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Croquet crab and sauteed vegetables to go with my 1958 Merlot. Smooth jazz playing in the background. This is supposed to be the second most amazing day of our relationship but I swear, I can’t wait to be out of here. It’s New York. The Friday of our 4 day trip, we arrived about 22 hours ago from our base in Los Angeles. Settling into the time difference we had to prep and head out for dinner to celebrate our first year anniversary. Now don’t get me wrong, this is amazing but it has also been very excruciating. The flight down here, I joined the mile high club. Well, kinda. See for the past month, my boyfriend and I had set up this game where we would not have “sex” (defined as the actual penetration of me) for a whole month. Starting from that day till today. It has been 31 days since we had that late night conversation and agreed albeit stupidly to this thing. So on the plane, in that decent sized first class bathroom, I only got to taste. And I hate tasting without the full course!

He lives only 29 minutes away, I know that because it also takes 44 during rush hour, yet we have managed to successfully keep this “pact” to not to “do it” going for that long. He’s a doctor. Doctor of Education but who cares, I still tell my friends he’s a doctor. I’m the next in line to be the ADA (Assistant District Attorney of LB), I start my new position in 3 weeks. There is a bit of nervousness around starting but I’m excited. We met at a club, despite my sworn oath to not talk to guys I meet at the club, we somehow started up and never looked back. He’s funny, outgoing, charming, very family oriented, God fearing and above all damn sexy! You wouldn’t understand but his lips! Ugh! they are a combination of Tyson Beckford’s thick and dreamy lips and the lusciousness of Wale’s. They are perfect and the things they can do? Even more magical and that’s what brings me to this moment where I say I really don’t want to be here. See I feel sexually starved. No, I’m not a freak (he thinks otherwise and I’m fine with that) but I want him so badly. He has made this past month easier and harder along the way. The words, his poems, the way he looks at me; have either served to make me not need the sex that bad but made me crave it even more. I need to get out of here!

“Babe, would you like desert?” he asked me jolting me back into reality. I shook my and politely said “no”. I had just lied. I did want desert but not some pie, I wanted the crème filling in his member, I wanted him to glaze them all over my breasts like 6am donuts. All night from the back area of the limo, I had been dreaming of him ripping my panties off and devouring me. Letting my juice box feel the heat from his nostrils as my juices dripped down and all over his face and chin. At one point, I just wanted to ask him to meet me in the ladies room and pound the shit out of me but I didn’t. I was respectful of myself.

“Sweetie, where is your mind?” he said as he tapped me back again, this time there was a box laying in front of me. Rectangular. It could not be a ring, box was too big and it was not a watch, his favorite accessory and something I don’t wear. I slowly opened the box and there it was the necklace I had randomly mentioned wanting 5 months prior. He had listened and remembered and thought it was important. Ladies, you know how it feels when your man listens to you. Oh that was it! I told him to get up and follow me, he was trying to settle the check while I was trying to rush out. “babe, what’s going on?” he asked looking confused and interested, I told him not to worry, he’d find out soon. Now we were walking into our room, I started kissing him. Deeply and passionately. Letting him know how much I had missed him and wanted him. His arms are so strong and they made me feel safe. So I was not surprised when he swooped me off my feet in one move and carried me to the bed. As he lay me down, all I could think was, “omg! This is about to be magic”. He started off by taking my lace panties off; with his mouth. Then this is what I remember from that night… He started to kiss me all over, I started moaning and then he started moving in, kissing the insides of my thighs all the way down to my juicebox. I was so wet I could hear my juices dripping out of my pink and I bet he could smell the delicious chocolate coming out of my wet factory. He started teasing me, going around the box without actually going in and I hated it because I wanted his hot tongue to just plough through my dripping walls lapping up all my creamy juices. Well after kissing my lips, neck, sucking on my soft breast, licking down my navel, it was time to “drink” and so he headed down south, to my chocolate factory. When he first touched my reached my spot with his tongue I let out this moan of relief and excitement and I was ready to go! He started sucking on my clit as I moaned loudly and grabbed the soft hotel sheets. He went in deeper and deeper and I yelled out so many crazy things. I faintly remember yelling “don’t stop! Eat this pussy its yours!!”  All that I felt just gave him more of a desire to go in for more. After he had taken enough from a juice box that he had caused to flood, it was time for his member to join the party. He slid into my tight pink, I moaned so loud, grabbed the sheets with one hand and scratched his back so hard. Adding to his “battle scars” I loved it! I love how his shaft engulfs my insides, it knows all the right routes to follow and how to make me pur. I loved every position he put me in. He becomes this freak in bed and does all these things to me; he basically performs magic on my body.


He then moved me outside to the balcony; we were lodged at the Ritz Carlton hotel on the 18th floor! He bent me over and started to feast on me again, this time from the back, I could feel the ocean breeze from the east blowing through my legs while the heat from his nostrils kept it warm. It was definitely crazy! And me moaning and begging him to stop never really works, I think he just knows the difference between a pleasure “no” and a real “no”. So picture this with me for a second, I’m in New York with the man I love, and I’m having the time of my life and oh did I forget to mention that he shoving his face deep into all my juices 18 floors of the ground?! He put in work, after a while he then whipped out his bossman; for my satisfaction and shoved it deep into me without warning and I let out this sexy and wanting moan. His was looking into my eyes, calling my name, saying “he loved me and was enjoying taking all of me! He then flipped me over to my favorite position and he started pounding, pounding hard with his balls slamming against my clit. We went on and I hit the heights I think twice to be exact but I hit so many heights heck i’m not sure. I might have made it rain twelve times for all I know. We eventually passed out and slept in the sheets on the floor of the hotel room, right inside the balcony door. Only to wake up to a slight knocking and a soft voice saying in that famous South American accent “housekeeping!”… Oh crap! In my kissing him outside the door the night before I had forgotten to put the “Do Not Disturb” sign up. Oh well, we were up. I asked her to come back later and told him I was about to hop into the shower.

I was really enjoying the shower as the last bit of soap washed down my back, my head down a few seconds later I watched it flow into the drain. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I was actually kind of tired from all the nights work. I heard him enter. Slowly I heard the shower door open; I did not open my eyes. I felt his presence in there with me and then he put his hands around my waist, I was feeling the hot water hit my forehead and his hot breath from his nostrils down my spine. He began to kiss the back of my neck downwards, I began to cringe. The bath seemed to get a few notches hotter. I could feel his soft lips running down my back while his right hand parted my chocolate filled lips, massaging my clit, I began to moan and then he slowly slid his finger into my lovebox. I let out a gentle moan all the while keeping my eyes closed as the hot water continued to flow down my face. He bent me over and I knew what was coming, I felt his breath get closer as he shoved his face into my rear and ploughed his tongue deep into my lovebox. I moaned and grabbed the shower knob, this was not the shower head, and it was many times better. The rush was longer, from my wet crown to my water deep ankles, I slowly attempted to open my eyes to get a glance of him working. The flowing waters quickly changed my mind about that. He was buried in there. His tongue navigating through the wetness and I was wet, very wet. He was lapping up all my juices with such ease and poise preventing any drop for seeping out of my heated box. I reached back, grabbed his head and shoved it in deeper and the pleasure grew. This man was about to make me cum and just then he rose, slowly positioned me and then slid his rock hard member into my tight wet and juicy lovebox, I went mad accidently taking a few gulps of water. The tub was small but he was definitely going to make the most of the space. It was hot.


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