria owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God where my parents were Pastors.
I liked my experience at the school and at the time Pastor Adeboye was a hero to me.
Over the years, I continue to appreciate his standing and his impact in the lives of Nigerians, Africans and Christians worldwide but I most certainly cannot say that he is still a hero for me.
I have met him up close a couple of times – I am pretty sure he doesn’t remember. He has met millions of people over his long life.

In a few weeks, he’s coming to my neck of the woods.
All the churches in the area have suggested people to build out a mass choir and my name was mentioned.
For my efforts and my abilities, I assumed or expected to be one of the leads.
Somehow I was not selected as a lead but as a backup(I don’t think our choir mummy likes me but subject for another day)
I immediately got in my feelings – especially because both of the rehearsals are almost two hours away.
I was very annoyed.
But I met this amazing soul a few months ago and they thought me the power of reframing.
Frankly, I think they reframe a little too much but I truly appreciated their perspective on trying to see the positives in things.
I started considering the simple fact that, truth be told, it’s possible that I may not have been selected at all.

The reframe gave me a reason to be grateful for my talent period.
But also be grateful to be called.
I can sometimes struggle to reframe into the positive and it’s something I am working on but I wanted to share with you all.
There will be a lot of times where the world tries to knock you down but being able to stop and reframe might be one step out of navigating through a difficult situation.
And funny enough, I am currently now in line to lead one of the main songs because the other guy chosen can’t make it.
Look at God – I’ll report back to see if I actually end up leading.

Do you have any phobias?
I really HATE cats but I also hate raccoons. I was rushing out of the car to avoid raccoons and cracked top of cologne bottle. It fell and I broke it.
So it got me thinking – what things out there are you all afraid off?
Please share in the comments below.

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The Wordsmith,
Master of Cliffhangers.

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The Conversations of One

I am always interrogating myself.
Not in the “sitting in a holding area” type of way but I frequently find myself asking and trying to understand the “why” behind my thoughts and actions.

My office/team has started a slow reintegration back into the office. We are not encouraged to come in once a week – Tuesdays.
I know, I know. Boooo 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅
Honestly, it hasn’t been the worst thing ever, even though I will say I still prefer working from home.
This morning, I was folding my laundry in the laundry room and I realized that I haven’t booked my rental car for my drive into the office.
I am heading into the head office tomorrow and it’s approximately an hour’s drive.
My car has been giving signals of having an issue, so I typically try not to drive it for further trips.

My roommate and guy best friend on the other hand just bought a brand new very sexy whip.
Status car.
My brain briefly went “why don’t you just ask him to borrow you his car?” – before his new buy, he had a more rundown version.
The Nigerian in him used the last money in that car. He would sometimes borrow my car to run quick errands, so asking to borrow his car shouldn’t be weird right?
The next thought in my head was now the one that I interrogated, it went like this…
“For as close as we are (13years of friendship) and the fact that he’s used mine before, he should let me use his car and if he doesn’t, then hmmm. Maybe we are not best friends like that”
That was the thought.
But here’s the thing, thoughts like that are not uncommon. As a matter of fact, they show you are human.
And they also lend to the biblical idea that the heart of man is desperately wicked. Despite how well-intentioned it might be on the surface.

I quickly dispelled the thought but it reminded me of why I always ask the why of people when they ask certain things.
Mostly my lady best friend tbh.
Questions like – “do you think we are still best friends or do you feel like you respect me?”
I ask the “why” because many times, those questions are not rooted in curiosity but in fear/unhappiness/insecurity.
My mind asked the question about the car in a way to almost test the strength of my relationship with my best friend and that shouldn’t be the case.
I know my position in his life, so why did I almost way to put him to a test that my mind secretly hoped he would fail?
This is why I encourage you and I to always ask the “why” within the things/questions we ask.

For me, it’s a chance to discuss the motivations and intentions behind what my mind/heart is questioning.
Sometimes, the thoughts are unhealthy and unhelpful.
It always you to objectively discuss with yourself before advancing.
Truth be told, he may not feel comfortable letting me use the car. Don’t get me wrong, I am a great driver but the car is expensive.
If you sef drop 6bands on a car, you’d feel hesitant to let anyone outside yourself drive the car like that.
I know I may feel uncomfortable as well driving the car because of the pressure, so odds are, I would actually rent one for myself to ease my stress.
But yes, stop trying to test your relationships with the hope that they fail. If they are real and genuine relationships, chances are that life will give you checkpoints to evaluate the strength of the relationships anyway.
And my bet is that in the most organic ways, you will pass.
But also if and when they “fail/falter” it won’t be because you used your hands to influence the demise of something you so carefully built.

Anyways, time to head to the gym. It’s 9:15am and I am running “late”.
Another reason I like working from home. How many times will you get the chance to actually be entering the gym at past 9am?
We move sha.

I hope this week, you are having reasons to smile and feel loved.
Don’t use your own hands to ruin the things you love. The world is already built to do that for you anyways.
Keep growing and shining – till next time.
Stay up!

Update: he let me use his car and I was terrified the whole time I drove it. For starters, it’s a German machine! And it cost a lot of money but also because I was traveling on a less traveled route. Anyway, it was a day.
And thankfully, my mind lost this battle.

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The Wordsmith,
Master of Cliffhangers.

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Paper Boats

Even paper boats can float, till they can’t anymore.

There were days I would stay up late building castles with you
Home of gold with you

Rooms filled with play and tickle
Filled with love, lust, and passion
I would fight sleep to sit with you
Then give in to my dreams because I would get to be with you
Now I can’t sleep
My heart pinches with pain
And it’s all because of you

Life is fast but progress can be slow. Do what you can now, move the needle now

The other day I was thinking about how I started my weightloss journey in the middle of March. I was sooo annoyed that I didn’t feel like I was seeing significant progress till like July and then suddenly, it was as if I was just peeing all the fat away.
Then my mind got used to expecting that type of speedy impact. But that’s not real life.
The reality is that life is sooo fast. So much is happening daily and at an incredible rate but the goal should be what you can now and keep going, your impact will eventually snowball down the road. Sometimes it takes meeting the right energy/person/situation to realize great impact but don’t use the fact that life is moving fast, to not move.
For example, fitness folks will tell you that doing a daily work of 15 minutes will have a lasting impact than doing a 1hr workout once a month. Just move the needle today, however small. Your whole being will be grateful for it.

3 ways to get and maintain internal and external happiness

Relationships are everything

you usually get your first job because you know someone. Be that bonding agent for the next person. Pour into your relationships, friendships and more. I am realizing as I get older that more than what you have saved or not saved, I am happy about the human beings I call home in my life. They are all invaluable currency to me. Cherish that. Some people spend their whole lives looking for meaningful connections. If you have them, appreciate them. This is your cue to text or call that person you have been meaning to call. Life is also too damn short. Do it!

Keep learning and figuring out new ways to learn

What have you learned recently? What new thing have you picked up or learned that has improved you?It is not a major prerequisite to life but a sure way to stay happy/encouraged/motivated and growing is by continuing to learn every day.
Someone recently told me about how I know a “little about many things” and I laughed.
I certainly picked that up from my father. He knows a lot about a lot of different things.
But I love learning new things – it’s why I love history, discovery and animal channels. I am always trying to absorb new things about the world I live in and my place in it. Find something new to learn today. Preferably not work-related and let me know in the comments what it is.

Be a problem solver and innovator – use your privilege.

It is very likely that you hold some privilege, whatever marginalized group you are a part of.
Understand what that privilege is and how you can take that into the world to make it better.
For example, I am a black man in America. They are literally trying to kill us every day.
But I am also a black educated man in tech in America with some resources, so I am using that to try and better the lives of kids in Nigeria and other parts of the world.
It may not be a lot but to those 100+ kids and families, it is much. Find your privilege and make it the gift you give others. PS: if you will like to be part of the @TheRantsShow’s Annual Giveback happening in Nigeria every December, leave me a comment or message me. Fundraising will start very shortly!

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The Wordsmith,
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Regardless, Upon Still

“Gas going up on a Wednesday!”

“How does that affect me?”
I said as I stood in my kitchen looking at my phone. My friend on FaceTime was trying to explain to me how the price of gas could be making things difficult for people around the US and the energy crisis in the UK affecting my friends and family.
I can’t relate.
Yes, I know things have gotten more expensive and much is tighter for folks but I truly can’t always relate.
I had to check my privilege.

I know this first hand because about a decade ago or maybe even half a decade ago, I was buying gas on credit and anticipating overdraft fees.
Now, I pull into the gas station without caring about how much it costs.
Not that I still won’t try to buy it where cheaper but the reality for me is that if it is $5.49/gal or $5.99/gal, I will still buy it because I can afford it and it does not make that much of a dent in my pocket.
Truth is, a lot of people care about how much it costs and it does affect more people than it does me.

I appreciated the conversation with my friend because while I believe myself to be self-aware, I still recognize that blind spots are everywhere.
So stay active in checking your privilege and how you move through spaces.
It’s a never-ending part of life and growth.

Pressure is a privilege and a gift

Have you ever been in a place/space where expectations of you were dead on arrival? Like people just did not expect you to amount to anything or be able to do something? Minds already made up for you about things and your capabilities. I recently got to listen to the legendary Billie Jean King and in her talk, there were a few things that jumped out to me.
One was the concept that pressure is a privilege and a gift.
Think of it like this, imagine being on a sports team (maybe the one you were on in high school) that was so bad you lost every game.
Then you face the biggest and best team in the country – all the reports are about how much they will beat you.
On both sides, you can factor in how pressure might be a privilege and a gift – on the side of the “bad team”, no one expects anything of them and that can be a gift because they can go in and enjoy themselves. On the side of the better team, the pressure to win and win convincingly is a privilege.

I don’t want to live a life where no one expects greatness from me.
I demand it.
I like that with the skills I have in life, people expect something from me. 
Now we should all be cautious to ensure that the pressure does not overwhelm or drown us, but the pressure is welcome and should be used as fuel for greater things.

What area of your life are you grateful that people expect a lot of you?

About the Wordsmith

Apologies for missing the post last week – I am learning to prioritize myself a bit more as I shared a few weeks ago.
Last Wednesday I was watching my fave Jacob Banks in San Francisco and boy did we have a night! One day, I’ll gist you all.
But yeah, I was at the concert thinking, I could just pull up the WordPress app and post while standing front row, and then I decided not to.
I know some of you look forward to reading this every week and I apologize but your boy had a great time sha.
And I hope you enjoyed reading this week’s post.
Also, I am making my full foray into completely going bald – I groomed myself and shaved all my hair last week.
I loved it.
Just soft launching my 2023 and beyond look, so get ready for it.

For those wondering, I am doing well. I feel lighter than I have for most of the year but I am still working through things.
We will all figure it out together, so thank you for being here always and for your comments and sharing.
Till next time, we gather dey!

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The Wordsmith,
Master of Cliffhangers.

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Grow Up

Nobody tells you how uncomfortable growing can be and how much you lose if you don’t evolve.

As you get older, what do you really want?
Over the past few months, I have been reviewing certain situations in my life and how they have been shaped.
My weekends for example are on two completely different extremes – I am either in another state or even country or I am laid up in bed watching Oga Sabinus videos with no plan at all.

I like the quiet, and the occasional dash to another city or country.
I like the feeling of warmth I get from directly interacting with my friends and loved ones. There was a time when I wanted to be liked by many. Now I crave being respected by those that matter and those I make room for in my heart.
Lately, I have been thinking about what I want now as an older man than when I was younger.
Some I would expand on, others I would just state the headline


I think I have written here many times that the word that truly drives me is impact. I live for impact.
I want to be impactful in all the spaces and areas of my life.
But how does that translate into my relationships?
When I was younger, I just wanted someone to listen when I spoke or when I shared. Now I want someone that listens and acts.
There has to be an intentional element of every aspect of relationships.
I have come to realize that it is not enough to just exist in our dynamics, we have to act.

There might have been a time where I just wanted a partner I could vent to. Now, I believe I want one that can act on my frustrations if needed and hold me accountable where appropriate.

Loyalty – with respect and reevaluation

Gone are the days of us staying friends because we used to go to Nigerian Student Association parties.
There requires more than that to loyalty – its the consistent trust, leaving space for growth, mistakes and all-round support of each other.
Not present? Biko shift.

Honesty and Practicality

I think it’s only right that as we grow and evolve, people are appreciate the value of honesty and communication between friends and family. Lately, I had an unexpected conversation about how I felt regarding a situation where someone hurt me. People have been calling for me to forgive and let it go but I never felt I had anything to let go of.
The conversation sparked more for me though – we spend so much energy trying to get the hurt/maligned/abused to let go of their pain.
Granted we all fall short but shouldn’t the feelings of the person hurt be protected?

I’ll use an analogy – imagine you go out of town for the weekend and you let your friend stay at your place.
You come back and find out they stole from you. Do you ever let them back in?
Oftentimes, someone hurts and steals from us but our closest friends simply ask us to leave the locks unchanged and let them back in.
No thanks.
I’m setting an alarm and a Ring system. Want to get close to me or mine again, text abeg.

Random Musings
Importance of Self Care

Over the last couple of weeks, I have spent a bit of time at the hospital. Routine checks but also following up on some concerns I had.
In that time, I realized that the value of sleep and rest should not be understated.
Many of us grind and work sooo hard for many months out of the year and sometimes look out for the big vacations we take once a year.
I don’t find that sustainable. We don’t sleep enough. I don’t sleep enough.
I am at the age now where I worry quite a bit about a few different things.
So where is the self-care?
It’s not only in the boba tea you get yourself every other week. Sorry Matcha gang!
It’s about listening to your body, and your heart, pouring into your cup in the ways you know that speak to you.
Getting enough sleep, putting sunscreen on your neck, ignoring negativity + gossip, drinking water and minding your business.
That and more is putting yourself in care.

Your Friends are Your Friends, their Friends are NOT your Friends

I love to watch how people act when relationships end. The split is actually interestingly comical. Everyone needs to go through it at least once, so you know how it goes.
Some people adore you when you are with their friends. Maybe by extension or because they really respect who you are.
But when the relationship or friendship ends, even in the most amicable ways, everyone picks sides.
And I find that fascinating because more parties are biased and they usually cap for their friends.
But if you loved your friend, you would tell them the truth.
Like if he took his eyes off the prize, tell him. Not just stop talking to her.
Sister, what if your friend was the reason the relationship ended? But now you subbing him instead of helping your own friend grow and be better?
It’s always hilarious to observe but such is life. Everybody ehn? Do better. Tainz!

Grow Up

If your default is confrontation with people all the time or feeling like you need to start shit to show how nonchalant you are, you are the one who actually needs a hug – it’s giving damaged and hurt on the inside. Do better.
Nuff said.

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The Wordsmith,
Master of Cliffhangers.

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Convenient Christian 4

It’s been a minute
Since we spoke
I love how you always call
No fail
I love knowing you are there
All around me
But not around me
I may not call
Till my next interview
Not even before the recruiter screen
Let’s talk after the final stage
So you can work your consistent magic
Get me the best package
Fully remote
With unlimited PTO
So I can now tweet that I’m a tech bae
Tithe into your household
No way

Nobody can check me
Ignoring calls for offerings into your storehouse
Because it comes through a messenger I don’t rate
But so do my bills
Xfinity, T-mobile, and Student Loans are never late
And as you directed I do to Caesar
I give
Building fund
Who go belief
Every day between Bakare and Oyedepo
I lose
Faith in the doctrine
Their behavior is like a slap in the face
Religion no longer makes me feel like a Winner
I stand in the Chapel annoyed
But not like Jesus
More rage
At a younger age
Oh Lord, why did I ever come of age?

The women bully the young girls
Forget your curves that dress must hide them
You don’t want to tempt the boys
Those ones do no wrong
They flaunt freely like gun slinging soldiers
Unhappy church women forcing marriage down the throats of young people
We know their husbands cheat
Their RN wives will never admit defeat
On the offense
Jesus is a mighty God
Another testimony
It’s my 10th anniversary with my husband this month
But it’s his 60th rent payment for mistress this month
Direct deposit
All the church does is gossip
Settle down, settle
Join the train of unhappy souls
In the place where we save lost souls

So here I sit
Despite knowing my relationship should be with you
Not the establishment
But I need the establishment
Because within you, I am not established
Why does the church that made me love you in Bible Tales
Now make me draw my sword to protect myself from it’s absurd tales

I stay in the place of worship
Not because I hear thy voice
But because that choir hits the notes and every chord
They have the best YouTube reputation
Far and above
Nothing beats sprinkling a little legwork into my praise and worship
It’s for the kids they say
It helps us stay hip
But further lost I feel
The church no longer feels like home
When I close my eyes to pray
All I see is her on her knees
No pray
Taking deep breaths
It ain’t about faith
That wasn’t her name
This is about me and you
Honest and true
I love you
I do
But do I know you

Every day I find more ways your “word” divides people
Or those you called discriminate against your blessed people
I’m torn
I was sure that growing up
Would mean more of you
But the more they “tell me of you”
I see less of you in them
And then less of me
Because who I was before was rooted in you
Now he feels like a distant past
Long in the rearview
So here is me pouring my heart out
I hope you hear me
I’ll try to pick up when you call
Or call you back at my earliest convenience
Or when next I need you
I hope that’s still cool

I told my mom last week that I felt “tired” of my church.
Something changed – the love went out the door
It was sudden, abrupt and then just gone. I used to be the person that couldn’t wait for Sunday. Praise and worship lifted me up, even when I wasn’t singing.
I just loved being there.
It usually meant my whole day but I loved giving my time.
I am not sure what happened and I think it may just be my church because I don’t feel this when I go to others but I lost the spark.

Not just for going to church but for speaking to God – period.
It felt hard because I know I need him and he has done soooo much for me(please tell me you sang Tim Godfrey’s Nara here”
I struggle to hear him in my private bible readings but I noticed that I would always hear him in song.
In private moments of worship and praise – he would speak and I would hear.
So I know all hope is not lost, maybe I need to change my church or something in my life but I wanted to share this post with you.
It’s vulnerable, it’s not cute, it’s not Big Daddy Adewus but it is one of the layers that defines me.
I believe my faith and my upbringing in Christ has influenced a lot of the man I am.

Last week, I was trying to record a video for my IG after my workout and this song came on Oba to nja Funmi by Gbenga Akinfenwa.
I have heard it before and many times but that day, the words struck.
Despite my faithlessness and unfaithfulness, God keeps fighting for me. And he has never left me to wishes of those that do not have my best intentions at heart.
I felt vulnerable and embarrassed and I almost decided the video would never see the light of day but I see all of you that interact with the “realer” side of me. 
I know there are people the song may speak to or this caption may speak to.
So here it goes.

I hope you are happy, at peace and loved within yourself.
If any of those elements is missing and even if it is not, here is my heart to you and a hug from me to you.
I pray God keeps fighting for you and I.
Please check out my blog for my Convenient Christian series and enjoy Part 4.
It is as real as it gets.
Till next time.

Stay up!

#WordsofWednesday · Fiction

You’re Hearing Voices Again


Thankfully, I have voices like yours that have cheered me into greatness. 🌹

I was standing in front of the ATM, I inserted the checks and it spat two back out.
I grumbled a bit and then I reentered them – this time around, they worked.
With a sly smile on my face, I emailed the receipt to myself and I headed out of the business/bank center.
It was one of those that doesn’t have any people – just the machines and virtual portals. I headed back to my car and before I started the car, I began to hear voices.

I know what you are thinking. What is wrong with this guy?
But it was the echoes of the songs I was playing before I went into the building. It was me singing “Ololade mi Asake” over and over in my head.
I turned on the car and the song had finished, it was now a new song but I could still hear those voices too.
We all hear those voices.

I remember one day when I was much younger, I ran upstairs to my mom and I was like “you called me?”
She frowned and said “no”
Then she added “don’t answer if you don’t see who is calling”
All my Africans or Black people in general reading this all rolled their eyes because here is a Nigerian mother telling you to be sure you see her before answering. WHERE THEY DO THAT AT????
Mothers be wanting you to even answer while they thinking of calling you!

The whole reason I was depositing those checks is that I stopped listening to voices. The checks were some gifts given to me by members of a church I went to sing at recently.
Standing there – instead of appreciating some of the gifts that come from my gift, all I could think of was the voices that said I wasn’t good enough.
I have one friend in particular that would tell me not to sing whenever I would sing around them. So are the hundreds of people around the country that I sing, can’t they hear?
Do they not know good music?
That’s incredibly hard to believe.
The last time I sang, 4 separate people came up to me to tell me how much they loved my singing and how I carried myself.
Yet, before each time, I would hear my friend’s voice saying “no”

Truth is, we are all victims of it.
We drown out the voices of praise and amplify that of our doubters.
It is important to listen to the voices, especially the praise – you need the fuel. I am not saying doubters are always wrong, otherwise, too many people would be Soundcloud rappers. Sometimes those voices are the voice of reason and they force us to strive for better – for greatness.
So they are important in the room.
But they should not be so loud that it makes you want to stay out of the room.

There are also times that you are those voices you hear. You push yourself too hard.
You negative talk yourself. You put yourself down.
Stop it!
You are deserving of greatness, belief and the confidence of someone bound to do great things.
I am not a fan of those fake self-talk pages on IG (especially since IG is a hub for tons of negativity) but find your own source.
Pour the positive into your soul. Every chance you get.
Fill your room with enough loud voices – so the next time you are in front of a room ready to present or a church ready to sing or alone at the ATM, the only voices you hear would be of those cheering you on.

Till next time,

Stay Up!

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Still Alive 🌹

Hey Smile, I pray you never leave. 🌹

It was recently brought to my attention that I haven’t written one of these audits in a while.
The last one was 2020. I think with the way the world has gone over the past few years, I can be cut some slack.
Glad to be able to pen this now and give you some insight into my world and where my mind is or has been.

I also figured I would share some of my 2022 goals with you

Big Goals for Big Daddy Adewus
1. Pray More
2. Touch more lives
3. Be kind to me
4. Enjoy life
5. Argue less, resist the urge to defend yourself

I am a bit tired of my church. My personal relationship with God is “good” at best.
I haven’t felt too hot on certain things connected to my faith recently but thankfully I still pray and talk to God and he talks to me.
I am working on the latest edition of Convenient Christian (a piece I write, I’ll post links here for you to check them out), so look out for that. Link to the last one here.

Because I have been “running” from God a bit – I think it has affected some key things I relied on him for. Discernment, gratitude, divine guidance and so on.
The past week has been hard on my heart for various reasons but mostly because I felt I had let God down. Not in specific actions – before anyone thinks this is some “gotcha” moment but because I just wasn’t plugged in.
The lessons from the past year and this last week have been hard. But I was able to just lay it all at his feet this past Sunday. I went back home.
And while I worshipped and praised – he spoke to me.
Then the Pastor came on his sermon was EXACTLY for me.
Man, when God is with you, he is with you. I am thankful but there is still more work to be done.

2021 Final Score: D
2022 Expected Score: B+

I always felt sadness and pain detaching but looking back, God has never been wrong and my life has been better after each phase. Trust God.

As I write this, it has been 11days on my Green & Grown diet. Except for Chicken and Turkey – everything I have eaten over the last 11days has either been vegetables or things have grown out of the ground.
I am starting to like the way I look but I also have been going super ham at the gym lately.
I got this app called Fitbod – it basically gives you exercises every day to do and helps take away the guesswork. I love it!
At 7am every day, it tells me what workouts to do that morning and I can crush it.
All in all, I am enjoying this new phase. I decided that I want to get the body of the rest of my life, starting now.
I am tired of waiting till a week before a vacation to start detoxing or drinking smoothies.
If I want this life, I need to work at it now and I am more than determined.

2021 Final Score: C
2022 Expected Score: B+

I need an editor. I have so much written already.
I need to actually POST but I always get weighed down by the prospect of having to edit. If someone can help me, I will really appreciate it.
I have tons of series lined up (are you ready for the rollercoasters?!), I have the novel in motion. I want to learn how to write scripts.

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2021 Final Score: C-minus
2022 Expected Score: A

I changed jobs in the summer of 2021. One of the biggest companies in the world came after me, aggressively. It was so humbling and validating.
Better pay, better company, sign-on bonus, better everything sha. By the end of 2021, I had hit all of my savings goals for the year – I ended up Detty Decembering some of that money away but that is not the point.
Last year, I proved to myself that I could save and I am already on my way again this year.
So I am very excited. I have big BIG goals in 2022 and 23. So man must save – I am even on a budget right now. And if you know me, you know I stick to my budget!
2022 is the year of big bags and sometimes that just means closing the big bag already in your hand.

2021 Final Score: B+
2022 Expected Score: A+

This is where the most learnings are for me.
Romantically, I am satisfied and happy.
Butterflies. Boarding passes. Boba Tea.

In friendships though, it has been a rough year.
March 2021 brought a friendship breakup of a friendship that was 12+years old.
When I still think about it, it stings deeply but it is what it is.
I was already nursing a difficult week and then I walked into church and this was the Pastor’s sermon (when I told you God was talking to me, I was not joking)

This past Sunday’s sermon highlighted a few different things – I actually took notes.
Watch me sing and listen to the full sermon here

Friendship is a choice
Choose friends that fill you up.
Friendship is loving
Friendship is trusting
Friendship is loyalty

This past week for me was another reminder to remember the difference between acquaintances and friends.
It sucks to think through that feeling but it is necessary.
One of the things I struggled with growing up and being bullied was that I wanted to be loved by everyone*
As I get older and wiser, I continue to realize that wanting that is toxic and actually having that is fake.
To make some relationships work, you find yourself pushing and doing more than you ever would need to. And then you find yourself empty and resentful.

I took stock recently and I should be proud. I have friends like Seyi that I have had since 2003 and people like Anthony that I have been brothers with since 2006 – 16years.
We started what is now our crew called Nifty Nine. 3 out of the band is married with kids, people are in committed relationships thriving.
I have my PDG crew expecting our next baby, two weddings are upcoming.
And I have the Ninz’s of my world, the Nnenna’s, the Renny’s, the true Brethren, and more.
I have never been one to say “No New Friends” but Omo, my squad is already deep.
So I was grateful for the reset because it allowed me to look around and appreciate what I have that is solid and these people ACTUALLY love me.
They show up for me.
They care about my person and my growth. My soul and my heart.
So while these recent times have been hard, I am thankful for my true friends.

No one gets you like your own tribe.

I am also freshly inspired to be a better friend to the ones I hold dear.
Excited for all our growth, love, accountability and friendship.

2021 Final Score – F
2022 Expected Score – B

2021 was rough in many ways – a medical diagnosis that I reject in Jesus’ name, pandemic, soaring prices of everything.
But it was also a year of newness, growth and love. I am super excited for 2022.
It already started off so great – engagements, birthdays, babies, new jobs, leaving toxic things and people. It will only get better and I am sooooo excited for it.
Thank you for reading my review and catch me in early 2023 by God’s grace for a recap on this year. In the meantime, check out my current content (below if you are on your phone and on the right side of the screen if you are on your computer).

Til next time,

Stay Up!

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Thank you for commenting. Here is to a fun and blessed 2022!
You are highly appreciated.


The Musings of a Dodo Addict

WordsOfWednesday on a Thursday. 🌹

How could that even happen?

Tonight, I cried.
I was listening to the song above and I became overwhelmed with gratitude to God for everything he has done for me.
A few days ago after a long day of errands, I came back home and I was actually about to go to sleep when I heard a loud and obnoxious knock on the door.
It was late but I walked to the door and opened it.
It was my neighbor.
He came to tell me that I had left my car running for 4hours.
Can you believe that?
I completely forgot to turn off the engine. I do not know what would have happened if it kept running for more hours (about to Google it).
I was grateful that nothing catastrophic happened plus I am thankful to God for using my neighbor whom I have never spoken to beyond hi and bye, to come and ensure I didn’t lose my vehicle.

Yeahhhh, right there… on the head

If you follow me on Instagram, you will probably have seen videos of me at the gym.
I am always dancing in my recordings.
Most times to gospel music.
A few days ago, I walked up to an equipment and I bumped my head because someone shorter than me had lowered the bar.
It hurt – I see you short people, or maybe not.

But as I massaged my head, I went back to working out and dancing, people kept staring and I thought o myself, I am the weird person in their own gym life.
But I love God and singing his praises anywhere, I was not going to stop that.

Mask Off

I was in line at the grocery store when the cashier said “you know you don’t have to wear that anymore?”
He was referencing the recent mask mandate that had passed in California – we don’t have to wear masks anymore.
It felt weird hearing that. For almost two years straight, we had gotten used to wearing this thing everyday, now you are saying we don’t need to?
Can people go back to “normal”?
Do they even want to?
I kept my mask on because I still feel the panini is not over but it got me thinking, even after COVID is finally under control, will I stop wearing a mask?
Most likely not.
I will probably end up wearing it every flu season as well. Just to stay protected.
Some try to act like the masks are evil or something but guess who hasn’t had the flu in two years? Exactly.
I’m keeping ‘em on.
Will you keep wearing masks or have you already thrown them away?


I am tired.
Physically for the most part.
About a month ago – I was in Los Angeles and on my first night there, I laid down in my hotel bed. I had plans to link with my younger brother.
I placed my head on the bed at about 6:30pm.
I woke up at 2am – the whole night was gone.

Before I slept, I felt dizzy and like the room was shifting – I have known it for a few weeks but I struggle to rest.
Most weekends are filled with a birthday party here, a brunch there, church on this side, DIY projects on that side. It’s made for a tired me.
I need to rest and as a full adult, I am scheduling it for next weekend. Isn’t that bizarre that we now have to schedule rest?
What happened to being a child and just not going to class or sleeping and ignoring your chores?

I watched a talk the other day about relationships that said as you get deep into it and kids come into play, you have to schedule sex.
At first, listen, I thought it was bizarre but seeing how busy I am now with all I have going on and no wife and kids yet? Nah, I completely agree with that person.
Heck, I have been trying to make an appointment with my left hand for months now and no luck.

My best friend called me a Nigerian parent because I keep finding things around the house to work on. First off all, “and soooooo”.
Secondly, “even thoughhhhhhh”
I truly am always working on something but frankly, I need rest.
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Be Kind

Recently, I was driving and this person in front of me was moving so slowly.
I maneuvered around them and began yelling, I was so annoyed.
Then it hit me.
Why was it so hard to be kind in that moment?

I remember the first time I was ever let go from a job. I was so heartbroken that day that I drove home so slowly, I was crying and confused.
What if someone honked at me as I drove?
Would I have been able to hold it together?
Maybe, maybe not.
It was a timely reminder to be kind always. That person could have gotten word that their health was poor or just been having a bad day – you never know.
Spread kindness, not continue a chain of the hard in a world already hard enough.

Run oooooo!

10:48pm – I had been on this wave of eating earlier in the evening, in my attempt to not eat late. So I would eat my first “big” meal around 6pm and if I was up late, like on this day, I would snack on something.
The choice this night was the super delicious sausage rolls from @AllIDoIsCook.
They get shipped to my house and I get to feast on such goodness. They come in air-tight packaging. That night I decided to use a knife to open the sausage roll pack.
As I picked up the knife, my mind told me to use the scissors instead. You probably already know how this ended.
Yes, I cut myself.

I was staring at my hand and I just burst out laughing, I knew. I flipping knew and most of us know. We feel it, we see it.
The signs are clear and glaring but we go into it anyways.
The last time I dated a woman that had poor communication skills and couldn’t express herself, I knew I would eventually get hurt.
But she was soooo fine and yes, she had/had bum bum and I went inside head first. Omo _, she just made me catch feelings and started making me return to my toxic ways.
As hard as they may come, run from the things that will bring you hurt.

Stay Up, Stay Safe & Stay Strong.

Yours always,

The Wordsmith
Master of Cliffhangers

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Do It Anyway!


Did you know the city of Abeokuta gets its name from the literal meaning “under the rock”?

As I write this, I’m sitting in the owner’s corner of a 2001 or 2002 Toyota Camry heading for Olumo Rock.
For those of you that don’t know Olumo Rock is one of the major sights to see in Nigeria. Olumo Rock

Olumo in all it’s glory. During slavery raids in 1833, local residents hid in caves under the rock for 3years.

I faintly remember visiting there as a child a couple of times. Nothing that is etched in my memory or incredibly significant.

Hold on- we just got stopped by the Federal Road “Safety” people. (Watch this handoff, I haven’t seen smoother baton passing since Usain Bolt and his counterparts dominated the 4×4 relay)

Election 2023 – get your PVC.

This trip started off with 7 people interested and the plan was to rent a van to make it a fun group trip down to Ogun State and back.
But here I am, solo in the back of this ride, and as fate will have it, it’s Tems over the radio singing “you don’t need no other body”

Life has a way of teaching you subtle lessons every now and then, this one is a lesson I learned before but the reminder was great for this new chapter of my life.
Sometimes you will want to get things done and no one will follow you or be as eager as you.
Not because they don’t love you or believe in you but because oftentimes the vision you have is yours and yours alone. You see it clearer than anyone else.

The Great Mosque – it was built in 1924. Still standing.

It can be incredibly disheartening because you want your tribe to run through each experience with you.
But life is about knowing that some of those stories will be experienced and written in the back seat of a car on a dusty back road into the state capital of your home.

The key piece for me here is, do it anyway!
It may seem daunting or incredibly tasking but do it anyway. Not only will you deepen your belief in your self but you also prove to yourself that when those solo phases of your life come, you’ll be ready to brave them alone.

We just pulled up to Olumo.
It’s not busy. It’s beautiful and I’m glad I came.
Catch my full experience on my Instagram stories and highlights. @adewus4real

Till next time,

Stay Up!