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Too Faithful to Fail Me

When your Offering Changes…

At a church in Lagos, Nigeria during offering time: https://www ...
Picture taken at the offering station in one of Nigeria’s leading churches.

About a month ago, I stumbled on this song.
I won’t even lie to you, my first reaction was slight jealousy of how beautiful his voice was.

Too Faithful by Moses Bliss

The lyrics of the song speak so distinctly to my life.
As I write this on the ferry home from work, I had to give in to the tears.

A couple of Sundays ago, I was at church. It was offering time and as we walked up to give our offering, I noticed that I was giving a denomination much higher than I was used to.
Not only that, it was now a norm for me.
I asked myself, when did your offering change?

I grew up listening to pastors that preached giving. They would tell you that you had to give where it hurts and you could feel it. This space felt weird to me.
Not because I was giving a crazy amount but because I had enough.
More than enough.

For many, the barometer of how great God is usually gauged by financial success or wealth.
And while it is not the only measurement I use, it sure is a telling one in today’s society.
Being able to “financially” do more in God’s household is such a blessing.

I am grateful for my offering changing. I remembered the days where I would pray that God accepted my $1 and now I can give 10 times that without feeling like I wouldn’t see the next week. He listens. But you cannot stop giving once he gives you. That is what makes the blessings flow, even more, continuing to make God proud so he continues to give you more.

Referencing times that I didn’t have enough or realizing that my offering has changed, is a reminder that God is too faithful to fail me.
At various points, I put my trust in him and when I didn’t have enough at MY time, I questioned him.
I remember one year that a Pastor asked us to sow a seed at the beginning of the year. I dropped $250 for me and another $250 on behalf of my siblings.
Later that year, I was out of a job.
Shocked and sad, I wasn’t sure how to begin or where to begin.
I kept saying “you asked me to trust you” and this happened?
And then I realize something, as I tag off the ferry, there is so much I have been able to do out of this “not having enough” that reminds me that God is too faithful to fail me.

It’s amazing that I wrote the piece above the line between February and March. At the end of March, I lost my job due to the effects of COVID19.
Part of my offering changing and God’s faithfulness is how I have been able to stay afloat through all of this.
It has been truly amazing how God has shown himself and a firm reminder that he has bigger plans for us.
I wrote that without knowing a pandemic would take away my source of income and overall happiness.
But God has been working hard on me as a man to not place my worth and belief in material things. God is too faithful to fail me.
Also if you have not read my just-concluded series “Scar Tissue”. You can read part 4 here.

What does your growth look like to you?
What are those blessings that still shock you? How is your offering different now from what it used to be?
Leave your answers in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading as always! 💕
Till next time, stay up!

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8 thoughts on “Too Faithful to Fail Me

  1. A beautiful read. So open and honest.

    My growth is trying to not worry and remember God is my provider and he is truly a God of provision. There hasn’t been a time that he hasn’t gone through for me and because of that I try to give more. I never used to be a tither, but now I make sure I always tithe when I can.

  2. Faithful God. To me, growth is not looking like our circumstances. It’s when I don’t even feel like it but I still do. I’ve been out of work since the end of last year but God has miraculously provided. I’m still able to pay my bills in time. Though it seems dark right now, I know there’s light in sight.

    Keep your head up boo 💕

    1. Thank you for the kind words Ife. And yes, you are so right. God is so faithful.
      Happy to hear you are still able to meet your obligations in time and I pray the brighter light for us shines bright soon!


  3. Started smiling once I got to the UPDATE. Beautiful song added to my “Gospel playlist” ..God is REAL. My full testimony is still loading but in Summer 2018 I lost my home in LA due to a fire everything gone. Had to move back to San Diego living w/family I was broken forreal. Asked many time why I also didn’t just die in that fire. Why must I struggle/ start over again. Looking back now I’m grateful for that experience that broke me because now I’m building on a more solid foundation. I’m at peace, I’m glowing, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in a long time..

    1. Chai. I can relate on so many levels. “Losing” always seems like we are having things taken away but once lesson I am learning as I grow is that God is just moving pieces behind the scenes. Once we trust him, it is so easy to see how he is moving.
      And we always end up mindblown! I am so glad that you are doing great.
      Here’s to more beautiful things in life!

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