Undercover Player 4

Undercover Player 4


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My “true love” (Anna)

My long distance friend (Farah)

My crazy one (Jessica)

My actual woman (Sarah)

My weekend girl (Zoe)


I had spent a full 28 hours in cell. I was released after my mother spoke to the officers. It was dead silent on the car ride home. We both said nothing to each other. I spent the night at my parent’s home. No one said anything to me.

Very early the next morning, my parents woke me up and called me into their room. There I was attacked. My mother called me a let down and a disgrace to the family name and to her legacy. My father said he was disappointed beyond words. I was fuming inside as they both felt justified to attack me and then I snapped.

At the top of my lungs I began to yell. Spilling every single detail about how I was molested by my father’s stepsister living with us at the time and then years later my cousin. I was angry. I accused them of being failures as parents and for being too busy with the things of the world to focus on the emotional safety of their children. They were both stunned. My mother was in tears even before I was done. I stormed out of the room and into mine. Packed up my things and proceeded to leave. I was angry and I couldn’t concentrate.

When I reached my house, the first thing I went for was the bottle of alcohol. Two quick glasses and my nerves began to calm a bit. My mind was racing. I called Farah and she didn’t answer. She was on vacation to Portugal and Bangkok. I was so angry. I picked up my phone that I had just thrown on my bed and called Jessica. Even with the “Peaceful Order” issued by the court, I needed to talk to her. Face to face.


I was already drunk by the time she came over. Jack and I were halfway in our conversation. My breath wreaked alcohol and I was tipsy. We didn’t even talk when she walked in.

I have to admit; I think I was a bit aggressive. I pushed her up against the wall and spread her legs. Pinning her face and breasts on the wall, I slid my hand up her skirt from behind. Using my thumb, I shifted her panties out of the way and I began to massage her clit. The moans ensued. I pulled her freshly braided hair to the side and began planting kisses all down her neck. She didn’t try to move. There was something in the way my body was working hers; I was going to send a clear message. I started biting her neck as I went along and the moans got louder. My right hand was still working her clit; harder and faster now. I could feel her juices on my fingers as she got wetter and wetter. She was all mine! I got on my knees and kissed her ass cheeks before sticking my strong wet tongue into her. She let out this gasp and began scratching the wall as if she wanted to hold onto something. I could feel her get drenched as it flowed onto my tongue and my chin. I was now the one making most of the noise. The kind of slobbering sounds you hear when you’re hurriedly trying to finish a rapidly melting Popsicle. Every drop of her was going to be mine.

I was so angry. Still angry for all that she put me through. All I had asked of her was the respect she would have wanted any woman to give her if she was in her shoes. Since she didn’t want to play along, I was going to take out my aggression on her. I turned her around. Still on my knees, I looked up at her as I went in towards her clit again. This time I was nibbling. Her eyes rolled back, she let out the sigh of resignation knowing that all she was going to get was more pleasure and there was no chance that I was letting her go. She was stuck. Stuck on a high. My front two teeth enlisted my tongue as support as they owned her pink lips and it’s cohorts. She was now moaning louder and grabbing onto my head in attempt to push me off her. She almost snapped my neck off, so I stood up and walked over to my closest. I opened one of the drawers and pulled out the two sets of handcuffs. I had this evil smile on my face as I walked back to her. I moved her to my reading table. This was no movie shit. I didn’t clear the table. I sat her on it. Her bare ass cheeks on all my documents. I wanted her to spray all her juices on my papers. I wasn’t going to stop there though. I cuffed one around her left wrist and clicked it. She asked with a concerned but excited look; 

“Zane, what are you doing?”

I yelled, 

“Shut up!”

 I clicked the second arm and cuffed her to the book cabinet next to my reading desk.

Hands hanging mid air, her pussy stared me in the face and the look of excitement had turned to hesitation. She seemed fearful for what was about to happen. I was ready to give her all of it. I pulled my reading chair up and sat down. Digging in I lapped up every drop as it flowed out of her. Some of the obscene things she said, I had never heard before from anyone. I was covered in all of her as practically my entire face was soaking with her juices. I stood up and positioned my rock hard dick at the surface of her pink, ready to go! I teased her rubbing it on her lower lips without pressing in. She moaned as if to ask me to go in already. Eventually I did; slowly. She moaned and clenched her fists. That was the best she could do. I put up her legs on my shoulders as I began the stroking motion. In and out, I maintained eye contact watching her face change as I went from one level to the next. The pace picked up. I was thrusting harder, deeper and faster!

“Zane, slow down! You’re going to hurt me!!” she begged.

 I smiled and continued to pump. “Hurt” her was exactly what I wanted to do. I got angry that she tried to have me stop. I dropped her legs and leaned in, placing both hands around her neck. I pulled her in and looked at her. I knew I was about to explode but I wanted every thrust to count more than the last. I wanted her to feel every inch of me, every vein. Smearing all her juices on my hard member, I could not hold it any longer. 

“Tell me who owns it” I barked at her,

 “You, you… youuuu!” she moaned.

 “Yes!” I responded knowing fully well I only had a few thrusts left in me. I squeezed her neck. Slightly choking her as I pumped a few more times and then I pulled out… All over her stomach I squirted every drop. My aim was not the best as some of my seed spilled onto the table. I slumped into the chair. I could feel my sweaty back begin to stick to the leather seat. She was trying to catch her breath. Still cuffed, she struggled to keep her head up. I began touching the insides of her thighs. She immediately closed them up. It was super sensitive. I forced her legs apart and stuck my fingers into her. She begged me to stop. I pushed them in a bit and then pulled them up. We were both drenched in sweat. I got up and un-cuffed her hands. She didn’t even get off the table. She looked too tired. And then she asked…


“What The Heck Man? What was that for?”

 “Payback” I responded. “I spent a full day in holding because of your stupidity!”

 She looked at me saying, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking properly”

 “Jessica, this has to end. It has been fun but we both gotta want more” I continued.

 She stared at me then mumbled 

“I understand and I’m sorry again” as she closed the bathroom door.

I swear in a million years, I could not even expect that conversation to have gone that way. I was just thankful that this chapter was closed for good. At least that’s what I thought.


.   .   .   .   . 

Even though the case had been dropped after Jessica withdrew her statement at the station claiming that she’d “overreacted”, I still couldn’t focus. Something was missing in my life. I wasn’t able to concentrate on work or anything. I knew I needed to get away. I kept thinking of where I could go. All I needed was a change of scenery.

In all my thinking, I remembered that Anna had left me to basically rot in the cell. I wanted answers. The next day a flight was booked. I was going to talk to her face to face and find out what truly happened. I arrived in the heat at about 2pm. A thirty-minute cab ride and I was at her apartment. Still in graduate school, I know Anna did not have class at that time. I waited till a car went through the automated gates and walked into the apartment complex. I arrived at her door and knocked. I heard movement and then she looked through the peep-hole. With a look of confusion and surprise she opened the door. The look on her face said… you guessed right, “What The Heck Man.” I smiled and walked in. Pleasantries aside, I asked her about what had happened and why she acted that way when I called from the station. She didn’t answer at first then she went on to say,

“I didn’t want to continue the cycle. You wouldn’t be with me but you wanted everything from a relationship. No Zane. No.”


I understood her perfectly, I was selfish. I wanted all her support and love but I was not willing to get over my issues and trust her fully and just be with her. Sigh.

We talked for hours and then she made dinner. Brown rice, stew with smoked turkey and boiled plantains.  Anna and I had a connection, I knew she loved me and vice versa. She was just frustrated. She wanted to be there for me through everything but I had to understand how it looked to be with her for that long and not officially enter a relationship. It must have been difficult to comprehend. I just wanted her to know that I was trying to figure me out before I joined me with someone else again.

She was cuddled up next to me when the conversation drifted towards the Jacuzzi and I suggested that we hop into it. A few minutes later swimwear clad, we walked to the Jacuzzi area. It was off. We snooped around until she found the switch and turned it on. It got hot pretty fast. We stepped in and began to talk. She was sitting on my lap as we began to reminisce on memories and on how far we had come together. From memories of our struggle to sex stories, we covered it all. Intimately as we shared that Jacuzzi together, I could feel it get hotter. I wanted her and I knew what she wanted me too. She began stroking my hardening shaft. She turned around and looked at me. Without saying a word she pushed her panties aside and slid my package inside her. It was hot. My balls were feeling the heat bubbles of the water boiling underneath them as my dick held full strength position in her as she worked her waist on it. I was holding her waist and kissing her passionately. This woman had all of me. The way her body was in sync with mine. I ran my hand over her tattooed thigh and squeezed her tighter. It was slow. It was controlled. She did not leave that position or lose control. Up and down she worked me until I was ready to give it all to her. She dictated the pace. Now I wanted to cum but I definitely wasn’t going to do that in the water. I lifted her up and put her on all fours right beside the Jacuzzi. I returned my dick back into her dripping pussy as I held her waist. I controlled the motion making sure that my dick was hitting every corner of her pussy. Discovering new reaches, she grabbed the edge of the Jacuzzi while looking back at me with those wanting eyes pleading with me to go in a little deeper. My balls were slamming against her clit as the passion was soaring out the roof. I took a handful of her hair in my hand, pulling her towards me; each thrust seemed to be a statement as our bodies moved in sync. She was moaning uncontrollably as I neared my climax. We slumped next to each other as I spurted out every drop from inside me on the floor. Naked, we curled next to each other as we stared into the sky. I was beyond confused on what to now do.

I would leave two days later after amazing talks, reconnecting and amazing sex. We even shared a run around the lake down the street from her house. We rediscovered what it felt like to love each other. I was on a high even with the sadness that came with leaving her. I hugged her tightly until the airport staff asked her to move her car. Reluctantly, we let go and she promised to make the next trip down. I had just made it through security when I received a call from my dad. I answered,

“Hello daddy…”

“How are you, son?” he said,

“Fine sir…You?” I responded.

 “Not great. We haven’t seen your mother for 4 days and she hasn’t contacted anyone. Have you heard from her? We are all worried” he said anxiously. 

“Fuck” I cursed under my breath…

“No sir, I’ll call her and get back to you” I said as I ended the call. 

I was worried now. Confused. Had my confrontation driven her over the edge? What have I done? Fuck!

“The number you have dialed is unavailable. Please leave a message…”

This was probably the 12th time I had called and my mother was still not answering. Now I was beginning to panic. She had never done something like this before. She had been really distant since the day I got out of jail. I called Sarah and she didn’t answer either. I left her a message asking her to call me. I hopped into my car at the airport parking and continued to try calling her. Nothing.

I was about 15 minutes from home when I received a series of text messages from Sarah. They were screenshots of messages between her and Jessica. I was stunned. I pulled over to the side of the road. I was confused and angry. What had Jessica done? Why? I thought things had ended the best way possible. Wow…You can never trust these women. Never!

I was torn. Do I keep calling my mother or Sarah? I was trying Sarah; I needed to explain things to her. I needed to explain that I ended it all with Jessica so I could focus on trying to build something with her. Sarah!!!

It had been an hour and I was still sitting on the side of the road in my car when I got a Twitter notification. I had been tagged in a photo. Shortly, more notifications of photos flooded my phone. Jessica was posting pictures of our conversations on the Internet. My heart froze. I was scrolling through them all and then a call from Jessica came through.

“Jessica, what are you doing?!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

She only said one phrase…

“I only just started with you!” 

I literally think I peed on myself. I immediately began thinking of super private things I had shared with her like naked pictures, recordings and more. Even though I had the same of her, in this game, the first to call one out usually has the upper hand and Jessica really didn’t care if her naked pictures showed up on the Internet. She was that type of crazy.

I was losing it. I couldn’t take it all. There was so much blood rushing to my head. I was going crazy and then I turned over to my passenger seat. My prescription pills sat there; Amoxicillin and 800mg of Ibuprofen, twenty-one pills each. I picked the bag and decided to end it all. End all the pain. I think I was just over it all. I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking to be honest.

I opened the door and sat outside the car. I looked at the pills in my left hand and my cell phone in my right. I called my mother one last time and said 

“I never meant to bring you pain. I’m sorry… I hope you someday forgive me.”

I left the same message for Sarah and I laid the phone down to my left side and popped the pills. Almost all of them at one go. I sat there for a few minutes looking at the trees and listening to the birds chirp and then it got really dark. I was headed to a familiar place. 



.   .   .   .   .

Someone calling my name woke me.

“Zane, Zane honey. It’s mummy” 

I slowly opened my eyes and there was my mother, holding my right hand. She was speaking to me slowly but I couldn’t exactly make out what she was saying. The doctors walked in a few minutes later and explained to a more awaken me that I had attempted to overdose and commit suicide. I put my head down as I was filled with regret for that decision. My mother was rubbing my hand saying it was okay, continuously thanking God for sparing my life and for the person that had spotted me lying on the side of the road. I was somewhat grateful for being alive. The doctor told me that my heart had stopped for a while and it was a miracle that I was still alive. My mother put her hands up and thanked God again. I was weak.

The doctor had left and that’s when I realized that my left hand was cuffed to the bed. I asked my mother why and how long I’d been there for. She said it had something to do with a psychiatric emergency hold for 72hrs. Apparently I’d already been there a day and half! She mentioned that I could possibly leave after a psychiatrist evaluated me. She began talking to me about how she loved me and was sorry she had not there for me. 

Sarah, Anna, Jessica, Farah and Zoe all did not seem to matter. My mother, with the strongest form of love in the planet was there for me. And I could not be more grateful. I glanced back into the room from my long gaze out into the sunny hills and looked the psychiatrist in the face.

“That was how it all happened…” I said

I looked up at the clock and then back at the psychiatrist. My time in this session was almost up. I had one every week for the past six months.

He continued jotting down in his notepad. This was my fourth evaluation in the past 3 months at this psych hospital. That meeting with my mother was 6 months ago. They have not let me out ever since. Apparently, I have not been fit to go back into the society as I have been ruled a danger to myself. If you’re reading this, I’m obviously still in here and hoping you find this story interesting enough to publish. I am so alone in here and I have not had a single visit from anyone who once claimed to love me. Abilify and Prozac are my prescribed meds for my depression. I think the cure lies in the hands of the women I gave my heart to but here I am, all alone. Dressed in all white but completely dark on the inside.  


My name is Zane and I really think I lost this game.


                                                                                                                      The End.


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Undercover Player 3

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         @adewus4real #WhatTheHeckMan


My “true love” (Anna)

My long distance friend (Fara)

My crazy one (Jessica)

My actual woman (Sarah)


It had been 3 days since I had spoken to anyone. Sarah, Jessica, Anna or even Farah. I had drifted into this dark place that I was becoming a regular guest in. The blinds were closed. There were 8 Smirnoff bottles by my bedside, empty. I was listening to Nina Simone’s “Do I Move You” one of my favorite tracks of all time and I felt that I was tipsy. Staring up at the wall clock, it was 18 minutes past ten and I lay in bed edging closer to bum status.

I had managed to push all the women in my life away because I realized that I was very depressed. I told Sarah I did not want a relationship, Anna I snapped at for whatever reason, and then there’s Jessica. Well Jessica is Jessica so no need for a story there but it was what happened with Farah that has me upset. Farah and I got into it because I told her that I could not trust her. I think by now many of you would have realized that I have some trust issues and maybe underlying image issues. Sometimes I just couldn’t understand why some of these women wanted to be with me. I was never confident in my abilities and my looks. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously do well with the ladies but I never attributed it to myself especially if she was a woman that a lot of men wanted. Once I notice she’s interested in me, I begin to panic and expect the worst. “Maybe she’ll find better” or realize that I’m not that great, so the fear cripples anything positive that I would sincerely like to happen.

Farah and I were talking a few nights ago when she mentioned some other guy being interested in her. I watched how she was flirted with and how she normally flirted back. I just never truly trusted her but she always told me it was nothing. You can’t trust these women, anyone for that matter. I guess I was still insecure within myself with all the things that I had gone through previously in my life. I was not sure why (with all the options she had) she picked me. Farah understood it though. She knew why I did what I did. It wasn’t right and she never failed to put me in check, but she knew what depression looked like. It was something I hoped Sarah or Anna would notice and help me with but they just didn’t. Farah was ambitious. She was the ideal woman; perfect body I always wanted to do things to and the brains to match and she seemed to truly care about me. What more could one ask for? But every time I remembered all these things, I would be redirected in my head to the distance between us. She was so near to my heart but so far away. I would never be faithful in a long distance relationship, I know myself. I tried a long distance relationship once and I was cheated on and then coupled with my trust issues? There was no way, I had to have the person close by. Judge me but it’s the truth.

Farah and I were talking and I was becoming a little more pissed off. I had been highly irritable lately and usually that meant that my depression was getting the best of me. I had been thinking too much. I had been thinking of a time when I was almost invisible. Women barely noticed me. I was friends with many but none wanted to be with me. Then I thought of now. Now it is nonstop attention, and I can’t seem to commit to the one I truly love, for the fear of being unfaithful. Farah said something and I snapped, I can’t remember what I said but I said it and that was it. The called ended shortly after and I hadn’t talked to her since.

I looked up at the clock again. It was now 10:32pm. I picked up my phone and texted Farah.

“I’m sorry”

I waited for her response eagerly, repeatedly staring at the phone, waiting for the little blue light to start blinking.


I opened up another bottle and stole a gulp and then it went off. She texted back.

“I know you’re in a dark place. I’m here when you’re ready to talk”

My heart warmed. How could someone be so perfect? I texted her back.

“We need to meet up soon. Let me know. I’ll take time off work”


.  .   .   .   .

I had been a better mood now for a couple of days. Sarah was talking to me again after some serious begging (she’s not like Farah, she’s super stubborn). We agreed that we needed a getaway- time to focus on us and if we really wanted to do this. We planned to leave that weekend to Paso Robles; a little wine country city a few hours away. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

That Friday I had worked the whole day and ended up getting stuck in traffic, after being asked by my boss to do something at the very last minute. I just wanted to get to Sarah already. We had a 3-hour drive ahead of us and it was already 8pm. She tried all her best to remain patient but I could tell she was becoming agitated. Imagine having plans for a specific time but the other person was late; it can very easily upset someone. When I got to her, she was already at her limit. I swiftly apologized and we got on the road. About midway through the trip, I mentioned something about the sex. I can’t remember how the conversation started but I remember saying to her-

“I want to do legal but ungodly things to you.”

She smiled, looked at me and in the most nonchalant way, she said

“I think my period might be coming soon.”

I turned and looked at her, assuming she was just fucking with me I asked

“How soon is soon?”

She replied

“It was supposed to start today”

I kept my head straight on the road but I was fuming.

“What the actual fuck?” I thought to myself. Was she trying to say she did not know her period would be coming soon when she allowed me to spend all this money to book the trip? I know many of you are thinking that the trip was meant to be for us to reconnect, and it was, but who the hell said sex was not involved in the reconnection? I was angry.

In her usual manner, she first touched my arm and then went into using her baby voice and talked me into forgiving her. She made sure to highlight the fact that it hadn’t started yet, so we could make the most of it at least before it starts. I smiled in attempt to hide my anger.

We arrived at the hotel about an hour later. She had passed out in the car. I took all the bags in, after checking us in, then woke her up. She was too tired and yes! You guessed right, I got no play that night.

The next day I woke up to breakfast in bed, her attempt to bribe me. It was a nice gesture. She sat in front of me with no clothes on feeding me blueberry pancakes with sausages and it was a beautiful sight to behold. We got dressed after, and headed out to the Vineyard for wine tasting. I really could not focus on anything else; I just wanted her, all of her, on me. We had a lady pouring each glass of wine for us as we tried different wines. Together we laughed and joked as we spent time together. In the back of my mind, I just wanted her in a closed space, to just take control of her. So I devised a plan to get her so turned on that she would not be able to resist me. I left her for a moment, and went to the bathroom to text her-

Let me come in there and violate you.
Laying you on top of that wine counter on your chest, I want to begin kissing you from the left side of your face while I slowly start to come to your lips as you feel my hot breath on your cheeks and my soft lips now working towards your neck. I want to take your bra off and continue kissing your back all the way down. My right finger on your clit, massaging it from left to right, up and down. I’ll lift you up onto all your 4s. Spreading those round cheeks with my hands, I’ll stick my tongue deep into your pink… My tongue searching for answers in the depths of your pussy. My nose, lips, chin and cheeks are now covered in the inviting flooding from inside. You’re scratching the desks and moaning into the wood while my fingers dig into your butt and my tongue ploughs your pussy…”

A few minutes later, I walked back into the room like absolutely nothing had happened. She had just finished reading my text. Her face was flushed red. Her knees wobbled and she just glared at me. It was like her eyes said “What the Heck MAN????” I smiled, licked my lips and winked at her. She looked like she wanted to punch me. We finished tasting our last glass of wine and then we turned to leave. She pulled me close and said

“I’m fucking soaked”

I smiled. Step one was complete.

We sat on the outer deck of the vineyard with other people around. She said she was turned on and wanted sex now. She went on to say

“I’m so turned on, I could ride you right here. Right now. “

I looked at her squarely, smiled and said

“I dare you”

I held my glass in my hand. Her blue bag and the bottles of wine sat on the footrest, she looked at me with this evil grin on her face. I dared her to do it; she chuckled and stared at me. She began to unzip my pants, maintaining fierce eye contact. I asked her what she was doing, but she did not say a word. She put her hand down my pants and cupped my rapidly hardening member in her hand and began to roll my balls between her fingers. She leaned in and whispered in my ear “you dared me right? I’ll suck your dick right here in the open” and then she sat back. Instantly, I was rock hard. I knew she could and was capable of doing it. Fearless she was. She leaned down took the first inch showing out of my pants into her mouth. It was broad daylight with about twenty people around us! I was stunned. She began working her tongue around the head of my shaft while I looked on in disbelief and concern, trying to make sure nobody could see us.

She lifted her head and asked me to meet her in the bathroom. I waited about 3-mins after she went into the bathroom and then I followed. I walked into the men’s bathroom and waited. She did not come. I realized that we had not decided what bathroom to meet in, male or female. We had done it in the ladies bathroom before a few months back. I figured it was my turn to have it on my playing field. A captain like myself should not be playing away all the time. A few minutes later she walked into the men’s bathroom and with her loud voice, she said “are you in here?” practically disregarding the fact that there could have been any number of people in there. There were only two stalls and I was in the further one from the door. I responded and she walked in. She glared at me as if to ask why I did not show up in the ladies bathroom. I pushed her up against the wall and put my hand under her blouse and cupped her breast in my hand kissing her passionately. The words floated out of the corner of her mouth into thin air. I began kissing down her neck. She wrapped her right foot around my left leg. Her head knocked back, as I kissed my way down her neck bone with her inviting perfume as my guide. I turned her around, head now facing the wall. I then moved her hair to the left side of her face and began kissing her neck again. I could sense that she was getting turned on and could no longer wait for me with the foreplay. She looked back at me and said “fuck me now”. I unzipped my pants and dropped my belt; my dick was already showing its head out of my briefs so I bent her over and slid it inside her. It was wet. Very wet. Holding her waist, I controlled the motions thrusting with finesse to avoid making any noises or her moaning too loud. She began to thrust back towards me and the noise was a bit more. I tried to stop her but I think the glasses of wine were hitting her. She was throwing it back to me with such determination. I continued to pump in and out, even when a man walked into the bathroom. He eased himself, washed his hands, listened closely as though he had heard some action out of the stall and then left. We continued. With his departure I pounded away and hoped nobody would come in while I was about to unload; oh how I hate my cum face and my grunts. Her pussy was so good. It was wet, slippery and owning my dick and then it happened, I began to get much closer to cumming. She looked at me and said “keep going”. I kept thrusting but gave her a look of disgust. I thought to myself, “this is not the 5 or 10k”. You don’t need to tell me to keep going like this is a marathon. And then it came, she said my trigger phrase “fuck me” and I knew I was going to cum, very soon. Quietly I grunted, as I jerked my shaft out and shot all my seed onto the floor. She looked at me and smiled. She had gotten what she wanted. She put her clothes on, kissed me on the cheek and walked out. I was turned on again but confused. That was amazing.

We headed back to the hotel to chill and get ready for dinner.  Relaxing while we lay in bed, we began to talk about why things had been the way they were. Sarah had hurt me before when she led me to believe something and then did something else. Broader story but I’ll save y’all the hurt too. We talked about my hesitancy to enter another relationship and the truth was I that I was still in a dark place; depressed most times and I felt that being in a relationship with that feeling would be selfish. Sarah was upset because she thought I was playing games and wanted boyfriend privileges from her without the title. But this wasn’t the case. I truly wanted a relationship and to be happy, but my fear of heartbreak crippled me before I even go into one. I remember sitting in bed with her and looking straight into her eyes and I said,

“I don’t know exactly how it will happen but I know that we are meant for each other and I pray God helps show that in the easiest way possible. I am truly scared of a life without you. You make me so happy. Continue to give me all your love and patience through these dark times, and I hope to come out of it as the best man I can be for you.”

She leaned and hugged me, and in all honesty, that was the safest I had felt in a woman’s arms. She held me and I truly felt like I was walking by a peaceful water levee back when I first realized what love was.

We both got ready and headed out to dinner. A quick photo-shoot in the hotel hallway and we were ready to go. I remember walking past the elevator on our way down to the parking lot and suggesting that we create memories in there; she didn’t buy it. Dinner was amazing. Oh my love for sushi! It was great food and even better company. On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by the local pharmacy to grab some snacks.

I was trailing her as we headed into the bedroom. We unlocked the door and began changing our clothes when the brilliant idea struck me; there was a balcony to the left of our room where we could go and smoke some of the Kush we came with. We changed and headed to the balcony. It was a non-smoking facility but we didn’t care. The balcony was a huge one. Our floor happened to have the only door that led to it. But all the rooms on that side of the hotel shared the balcony. We scanned for cameras and found none. It was time to blaze.

Moonlight lighting up the balcony we had discovered, it was cold but quiet. On a non-smoking facility, we sat in the cold and lit the swisher. A few puffs and the mood was right. We started talking as we puffed and passed. Sitting closely together, I began to run my left hand up the inner side of her thigh. She looked at me and smiled asking me what I was doing. I said nothing and kept my hand sliding to its destination. She began to move her body as my fingers neared the chocolate factory.  As I kissed on her neck and down her blouse, she kept on smoking. There was no need for her to stop.

Weed in her hand, pussy in my mouth. I was working and she was puffing. Clouds moved from right to left in the sky. She asked me why one big cloud covered the moon as my tongue moved uncontrollably from left to right. I was in there. The warmth on my face from her chocolate factory, to the chilling cold on my bare back. I put her legs on my shoulder and continued to work. All of a sudden the lights in one of the rooms went on. She twisted her neck to her right to look behind her and said

 “Zane! I think someone might see us”

I muttered


Now I don’t know about you men out there but unlike Kanye, you have to let your woman finish. I nibbled on her clit just a bit more. She placed her left hand on my head and worked it in motion over her pussy. I loved the way she called my name when her juices smeared my face. She dug her fingers deep into my neck as she came all over my tongue with me lapping up every drop.

We got up and stumbled into the room. She wanted to play a drinking game so she poured the liquor into the cups while I set the mood; I had other plans. I put on a porn video. The game was simple. We ask each other questions, and if you got the question wrong? A piece of clothing came off and you took a shot. She won the battle but I won the war. She couldn’t focus. She was tipsy and extremely turned on by the video playing next to her. She ultimately said

“Babe, I want you now”

 I was in business. I flung my shorts off my waist and carried her to the couch of the hotel suite. I gently placed her down. It was then I realized that I was tipsy also. Drunk sex?

She stared and squinted at my package as if it was her first time meeting him. I rubbed it on her lower lips. She was really wet.

I maintained full eye contact as I slid into her. It was hot. Not warm, HOT. Slowly, I worked my way in, covering all of me with her wetness. She gently moaned my name; as I began to pick up the pace, her voice got louder. She was really tipsy and was beginning to not care about how loud she was. In some way, I felt the hotel intentionally gave us a room at the end of the hallway. I was pushing deeper and deeper. With her legs on my shoulders, I raised her creampie closer to me as I made sure my member hit the deepest corners of her body. Her eyes were closed as she took every inch of me. I wanted to turn her over but she refused. She pushed me onto the couch and dropped on her knees. She slowly took the first few inches of my manhood into her mouth; I knew I was screwed, with her soft lips, wet on my dick. She slobbered all her spit all over it. I was so close to exploding in her mouth. Almost every man can relate when I say, I began coaching and inspiring myself to not let loose. She was that good. She worked her mouth over my shaft. She looked up at me, winked and I immediately felt a shiver down my spine. How was she doing that?

I quickly realized that this was another battle I was going to lose if no action was taken. I quickly got up and grabbed her. She complained that I was being selfish for not letting her make me cum. I asked her to get on all her fours. I slid back into her. It was perfect. Like drinking a cold soft drink in the summer after returning from catching buses all day in the sun. I repeat perfect. I could almost always control myself but somehow I felt like the weed and the alcohol were going to cause me to cum faster than I wanted to. I was stroking in and out of her and she began throwing it back to me too. I was for sure about to explode. I began to grunt and thrust harder. Clearest signs of my ejaculation and then she said

“Shoot inside me baby, I want to feel it all inside me”


I thought to myself. I remember what I had just been through with Jessica. I was not making that mistake again.

I responded


She replied in between moans

“I’m on the pill”

I replied

“And I don’t give a fuck, still…”

I glanced over and saw my reflection in the mirror. Acknowledging my skill, I continued to work and I knew I was about to cum when I heard the ugly words come of my mouth.

“Ugh Ugh Ugh!!!”

It happened. All over her butt, I sprayed every drop.

Clutching my manhood in my hands, I was bent over like a man that had just been punched in the gut. We slumped in bed. A few minutes she was cleaned up and with that satisfied look on her face, she curled up next to me and said

 “Why do you look so tired?”

I glanced over and gave her the dirtiest look I have ever given and thought to myself “how did this happen?”

On our way home from our trip, while we stopped to buy gas’ Jessica called me and said

 “I’m in town we need to talk. Come to my hotel room tomorrow. I’ll text the deets” 

I actually thought to myself that this was perfect. I was going to roll up in there and tell her it was over and I wanted to begin working towards getting serious with someone else.

.   .   .   .   .

 The biggest mistake I would make was eventually lying to Sarah about where I was going to the next day. I had picked up some flowers and I was planning to surprise Sarah with them when Jessica called and asked that I come over immediately. So I headed there, not realizing that I had the flowers in my hand. Right before I walked into the room, Sarah called me and asked me where I was. I lied and said that I was at my friend’s house in a different city. Jessica was in her bathrobe, obviously her attempt to get my attention and potentially start something.

I began talking to her about how we both have been through a lot and needed to grow, apart. She looked at me with a look of confusion.

 “What?! So you mean the flowers aren’t mine? You’re not trying to fuck me anymore? Cos you got some new chick right?!”

 I knew Jessica, and I knew engaging her was just going to put me in more trouble.

I kept calm and explained to her that I just wanted to grow alone. She was not having it. She began to yell. At the top of her lungs she was shouting assault, rape and battery. I was stunned. I wanted to stop her but she just kept on yelling. I began begging her to stop but she was not listening. A few minutes later, I heard a knock on the door; it was the police.

I cracked the door open and attempted to explain to the officers what had happened. She started yelling from the back of the room.

“He hit me, he hit me”

The officer politely asked me to step outside the room and he cuffed me. I was in hand cuffs!!!! For what?!


I sat there hoping they would see she was lying.  A few minutes later, the officer returned and said she claimed I pushed her. I had pushed her at one point when she charged at me but I did not hit her. Fuck!

The officer said he was going to have to take me downtown to get my statement and then go from there. I was stunned. How did this happen to me?

I looked at Jessica as they walked me away and she had a smile on her face. This woman was pure evil.

The entire ride to the station, all I could say in my head was

“What The Heck Man”

 We reached the station and the police booked me after taking my statement. I was told I could be released on bail and given a preliminary stay away order from Jessica.

I had my one phone call.

Who would I call? I could not call Sarah because I had lied about where I was earlier. So I reverted to calling the one person who was always there for me and was always ready to support me through everything.

I dialed Anna’s number and she answered, I told her the whole story and she responded.

 “I’m sorry, I’m not coming down there”

I was stunned and this overwhelming sense of loneliness came over me.

I put the phone down and I was taken back into the holding cell. How did I get here?

From trying to be a player, to this?

All these women in my life and I was going to spend the night in jail alone.

Well, I needed some covers to hide under tonight; this man in the corner was staring squarely at me like he wanted me.

I dropped my head and sighed. I seemed to always have a lot of women around me and here I was all alone. No one to call. Trust issues shackled me, my indecisiveness and the fear of getting hurt have led me further down into this dark place. Like when I started, here I am alone again. The jig was up, Zane.

Undercover Player?

Game Over?

                                                                                                   Watch Out for Undercover Player 4

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Undercover Player 2


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“True love” (Anna)

Long distance friend (Fara)

The crazy one (Jessica)

The weekend girl (Zoe)

My actual woman (Sarah)

“Hey Anna… How are you?” I heard Sarah say. I was still drying myself off in the bathroom and my eyes grew big. She’d answered the call?

“Oh, I’m good. And you?”  Anna responded.

“Is Zane home? I just wanted to ask him something really quickly” she continued.

“He’s just getting out the shower” Sarah said with a smile, “I’ll have him call you later.”

Called ended…

She turned towards me and said one word, ‘explain.’

I told her some calculated story of how Anna, now an investment banker, wanted some information about my bank because she was advising a client on investments or something like that. Sarah bought it but I could tell she was still irritated.

Sarah and Anna used to be acquaintances a while back. I was still dating Anna and around that time when a mutual friend introduced us to Sarah. They became social media and texting friends (the definition of friendships today) but when Anna and I broke up, one thing led to another and Sarah and I became involved. I don’t think Anna resents Sarah for getting involved with me, I just think she expected more from us but what is loyalty in this world today?

There seems to be an awkward tension between the two of them whenever they’re in the same area together, but they have always seemed to stay respectful and cordial towards each other.

Sarah and I finished planning our upcoming getaway, we needed one because I was carrying a lot of emotional baggage and Sarah just needed a break. Tickets bought! Time to step away from all the madness. It was going to be a busy but good week, or so I thought.

.   .   .   .   .


I was in bed on Skype with Anna on what I believe was a Tuesday evening.

“It’s going to be okay…You’ll always have me here” she said.

On face value, that sounds like the typical break up line but it was her giving me all her love as I cried my eyes out. She got me. She was the only one that I could show this side of me. Well one other person but she was thousands of miles away. She always gave me all her love, yet I broke up with her to go and “find myself.” Ladies, if a man ever says he wants to break up to find himself, tell him okay but you’ll be the one holding the flashlight trailing him as he journeys to find himself. For some men, that line is a classic cop out of whatever they have but I really wanted to find myself though… Instead I found Sarah.

Anna never left though. She had been with me through everything and I mean everything! I was not a man when I met her. I was a young boy trying to find his way. Anna was a year older than me but we got on perfectly. She knew me before the “come up.” Before the confidence, money and new-found attention from women. I was sitting there pouring out my heart to her.

Anna and I met when I was trying to come to terms with myself, and who I wanted to be in the near future. We became really close and she knew me inside out and it was only right that when I fell for someone, I fell for her.

My mother and I had been clashing; I carried a bit of resentment towards her. She was too busy doing the work of the church that she’d missed me growing up, leaving me in the care of someone that violated me for years. I remember the lady she had employed to take care of me; a much older lady at the time.  She would deprive me of food and threaten to not take me places unless I did sinful things with her. I was probably about 9 or 10 at the time. I sometimes think I should have known better. I should have spoken up or did something but I was scared. I have blamed myself many times for the things that happened to me during that three-year period but could I really have known better? Wasn’t it the job of my parents to protect me?

It was the love I had for Anna that repaired my relationship with my globe-trotting evangelic mother. Anna showed me what it felt like to be loved whole heartedly and I began to warm up to my mother but every so often, I would drift back into this dark place. The one I have been in for the past few months now. Anna is the definition of the love I want in life, I’ve seen it before and felt it. I let it go with good intentions but if I could, I would get her; my one true love back and let her love envelope me again because I sure can do with it these days.

Highlighting my new dilemma, Zoe (nursing student/weekend girl) just texted me.


I was hungry, tired and frankly just being lazy skyping with Anna. I considered saying no but instead I responded with;


I asked her to text me the address of wherever she wanted to grab dinner. I sluggishly got dressed and dragged myself into my car. I sat in there for a minute, the key in the ignition and almost talked myself out of going. I eventually did and showed up at dinner that night. I think we had a salad appetizer because I remember her asking the lady to take it back and remove the dressing they had put on it. The conversation was great as usual partly because she was such a brilliant woman. Her smile was a beauty and for some reason I just loved her handbag. She carried that pink thing with her all the time and I loved it.

We talked about everything! From us, to food, our careers and much more; with her I could have a conversation about anything. Many times in hindsight, I asked myself why Zoe and I never really became an item prior to that night and I think it was because of a certain vibe that I got from her. Her parents were well off. Hardworking folks and I always felt she gave off an entitled vibe, like she always got what she needed or wanted. I didn’t have that so I felt like I couldn’t be with her because she wasn’t humble. My view on that has since changed because I’ve gotten to know her better but back then, I think that was the reason we had minimal contact and that she was busy or vice versa.

Dinner got wrapped up and I was in a much better mood. I was enjoying her company and didn’t want to go home. I remember how I somehow talked my way into us going to the Marina. We parked our cars next to each other and began walking on the side of the water. It was an absolutely beautiful sight. The lights across the other side of the lake were lit and planes flew closely over our heads to the nearby airport while we walked alongside the water talking about everything and nothing. I was really into her and from what I’ve told you so far one would think that I was into every woman, but the truth was I loved a few and could not trust many of them. The hurtful things that I’d experienced as a young boy in the hands of that lady who repeatedly raped me for three years, and later my cousin down the road would also abuse my trust in the same way which made it impossible for me to trust women anymore.


I only trusted one…Anna, and even with her I sometimes had my doubts. Zoe and I took seats on the docks; they were rocking back and forth as we sat down on them. Surrounded by water, in the dark with just enough lighting from the corner of the parking lot in a distance we held each other and talked away. Midway into our conversation, we noticed a raccoon walking on the rock and coming towards us. Zoe began to freak out. I remember telling her to calm down and sit still. We both sat still but it kept coming closer. I told her if it passed a certain point, we were both going to run off the docks and into safety as fast as we could. Luckily, it went away. We both took that as our cue from Mother Nature to leave and so we did. Hand in hand, we walked back to the parking lot and I got in her car. We sat there talking some more. It was one of those nights where you just didn’t want it to end.  Somehow we got to her reading my poetry pieces off my phone and I remember her asking me to create something on the spot. I leaned in and closely placed my mouth right next to her ear, asking her to close her eyes whilst I began reciting as softly as possible. Zoe loved when I read poetry directly into her ears. I wasn’t exactly sure why but she did. The heat built up between us as I continued;

“…Bring your body over here

 Lay it down

Like a burnt offering

I’ll enjoy you

Like I’ve been suffering

From your toes, to your neck

I’ll travel your body

Your moans as my compass

I’ll cover every ground

Kiss every corner

Drink all you have                            

I hate to waste it

Give me more baby

Take all of me inside you

Dig into my back

Whisper into my ears

Tell me how you want it

I won’t stop you

I’m here to pleasure you

But first I’ll devour you…”


Her breathing was shorter and faster as her heart paced. I was done talking but she was still breathing fast like she was expecting me to say more. I stopped talking and pulled her in close to me with my right hand. With my left hand, I moved her hair out of the way and began kissing her neck. She was moaning gently as I placed my lips on hers and began kissing her passionately. I had all my love to express. All my feelings in those kisses; her lips were soft and sweet. I tasted her strawberry lip-gloss as I devoured her lips and abruptly I pulled away. I leaned back in the passenger’s seat and motioned at her to come. She hesitated like she was not sure she wanted to do this or at least do it there but then she climbed over. She sat on my laps. Her legs were on either side of me while I continued kissing her. She was holding my head; my absolute favourite spot was behind my head. She was making me feel like ripping her clothes off her. Things were moving fast and it was getting hotter in the car.

My hands began working their way to push her panties aside. I thought to myself, she was not a ‘have sex in the car’ type of girl but this was a moment that wasn’t scripted and it felt just right. She stopped me in the middle of a kiss and looked at me as if trying to make sure we were on the same page, and then she leaned back in and kissed me. I knew it meant go. I kept kissing her as I pulled out my package from my pants. It was hard and ready to go great places. I slid her panties to the side in the process getting some of her wetness on my fingers. I moved the finger to my mouth and sucked all her juices off my fingers. The sight of it drove her wild. I proceeded to slide my manhood inside her… She gasped! Slowly, I began to work her body up and down on my member. She kept her eyes glued to me. The glass was completely fogged up. The pace gradually picked up and I began to drive all of me into her like I had told her I would. She was moaning and digging her hands into my back. I just wanted to give her everything I had. She kicked her head back and I pulled her hair just to keep her head in the same position. I thrust upwards searching her insides as her juices flowed down onto my package and subsequently my pants staining them. We kept at it for a short while and then she began riding me faster as she neared her threshold. Her moaning sounds were driving me closer to my climax but I did not want to explode yet; at least not now but she was ready. She was throwing her pussy back onto my member as she neared her climax and then it came… she came! A few seconds later I had to push her off as I spurted out all I had in me. I cleaned up as I looked over to her and we both smiled. It was hard to find the words to follow up; just smiles. It was 3am and too late for her to go home. We spent the night in that car. Don’t ask me how we slept but we did albeit uncomfortably but it was definitely a memorable night.

. . . . . .

I left that parking lot at the Marina and headed straight to work stopping by my gym to freshen up and change my shirt. I was having a great day. The type you have when you’ve had great morning sex. I was responding emails with “Splendid morning to you!” and I even let someone cut me off on the way to work without losing my temper. I swear it was great. And then…. Yes go ahead and say it. I received that call. It was from Jessica; crazy Jessica! Every bit of happiness I had seemed to have had disappeared by the end of the call.

She had a special way of sucking out all of my joy but her pussy had a way of giving me another type of satisfaction. I thought she was just calling to inform me that she was in town and wanted to have sex, but what she dropped on me was the most unexpected bit of news I’d heard since I was told Michael Jackson died. It was something serious and far from just being a booty call! Jessica told me she was in town and that she hadn’t gotten her period for a full week. Apparently from her calculations she might be pregnant and I was the last one she had sex with in the last 3 months. I knew that was a lie but I was in too much shock to argue. Yes, no one can be trusted.  She said she would come over to my house that evening to talk and she hung up.

I was in shock. What the hell just happened?

I had to leave work early. I headed home… confused, angry, scared and just worried.

Was I about to be a father? What would I tell my parents?

Was my mother, the head of a church going to be given a grandchild out of wedlock?

Was I really going to ruin my mother’s ministry because of some unstable girl?

I stopped by the nearby grocery and picked up a pregnancy test and headed home. I was uncomfortable pacing around my apartment. I needed to calm down. I poured myself a glass of Jack and sat anxiously, waiting for her to show up. I clutched the pregnancy test in my hand… I was nervous. That fateful night kept replaying in my head. I remember we were having sex and I was about to cum when she held me by my tie and told me to keep going and in her words, “shoot every drop inside me.” She told me that she was on the pill. Why did I believe her? I was so angry with myself. She had me clipped in when I let my seed loose into her. I was sure that the devil was trying to get me for all the evil things I had done. Of all the amazing women in my life, why was it this one that had to become pregnant?

I needed to calm down!!

That was when I thought to call Fara. Fara was the long distance girl. She was just perfect. Everything was perfect about her except for the fact that she lived thousands of miles away. She truly cared about me. The only person that came close to how she cared about me was Anna. I would spend countless hours late into the nights talking to her and even though she was hours ahead of me, she would stay up. I told her about Jessica. It was before I met Fara so she understood and actually felt for me. She did her best to calm me down with her gentle voice and adorable giggle. I remember it being just like when we first met. We had been at the airport, our flights delayed. She looked tired and couldn’t wait to get on the plane. I remember approaching her and starting up a conversation. The rest they say is history. She has worried about me beyond my comprehension and has always been there for me even when I acted like I didn’t need her. I needed her more than ever now.

Fara was able to convince me that everything would be alright, advising me to breathe and calm down which I did. She had completely taken my mind off the issue when I heard a knock on the door. I ended the call and let Jessica in. I handed the pregnancy test to her and pointed her to the bathroom. She looked at me with a smirk on her face and said, “No hug or kiss… All because of a small pregnancy?”

I glared at her with my glassy eyes as she walked into the bathroom. The pregnancy test included two tests and I asked her to take both. It seemed like forever. Heaven only knows how many times I had died in the 5 minutes it took her to come out. I just sat there and continued to worry. My dreams? My goals? I wanted to see the world, what would happen to them now?

Why was she taking forever? I paced around the room waiting for her. My glass of Jack Daniel’s was running low, I was too tense to pour the rest. After what seemed to be as long as the Cold War, she stepped out with the first stick and it was negative. She was not pregnant! I was slightly relieved but I asked her to take the second one just to be safe. She rolled her eyes, complained that I didn’t trust her and went back to take the other one.

Same result.

I was glad! I poured the emptied the rest of the bottle into my glass and began to down it. I was definitely going to be drunk now. And then it all turned, she looked at me and said “Sooo… since I’m not pregnant, can we have sex now?”

What?! With my emotions running high, I was so confused and turned on at the same time. It was an understatement to call this woman crazy. She was the definition of functionally mad. I asked her to leave. She turned and looked at me. In a controlled movement, she walked towards me and said;

“Zane, if you don’t fuck the shit out of me right now… You’ll wish I was pregnant so I could spare your life to take your child support!”

I was stunned. Tipsy but I was sure my eyes cleared up and my dick stood up. I was going to break her!

I grabbed her and pushed her up against the wall. I stood behind her leaning into her and asked her if she just threatened me. She said yes claiming she would do it again. My breath reeked of alcohol as I yelled at her. I pushed her tighter up against the wall and spread her legs apart. Ripping her underwear off, I got down on my knees and put my tongue into her now hot and wet pink. She was moaning like crazy and I loved it. I was like a hungry savage, the way I’d covered my face in her wetness. I spread her ass cheeks wider as I let my tongue search her insides with much focus. I threw her onto the bed and clumsily reached for the handcuffs. Behind her back, I cuffed both hands together. I slid my rock hard manhood inside her from the back. She let out a loud moan and tried to wiggle her way into a more comfortable position. I did not care… Even if it hurt her, she was going to feel this heat. I was thrusting in and out of her with such anger and determination to make her feel something. She was moaning and taunting me asking for more and I duly obliged. I leaned forward grabbing her hair and with a handful in my hand; I drove deeper and deeper inside her. Jessica began to yell that she was going to cum and that I should keep going but I knew I didn’t have it in me to last that much longer. I looked at my reflection in the mirror at the foot of the bed and encouraged myself to keep going. I kept going till she became completely silent and then she let out the loudest moan I had ever heard from a woman. I was partly in shock but I pulled out of her and spurted out all of my seed onto her butt right in front of me. I got up and staggered into the bathroom, leaving her sprawling in the bed with her hands still cuffed behind her back. I turned the faucet on and dabbed some water on my face. I looked up at the man in the mirror and whispered, “Who are you?”

I had begun this roller coaster ride to find myself but I had become this calculated hoe and quite frankly an Undercover Player because I knew what I was doing for the most part. I washed my eyes and head again this time looking closely into the mirror. I was never actually going to find myself if I kept letting mediocrity like Jessica find me. I returned to the room and said,

“You need to leave…NOW!”

Jessica rolled over and smiled. “Sure… right after you take these cuffs off me.” I took them off and she picked her things to leave. She got to the door and turned around saying;

“Call me?”

I hesitated before saying, “no…”

She smiled and cunningly said, “We’ll see about that”

I sighed and closed the door. This was definitely not going to be easy at all.

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Undercover Player

Undercover Player

@adewus4real #WhatTheHeckMan 

“Why are these women so loud?”

I thought to myself as I continued…

“Ahhhhh….. Keep going….. Right there!!!!”

She knocked over my remote control sitting on the edge of my bed.

Smh, what is this filth? It’s not only right there, it’s back there. Nonsense!  And why all the noise… just yelling sha!

I think I speak for all men when I say, women don’t know the amount of physical work it takes to please them; sexually and in all other aspects.

Anyways, I looked back into her eyes and began to pump. Hands around her throat mildly choking her, it was in and out. Deeper with each thrust and much harder intensity, I was going to unload this tank inside her. Now my penis is not the size of a tank (I really wish it was. I would cause damage) but it’s not. She was still moaning; eyes rolled back into her head, gasping for air as she dug her fingers into my biceps… I was going to cum! A few more thrusts and there it was, all over her pierced belly, I sprayed it on her. My right hand still on my member and my left hand cupped over her right breast. I felt like I was having a seizure as I busted it all on her. I absolutely love sex and the attention it brings me but I hate my cum face. Ugh!

I got off her and put my boxers back on. I sat at the edge of the bed and picked up my phone. 3 missed calls from the Asst. Pastor… Fuck!

I turned to her saying, “Get up and get ready!”

I was late for church.

.    .    .    .    .

I was only 12 minutes late and this woman was still tripping. Ever since they promoted my mother to Asst. Pastor, she’s been on my case. I had forgotten that I was in charge of Sunday school that morning. My bible was still in my car so I ran outside the church to grab it when I noticed her;  the girl I was just boning at my apartment. She walked into church looking stunning as usual. Her dad and my mom worked together in the church; he was the Men’s President. We act like we don’t know each other in public so a quick eye and she kept walking on, as planned.

Sunday school went smoothly. I’ve perfected my way of doing this. Today was going to be my last Sunday here at this church. I was relocating as my job had posted me to a new branch about 2 hours north of here. I can’t wait to get out of this place!

I was scrolling through my phone and loosely listening to the sermon delivered by Pastor Timothy when it dawned on me. I spoke to a lot of women but very little men.

I tried to key back into the sermon with a quick prayer asking God to take away all the filth running through my head. Yet, I continued to lick my lips as I stared at this girl. I knew doing that shit got her wet while she sat in her choir clothes. Sorry! I couldn’t help it!

I thought I was coasting through this amazing day when I heard my phone whistle. The iconic and annoying Samsung whistle… It was her. It was loud enough for me to hear but quiet enough that nobody in the church heard it.

The message read,


Now that message, to the naked eye and a regular person would seem like a normal message but that was a woman’s message. It said so much in such few words.  It was clear that she was upset with me.

My mind began to wander. What might I have done? Did I fall asleep last night on the phone? No, I wasn’t even talking to her last night. I quickly checked my Twitter timeline… Did I tweet something? Did some lady tweet something at me? I came up with nothing and then I went through my phone again. It made sense now. I didn’t send her a good morning text. Sigh.

Now that may also seem like something trivial to have someone upset with you about and you’re right. It really is hard to keep up with all the people I have to send “Good morning” texts to. The number stands at 5.

My “true love” (long story but that’s why you’re reading right?)

My long distance friend (we really want to fuck but we live too far away)

My crazy one (in love with me but more in love with the D. I’ll never date her. CRAZY)

My weekend girl (lives in a city driving distance away. Only see her when I’m visiting)

And then of course Sarah, “my actual woman”. Qualified to be the one and woman but has some things to work out. We stay fighting all the time!

Now wait, wait! Before you call me a heaux or a player, let me explain. Sarah and I can’t seem to stay together for long. We take breaks literally like every other day. So, what’s the point?

The long distance one, I met before I started talking to my girl but distance is a bitch. We keep each other around because we might explore that chapter someday down the road. The crazy one has broken a bottle on my head before. That’s all I’ll say about her.

The weekend girl is so busy with her nursing school just as much as I am with work at the bank and night school that we only talk during the weekends. And it works.

The crazy one says she wants me and she wants to fall in love with me but she also has a boyfriend of 3 years. Yeah, wtf right?! That’s exactly what I said! But hey, I just give her the work and I don’t ask questions. Apparently, we all share each other these days.

Sarah just texted me that she loved me.

I really want to be with her but things with her were so complicated. She always seemed to be mad at me. Like I was perfect for every other woman but the one I really want. I just couldn’t make her happy for a sustained period of time. “Offering time”, Pastor Timothy announced. I sat down for an extra few minutes while I finished the text message asking her to come over. She told me she was working till 11pm. She would stop by after.

I drove back to my apartment after receiving an earful from spending the evening with my mother. The usual Sunday speech about her disgust towards the kind of young man I was becoming…Whatever!  I just wanted to get home before my girl made it there.

.    .    .    .    .

A little night-time Sunday construction traffic and I was home. I loosened my tie, unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt and stood in front of the mirror. For a quick minute my mind wandered.

My name is Zane.

I’m lost.

Surrounded by a crowd of people, family, friends and women everywhere…Yet, I’m still lost.

For the past year, I’ve been battling with on and off depression but I have so much holding on to me. I’m keeping it together for my family and friends so I put up this front but I’m really not okay. To those at the church I’m the beloved pastor’s son who can do no wrong. I hide behind the shadows of my mother and her achievements.

I was just beginning to realize that I’ve been in a dark place for a while now and I’ve been screaming for the help of the people I feel love me.

The woman that I truly feel loves me, I’d pushed away. It was not her fault, nor was it mine; it was life. She truly loved, I think even more than she loved herself. What The Heck Man?

A single tear was streaming down my cheek when she knocked on the door. I quickly wiped it off and walked out of my room to let her in. She had a few bags with her. She remains the worst ‘packer’ in the world. Going on a 2-day trip with a luggage, another suitcase full of shoes, her makeup bag, laptop bag and her handbag. I had concluded that I would never complain again; it was futile.

We began talking about my behaviour, a regular theme about how I wasn’t showing that I cared. Somewhere in the conversation and soon-to-be argument, she said something that I did not agree with. She told me that I was too busy trying to let the world accept me. That I’d changed and forgotten that I should only be concerned about what she thought of me. It struck a chord in me because there was a hint of truth in what she said. I automatically became defensive. She was starting to get angry as everything I said from that point on was either sarcastic or just flat out rude and then she snapped,

“This is what you always do! …  It’s always about you!” she yelled.

“You’re so self-centred!”

I stood there in shock as to how quickly it had all escalated. She had been holding so much anger in and I didn’t even know. My phone buzzed on the bed and I reached for it, glancing at her, I noticed the expression on her face change. It was like she was wondering how I could even consider responding a text message whilst she was still fuming with anger.

“You see! You can’t even pay attention to my feelings!” she continued.

I was mid-way reading the text when I snapped back and said, “Calm down!”

That was by far the worst thing I could have said at that point. She looked at me from head to toe, turned around and walked into the shower without saying a word.


I was in big trouble now.

That was her trigger word. In the heat of the moment, she absolutely hated hearing that word. I sat on my chair, phone in hand, and tried to figure out how I would apologize to her. I heard the shower begin to run.

 .    .    .    .    .

After waiting about 5 minutes I slowly opened the bathroom door. She was halfway through her shower when I walked in. I had already taken off all my clothes before I made my way into the bathroom. I slid the shower door open and stepped in. She took a quick glance at my hardening member and asked what I was doing whilst attempting to walk out. I grabbed her. With my left hand I held her waist and with my right, I completed the motion to turn her around.  She was now backing me. The soothing hot water flowed down her face and onto her breasts while my hands rinsed all the soap off her body. I turned her around, the water now raining on both our heads. I stared deeply into her eyes as mine communicated how sorry I was. She knew I had a way with words, so those had become useless. Her looking into my eyes was the only way for her to peer into my soul and know what I truly felt. I leaned forward and planted a wet kiss on her lips.

She closed her eyes as our lips connected passionately. We locked lips for a few minutes and then I began kissing her neck. In my arms she squirmed and I just held her tighter. Her right breast was now in my mouth. With water still dripping, my tongue swirled around her nipple and then I gently nibbled on it.

I slowly turned her around as I put my index finger on her clit and began to rub it vigorously. She was going wild. Her moans while hot were not as hot as the water raining on us from the shower above as her hand had tipped the knob further into the hot side. With my left hand I bent her forward and knelt down, I gently slipped my tongue into her now flooded chocolate factory. I was feasting. I moved my tongue in there like I was writing an apology letter. She was going to know how sorry I was. It was hard… I was enjoying feasting on her factory but the hot water flowing down my face and into my nostrils was making it hard to breathe. But if you’re going to die, how else would you rather go?

I got up and rubbed the head of my member, a few tugs and it was at its hardest position. I gently slid it into her. She gasped and looked back at me as I began to thrust in and out.

Bent over she moaned and tried to keep her eyes glued to me but it was hard. The steamy water dripping over her eyes distracted her as my member ploughed deeper and deeper. I was thrusting with purpose. I was determined to earn her forgiveness with my penis. I struck gold when she began begging… “Fuck me harder!” I grabbed hold of her waist, put my back on the cold shower wall and began pounding her. I was hitting it so hard she stopped talking. Her mouth wide open and gasping for air; I continued to plunge into the creases of her body. I was going to discover every inch of her! Her moaning intensified and became louder as I neared my climax. The moaning was driving me much closer to exploding than I wanted but it was that good. Her everything was that good. I pulled out of her and shot a full load onto the shower floor, watching it all get washed down the drain. I gripped her firmly as she struggled to stand on her feet; her knees were buckling. I let out a wry smile. She washed herself off before stepping out of the shower. Whilst she dried herself, I stood under the hot shower and washed myself down. My brain was wandering again. I need to make this girl mine! She’s perfect for me but we fight too much. Sigh.

I heard her walk out of the bathroom into the bedroom.

A few minutes later I heard my Skype ringtone on my laptop which was open and unlocked on the table.

“Shit!” I said to myself.

There was no way I could make it out there in time. I just hoped it was not a girl she would trip about and then I heard her call out.

“Zane, why is Anna calling you at 1am?”


Anna was my ex and I had sworn to my girl that we were no longer in contact.


I bowed my head in the shower. I knew I had to lie. I would probably get out of it but for now, I was a dead man. The water rained over me some more; this was the safest place for me right now.

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Remote Control Part III

@adewus4real #RC3 #WhatTheHeckMan 

“Do you guys know each other?”

 Titi asked in surprise, as she looked both of us.

 Silence. There was awkwardness in the room and so I jumped in and answered.

 “Oh yeah! I used to work with her company a while back”  I said.

 “Yes! That’s where I recognized you! How have you been?” she played along.

“I’m fine. Thank you”

I hurried out of the room. And back up the stairs with my mind racing.

“What the heck man?” “Why did they have to meet, here?”

 I stopped at the top of the stairs and overheard Jumoke say to Titi

“is that your new one? He’s cute o!”

Titi smiled and didn’t really acknowledge or affirmatively answer the question.

Jumoke continued, “You don’t want to answer abi. I’m just like that girl. Protect your man”

Titi smiled.

  .  .  .  .

 “What the hell was that?”

 Titi queried as she stormed into her bedroom. She had been down there talking business for about an hour.

What do you mean, babe? I tried to sound confused knowing fully well that she hates when I pretend to not know what she’s talking about when I clearly do. We all do it.

“I’m talking about Mrs Onipe” she said as I could hear the irritation in her voice.

“Where do you really know her from?!” she was now yelling

“You know what, I don’t care where you know her from, just let me finish this deal and then you can continue doing whatever the fuck you’re doing with her” she said with disgust.

 I sighed and put my head down.  She was changing her clothes to head out again and then my phone buzzed

t was Jumoke. It read.

“WE NEED TO TALK”. I felt a chill down my spine. What have I gotten myself into? This could be bad.

 . . . . .

Helen, the lady at the front desk rolled her eyes at me as I walked up to the hotel room.

She knew what the deal was.

 Jumoke’s PA would call to book the room and I would show up. We would fuck and then both leave.

Jumoke never wanted me to come by her house. I guess it was because the whole family was still watching her and some shit about it being her matrimonial home even though she killed the man that brought her into his home.

 I walked into the room with mixed feelings. There she was on the phone in her buba and gele (Yoruba attire) it looked like she had just returned from a party.  I sat at the foot of the bed anxiously waiting and hoping that the phone call would go just a little longer. About six or seven minutes went by and then the phone clicked.

She turned around and looked at me

“Why are your clothes still on?!” she snapped at me. “don’t you know why you’re here?” she continued.

I felt like a piece of meat as I took off all my clothes and climbed into bed next to her. She began to kiss me like she was going to get what she wanted and be out. I just kept thinking to myself “What The Heck Man?” but she kept kissing and touching me. I was getting hard.

Every guy knows that moment when you really trying not to get hard but thinking about it is getting you harder. She began feeling my hard dick on her navel and she held it in her hand. Stroking it as she kissed me. She was ready.

“Tunde, play with my pussy” she said as she kept on kissing me. I reluctantly obliged. Stroking her clit as he moaned, she simultaneously stroked my rock hard member. I was actually getting turned on.

I began kissing her down her neck, squeezing her huge jugs in my hands as I felt my way around her body. Jumoke was hot, like that milf level just with an amazing amount of crazy. I tried to stay focused and not piss her off.

This was I, the same guy that commands girls attentions in the community but in here, I’m a mere mortal. Once a woman has your Remote Control, she’ll press all your mumu buttons whenever she wanted.

I climbed on top of her and positioned my penis, ready to slide into her. I could hear the juices out of her as her thighs rubbed together. I slowly slid into her as she closed her eyes and took all of me inside her.

The pace was slow and controlled. In and out, I went like I was sampling the area before laying claim. I was turned on but I was angry. I was angry at how I had fallen so low and how this woman laid here getting pleasure from my dick and still being able to control my life. I thought the dick controlled the pussy? I guess not.

I picked up the place as she began to moan loudly and she was loud. Like a Zobo seller in the Lagos market loud “Ahhhh….Ohhhh! Tunde o!” it was just loud and kind of sexy. I was ramming all of me into her and she was taking as much as she could take. I felt my entire aggression course through my veins and into my penis. I was transferring all my anger out. I flipped her over and she said, “Tunde, you just like this position huh? My ass all in the air” I smiled and slid into her. She slapped the bed twice and yelled. I was in.

I began pounding hard like I was holding a grudge against her pussy. No I wasn’t letting up. Her juices flowed out of her on my member and all over my balls as they smacked against her soaked clit. I held her waist, pushed it down into the bed and began ramming into it with intensity and power. She was yelling all sorts of obscenities and biting down into the pillows. “Tunde, you’re breaking me! Tunde you’ll break it! Pls don’t break it” she begged as I let it all out. I was nearing that point where every guy says to his penis “nooo, just a few more pumps”.

Smack, smack, smack!!! And it was all out. All over her ass I pumped all my cum.

She slumped into the bed. Catching her breath she muttered “Tuunde, what the heck was that?” I smiled and said “just giving you what you wanted baby”.  “It was amazing” she responded, “You better come and clean my ass o” she added.

I got up to clean all my cum off her ass. I walked into the bathroom and grabbed a towel. I walked back into the room and heard her snoring.

I was surprised. She never goes straight to sleep after sex, I walked over and mopped off her ass. I threw the towel to the corner of the room and sat down at the foot again.

Looking to my left I noticed her bag on the floor with her notification light blinking on her phone. A thought came into my head, “I should go through it.” I wasn’t sure why but I was secretly hoping I would find something that would help me snap out of this hold that she had me under.

I was scanning her bag and all I found was money and countless business cards. I was about to give up when inside her wallet I found the slide card to the safe Chief owned. I remembered the card vividly because I was the one that ordered it and oversaw the installers putting it into the wall in Chief’s office one evening after work. Chief didn’t’ want the rest of the staff to know that he was putting it in his office, so in it went behind the painting of him on his 55th birthday.

Jumoke had it pulled out after Chief’s death and moved to her room in the house. It didn’t make all the sense to me but just holding onto the key was all that was important. I tore out two pages of her presigned checks. I would at least make money from her if I had to flee town or something.

I crawled into bed next to her, looking into the city to my right. I wondered what the outcome of all of this would be.

 She had woken up before me and was on the phone with someone. I got up and got ready to leave. Sunday morning, I just wanted to get home and get ready to catch the soccer premier league matches later that night. I got up to leave and right when I got to the door, she said

“Dupe hold on”

She covered the mouthpiece of the phone and said “end it with her or the contract is off the table. Let me know when it’s done. Understand” I was stunned but half expecting it. I nodded and walked out.

 Titi was going to kill me! A 25 million naira contract?! Just gone! What would I begin to say. I immediately called Titi and asked her to meet me at my house. She had to know the full story.

.   .   .   .   .   .

“Titi, that’s all that happened. She’s had me under her spell for the last year” I said as I concluded the detailed narration of the chain of events to Titi.

Her face went blank; almost free of blood. And then she became consumed with rage. I had just informed her that the woman that caused her mother to be kicked out of her matrimonial home killed her father and took every bit of an inheritance that was meant to be hers was now trying to ruin her life.

Titi had always known who her father was. Her mother had told her but raised her to never want anything from him. When the whole thing got messy, she moved to Ibadan to live there. Her mother was a successful businesswoman that gave her everything but ensured that Titi still loved her father.


She wasn’t going to take it!

She wanted to go over there and confront her. I held her and began to attempt calm her down. She was sooo angry and when she got that angry she usually began to cry. Titi broke down in my arms and let it all out. She was weeping. I tried my best to console her but she just let it all out.

It was needed. She needed to let it all out. And I just held her till she fell asleep in my arms.

The next morning we sat at the dining table as I expressed my elaborate plan to search the safe at the house and hopefully find something we could use to bring Jumoke down. Titi and I agreed that I would search the house when Jumoke left out of town on business again and she would pretend to still want Jumoke’s business to stop her from being spooked.

Titi wanted me to go the next day. She didn’t want to wait. I agreed to go when Jumoke was at the office.

Titi was also going to try to speak to her dad’s lawyer who never actually read Chief Onipe’s will after his death.

Jumoke was going down, we just weren’t exactly sure how.

 .   .   .   .   .   .

 I lied and got myself out of being in the office.

Dakande, the trusted gateman at Jumoke’s house didn’t want me to go in. “Oga, na me be her assistant from the office. I want pick up something” I continued my web of lies. I just needed to get in there. I finally convinced him to let me in after I had bribed him giving him ten thousand naira “Oga dey come back soon o. No say I no warn you” he said letting me know that she would be returning home any moment from then.

I thanked him as I ran into the house. I just needed a few minutes.

I was in the house. Nothing in the living room, bathroom and even her bedroom.

Where was this fucking safe?!

I was beginning to panic and I needed to leave here with something!

Jumoke needed to be brought down.

I was going from room to room and then I stumbled into the nursery. Jumoke had it set up when she first got with Chief Onipe. She wanted to give him a son. She had promised to give him a son to carry on his legacy but knew it was only a matter of time before she got found.


I moved the picture out the way and there it was!

It looked the same with a few cuts and bruises from it’s move from the office.

I don’t think I had been that happy about anything in a long time like I was in that moment. But fear soon overwhelmed me.

What if what I was looking for wasn’t in there?

I slid the card in and click!

Click! Click! Click!

The card wasn’t working. Oh shit!!!! Why was this happening to me right now?!!! I began to panic, my hands became very sweaty and I was feeling like it was all going to break in front of me.

I began to jam the card into the port as if to force it to take it in.

I slid my hand around the safe and then I felt a little switch towards the corner of the safe. I pushed it. I could hear the compartments in there moving and then it worked! The card moved in and it opened!

Money, jewelry, keys and a box were in the safe. Nothing else mattered to me but the box. The box, the box was unlocked and so I opened in. In there lay a small cd, the kind that goes into a camcorder. It was not marked. I put it into my pocket and looked around the safe, nothing else seemed like what I was looking for and so I closed the safe and began to leave and that’s when I heard it. The gate.

She was back! Why was she back so soon?

I was stuck but I needed to get out of there. I locked the safe up and put up the picture and began leaving. I heard her walking in.

Damn! I had to explain why I was here, I had to make up a good enough reason for being there.  

“Tunde what are you doing here?” she said

I was silent.


 “Baby, I came for…” I began to respond.

“Tunde, why are you naked?” she interrupted me staring at my dangling and now hardening penis. I smiled as I was going to play this off and hopefully get away with “breaking in”. 

“I just missed you baby and I wanted to come and surprise you” I said. She looked at me in surprise and responded “…but Tunde I have told you about how I feel about you coming into my home. What if I was returning home with a guest or something?” she continued.

“That’s a gamble, I was willing to take” I responded.

“You this boy ehn?! You’re lucky I’ve had a long day and I could use a relaxing workout” she spoke as she began stroking my hard member with her hand. Planting a kiss on my lips, she dropped down to her knees and took all of me into her mouth. I made it out safely.

 Leaving behind a clueless and tired Jumoke, I immediately called Titi and told her to meet me at her friend Sope’s house. It was about 8pm when Titi arrived and Sope and I had been catching up. Titi trusted Sope with her, so I felt it was a good ground to share my discoveries with them. Titi informed me that she had called the meeting and everyone was going to be there at Jumoke’s house the next day.

I had watched the video on the cd and asked Titi if she felt up for it as it was somewhat disturbing. She said she was ready. The video was set in Chief Onipe’s office from the security camera he installed in there. He had told Jumoke about it because he trusted her and truly believed that it was only his brother that wanted to kill him. Boy was he wrong. The video showed Chief Onipe getting shot in the chest by Jumoke and my cousin walking into the room a few seconds later. He pieced the puzzle together and took off. It was later discovered that Jumoke found him and arranged for him to be sent out of the country to hide her story. My cousin would later report to me that his immediate family’s safety was also at risk if he ever communicated with me. Titi surprisingly was very reserved and composed, she reported that he father had been out of her life long enough for watching him being murdered not to affect her greatly but it was still hard to watch anyone get the life snuffed out of them.  We spent the night at Sope’s house be safe. Jumoke was deadly, either one of us could have been dead by morning if she wanted.

.   .   .   .   .   .

 Chief Onipe’s lawyer, elders in Chief’s family, Chief’s Onipe’s eighty-year-old mother, Titi and her mother, Sope, a few members of the board from the office, the DPO and a few officers and myself were all seated in Jumoke’s living room awaiting her arrival. Chief’s aged mother had arrived with two bodyguards. They were big and seemed to intimidate the police officers in the room. Everyone was there. Titi and I had planned on exposing Jumoke by showing the video, me giving an account of the happenings and then the lawyer reading the original will, which stated that Chief had left 75% of his wealth to his daughter.

Jumoke arrived and was taken aback by the number of people in the room and the fact that we were all there. Looking around the room in apparent surprise, she asked why we were there. The lawyer asked her to please sit down.

I stood up in the center of the room and began talking. Thanking everyone for coming and attempting to explain why we were all present without initially giving too much away.

“Thank you all for coming today” I began. “We are here to clear up some confusion within the family around certain events that have happened” I continued. Glancing around the room, I could see a variety of looks ranging from confusion and surprise on Jumoke’s face to disgust and irritation on Chief Onipe’s mother’s face.

I continued to talk “much of everything won’t make sense to you all, until I play this video” I concluded. Titi used the remote control and pressed play. On the big 50’ TV, the video began playing. It played out the entire murder and clearly showed Jumoke committing the crime.

Jumoke was frozen in her seat. Stunned. Confused. Afraid. She was glued to the seat. The whole team looked at her in shock as if to say “explain yourself” and in the craziest turn of events. Jumoke got up and pointed at Chief Onipe’s mother and said “it was her! She made me do it!”.

What?! Huh?! Impossible! Were some of the comments that rung around the room. Nobody believed that. One of the aged elders in the family asked the police officers who were ready to take Jumoke away to hold on and allow her to explain herself.

Jumoke began by saying that it was Chief’s mother that kicked out Titi’s mother because she wanted her own woman in the house; Jumoke. The problems arose when Chief Onipe found out that Jumoke’s womb was damaged and she would not be able to give him the son he so desperately wanted. Jumoke had immediately gone to her mother in law to have her beg her son and ensure that he did not kick her out of the house. Jumoke reported that she was surprised when Chief’s mother told her that she knew she couldn’t have babies and that was why she had picked her. She had done her research and did not want Chief to have any more children.  Chief’s mother had told her not to worry; Chief would not kick her out of the house.

The next week, Chief’s mother made the drive down to surprise Chief Onipe and talk to him about his wife at the office. Upon walking in she heard Chief and his brother arguing about something and she wasn’t sure what, listening much closely, she discovered that they were arguing about her. Chief Onipe feeling that their mother was too old and should be moved to the village and not her base in Osogbo and preparations for her funeral should begin to happen. She then became upset and even though she still met with Chief that day, she came back and asked Jumoke to kill chief or have her whole story be told to the whole world.  And that was why Jumoke killed Chief. She wrapped up her story and knelt down to beg for forgiveness from the family. Chief’s mother, who all the eyes were now glued on, sat still in her chair flat and expressionless and all of a sudden motioned to one of her bodyguards. And…


Jumoke was down! He shot her! The bodyguard shot her!

Jumoke lay there on the floor in her won blood. A part of me was relieved that she was gone but what the heck man?! She just got shot in front of me. No one had really moved. There was a tense air and major surprise in the room and everyone was shocked.


Chief’s mother got up and adjusted her attire and began speaking.

“This stupid ingrate has told you almost the whole story. She had gotten to big for her breaches. I made her! She was right, I did not want my son to have anymore children because his brother who infact was only his half brother ,wanted to wipe out his whole nuclear family. I was trying to protect my son and that fool wanted to begin plans to bury me?! Noo way! I brought him into this world and I took him out. I always knew his brother wanted him dead and so I forced Titi and her mother Aduke, out of the house to protect them. I installed Jumoke into the home because I knew she could never give him any children that would then become targets. This stupid girl Jumoke made a mess of the whole thing! I gave her a potion to put into his food but Jumoke told me that since he found out she couldn’t have kids; he stopped eating and staying home. So she killed him in the office.” she narrated.


We were all listening closely in fear as the bodyguard still had his gun out.

She turned and looked at me, I was still frozen and she said “Tunde, you’re standing up here and running your mouth, I could have had you silenced a long time ago. I asked her to send you out of the country and have you never return but apparently she found use for you in her life to empty your seed into her abi? Count yourself lucky and the fact that my granddaughter has a thing for you might have helped you stay alive a bit. Take good care of her. She is all we have left now.”

I nodded trembling. She turned to the lawyer and said “transfer all the property, my son’s and mine to Titi’s name. Aduke, you have raised Titi well and been an amazing mother. I am sorry I never came clean to you and broke up your home. Please find it in your heart to forgive me” she tailed on. Titi’s mother, Aduke was now crying with Titi rubbing her back to console her. Chief’s mother turned to the DPO and said “officers, I will leave now and head back home. You can come and get me later. I have a few things to tidy up and you have this mess to clean up pointing at Jumoke’s lifeless body on the floor” he nodded. I assumed she had him in her pocket too. 

She again adjusted her clothes and walked out.

The whole room was stunned! Dead silence as the elders and others began to file out. I was confused and mostly relieved. I began to think back to all the relationships and opportunities I had to turn down because of Jumoke. Jumoke might have controlled me but chief’s mother was the biggest player in the whole game, moving and using us as props in her grand scheme. She held the main remote control and turned us all to puppets.

Sigh. I was just glad to feel like I had my life back. Titi walked up to me and hugged me. Right there I thought to myself, your life might be in your “hands” but who really has the remote control? Who’s pushing your mumu button on their remote control?


 The End



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Remote Control II

#WhatTheHeckMan @adewus4real


Tunde: Main Character

Titi: Main Character/ Chief Onipe’s Lost Daughter

Jumoke: Chief Onipe’s second wife/All things evil

Chief Onipe: Tunde’s former boss/Murdered

Chief Onipe’s brother: Mysteriously dead/Possibly murdered

Soga: Titi’s now ex boyfriend. Not featured in Part 2. Only 1 so far

Sope: Titi’s bestfriend. Mentioned but not in focus yet.

 .   .   .   .    .   .

“Tunde! Tunde! Tundeeeeee!”

 “Huh!” I snapped back into reality! She had been calling me but my mind had drifted away.

 “What’s going on?” I asked.

 “I’ve been calling your name but you seem very distracted. Is it because you missed me so much?” I looked at her startled.  “Oya, let me show you how much I’ve missed you”.  She began kissing my head as I sat on the edge of the bed. From my forehead, she worked her way to my lips. My mind began to travel again.


How was Titi doing?

Since she stormed out of my apartment last week, I hadn’t heard from her. I was worried. She blocked me on all social networks and just left me with no idea of how to contact her besides going to her house or her work place. I also had to play it cool last Thursday when we all went out on the island because her boyfriend who is an acquaintance was there.

 What am I going to do?

I looked down as I lay on my back as this one pulled my pants down. She looked up and smiled at me, I faked a smile back. She pulled out my dick and noticed it was limp. I wasn’t focused. I wasn’t there. Sigh.

“You’re not happy to see me Tunde?” she queried with a hint of hurt in her voice.

“Noo babe, I am. I’m sorry. Just a lot on my mind” I said.

“I know! That’s why I’m here to set your mind at ease” she said with a wry smile on her face taking my slowly hardening member into her mouth. 

 Making it nasty was her MO. She knew what she was doing. Experience was her thing. I began to harden fast.  Up and down she slobbered on my member, teasing the tip as she put it into her cheek. It drove me nuts! I was now fully hard. She was stroking it with both hands while she worked her tongue all over it. Damn! She was good. Very good. The feeling went into overdrive when she took my balls into her mouth. Like a “real” man, I clutched the sheets trying to stay as quiet as possible but she knew how to work me. She started playing with them in her mouth; I began to let out gentle moans (my guys can relate). I wasn’t going to let her make me moan like a “pussy” but it was sooo good. She then moved back to the shaft and the speed was up. She worked her head up and down with such precision and pace as her lips clamped onto my manhood whilst she twirled my balls in her left hand. I was nearing it. 

 And then it happened! A couple of very manly grunts (trust me they were manly; I think) and I spilled out a full load into her wanting lips. She held still until I was done and then she did it. The one thing every guy hates after he has just dropped a load; she started sucking! I wanted to lose it but I had to keep it together. She was looking up at me as I had my mouth open in disbelief that she was doing this. I tried to push her head off me but she only clutched tighter and sucked harder as if to milk every drop out of me. I was running mad. 

 Then she got off me and proceeded to drop her panties. As I tried to get up and reach for a condom, she pushed me back onto the bed and said “I’m fucking you today” and then she positioned herself over it and slid it into her.  She gasped.

 Placing her hands squarely on my chest, she began to ride…Hard! Working her ass on my piece, up and down she went. I was looking for a way out but I couldn’t. I just laid there and let her work. She was fucking me harder than usual though, as if sending a message. I understood that in her other relationship she was probably not getting enough love and so I was the one she was taking all that aggression out on. It felt good but I wanted power. I looked into her eyes and they said “just lay there and let me get mine” she continued to pump harder, up and down as her breasts bounced in front of me. She was about to hit her climax and she put her hands back on my chest and began digging her nails into me. She held hard and bounced her lovebox on my dick harder and harder. Then she hit, she began to moan my name “Tundeeee…. Ahhh!!!! Yesssss!!!!” I just lay there wondering how I even contributed to this one that she’s yelling my name. Her legs were shaking and her eyes rolled back into her head as I felt fresh juices flowing out of her onto my dick.  

 Breathing heavily, she slowly got off me and asked if I wanted to cum again, I said “no.” She said okay as she walked into the bathroom to clean up. A few minutes later she emerged almost fully clothed, I was still laying in bed on my back with my limp dick tipped over to the right. She joked and said “He looks tired. He should rest, I’m going to need him tomorrow.” I looked at her in disbelief. She wanted more?!?! 

 What is wrong with this woman? 

She sat at the other end of the bed putting on her watch and earrings. She asked “how much was the thing?” My heart dipped. I responded “2.5” as I got up put on my clothes. She got up and handed me two cheques and said “The one for 4 million is yours. The other one for eight hundred thousand is for the hotel for the next 6 months. Give it to Dipo downstairs and tell them I asked for extra towels. Next time, I want enough towels” she kissed me on my forehead and continued, “Use the remaining 1.5 million to pay for your London ticket and shopping. I’ll see you tomorrow” and she left the room. I sat there with both cheques in my hand. What have I become? A boy toy? Sigh. This life is just a…

.   .   .   .   .  .

I had been working at the company for about 6 months when fate or the devil had brought Chief’s Onipe’s second wife into my life. Chief Onipe was my boss and owner of the stock broking company and my mentor. My cousin had gotten me the job and we worked together. It was decent pay for a new college graduate and I was grateful and then one day, everything changed. Chief Onipe was partners with his younger brother who the town believed was envious of him but since they both made a boat load from money laundering (moving and hiding money for the rich in the nation) it never seemed like it was a big deal. 

 On this god-forsaken night, I was leaving the office late as usual as I was worked like a dog when I heard two gunshots. The shots came from Chief’s office; I knew he was working late also so I ran in there to make sure he was okay. Running towards his office, I saw my cousin running out of his office. I immediately tried to stop him, but all he said was “run!” Till today, I feel like I ran in the wrong direction because I continued into chief’s office while my cousin ran away and in there, next to his coffee table lay chief Onipe; he had been shot twice in the chest area. I tried to put pressure onto the wounds but Chief couldn’t hold on much longer and he was gone. His blood on my hands, I stood up confused and looked around, the back door in his office was open suggesting that someone had gone out that way. I ran out of the office towards the front exit and there, standing outside the door was Chief’s brother and business partner. He had ordered the hit and wanted my cousin to be the fall guy but he had escaped and like I said earlier, fate or the devil caused me to walk into an unlucky situation.

 Chief’s brother held my hand and smiled. He said to his Hench men. “I guess he will have to do.” I was taken away and jailed for almost two months. On the day, I was put into prison, chief’s brother and now CEO of the company was there and asked the DPO (Divisional Police Officer) to keep my case on low as to not draw media attention to it. I was thrown into jail for a crime I did not commit and because it was a lawless land, I shut my mouth up and thanked God for the fact that I was still alive as they could have ordered a hit on me too to ensure I never spoke of what I saw that night.

 Miraculously, I was released on a Sunday afternoon about two months later. The DPO told me the case had been solved and I was free to go. I was confused but glad. My poor mother must have thought I was dead as I used to routinely contact her every week before I was jailed. 

 As I walked out into what I thought was freedom, there stood Chief’s second wife, Jumoke. She introduced herself but I already knew who she was. She had just married Chief Onipe about 5 months before I started the job. She motioned me to get into the back of her car which I did and then she began to speak telling me about how Chief’s brother had died in a car accident a few weeks prior and she had been “willed” the company by Chief Onipe when he died. I still wasn’t sure how my release came about though. I figured she had a hand in it but I didn’t know how or why. Then she pulled out a folder, in the folder it had my pictures of when I was jailed and information on both my mother and younger sister. It contained documentation from a successful heart surgery for my mom which I had been saving up for before I went to jail and how my sister was enrolled in a top university in London. All thanks to her generosity towards my family. She also explained that she had also secured me a job in another top firm for a position that came with a car and my own place. I kept thanking her but she stopped me and said , “I’m just doing my part and if you do yours, there is much more to come”. It made no sense to me, so I asked what she meant “ what do you mean ma?” I asked and she replied “I know you saw what happened that night and for the sake of your life and that of your family, you will never say anything to anyone about it. Okay sweetie?” She continued “You’re like a remote control in my hands, I press and you respond… You don’t well, I’ll take the batteries out of you”  


 I was done. What in the world was this? 

 I find out later on that she actually ordered the original hit on Chief Onipe in collaboration with his brother who she also later had killed to wrestle control of the company and all of Chief Onipe’s wealth. She told me that she was not afraid to kill and so if I make her happy I’d stay alive. 

Can you see my life?

.   .   .   .   .


That was all 2 years ago, I have continued to let her fuck me and use me as her boytoy whenever she wants because that’s the life I have now been given. I felt a new lease of life as I walked out of that jail cell that day but I realize that I walked into a life of pain. I have not been able to hold down a serious relationship because of the fear of what this woman would do to me. Even as much as I love and care about Titi, I’ve always had to keep her at arms length to avoid her knowing anything.

 I still hadn’t talked to Titi since she stormed out of my apartment that day when I was talking to Jumoke, Chief’s wife. She didn’t know the full story and I was ready to tell her because all of this had been depressing me. I had saved enough for us to run away and live in another country and avoid Jumoke’s wrath but she was still avoiding me. So I set out to get her back, I stopped by the store to buy some flowers and some shoes when I ran into Titi’s best friend and another friend. They walked up to me and the best friend enthusiastically said hi and hugged me. We chatted for a bit and when she began walking away I overheard her say “That was Titi’s guy. She wanted to leave her boyfriend and settle with this Tunde but she found out he’s a player. Cool, but shady guy” her friend said “And he’s handsome o… What a shame” I was stunned! Where in the world would she have gotten that? Oh wow! See these gossipy women. I made my way to Titi’s house and let myself in. I announced myself as she came to the balcony inside the house and said, “What are you doing here? What do you want?” I told her I just wanted to explain. She said there was nothing to explain and that I should leave. I didn’t listen and began walking up the stairs towards her. She said she was getting ready to meet with a client and this was not a good time. I begged to differ. I began to beg her as I tried to explain but she wasn’t having it, she continued to put on her make up in front of the bathroom mirror. I laid the flowers down on her bed, put the bag of shoes next to it and then walked into the bathroom, I held her from behind and I felt her soft body fill into mine. 


I got on my knees with her still facing forward and I began to pull her panties off. 


“No, no, no” she said. “You’re not going to sex your way out of this one.” She continued. I didn’t stop, planting kissing around her soft ass as I pulled it off. And then I bent her over the sink, and stuck my tongue into her already wet creampie. She began to moan, muttering no and yes in the same sentence. I was deep in it. Swirling my tongue inside her, my beard was soon covered in all her juices. I was apologizing. A few moments later I whipped out my package from inside my pants and smacked her ass with it. Then I began to put the condom on. “We don’t have time for this right now Tunde. We need to stoooooppp” she moaned as I slid into her. Making eye contact with her through the mirror, back and forth we went. I was holding her waist while kissing her cheeks as my rock hard member ploughed through her. She was moaning and smearing all her makeup all over my face and the mirror. I bent and held her down so I could ram into it more.  The view was perfect, her body at my mercy and me being able to see the work I was putting on her body was amazing.  A few minutes later, I was cumming. It was a quick one. She began putting her clothes on when the bell rang. “See! She’s already here and I’m late. I don’t even have my portfolio done yet” she snarled. “It will be okay sweetie, you got this” I told her and kissed her forehead. “Thanks, but you still have some explaining to do” she told me as she walked downstairs. I stood in front of the mirror and washed my face, making a note to wash my beard that was now covered in drying pussy juice properly. I flashed that signature smile every guy gives himself after putting a good one on a lady and then I left to the room.

 I could hear her meeting going on and she was talking to some lady and then her phone began to ring. She could hear it because she yelled out to me to please bring it down to her. I walked to her bedside to pick it up when I noticed a picture of Titi, her mother and what looked like a young Chief Onipe. I was taken aback! Wow!

Was she? Nooo, I thought to myself. It couldn’t be. Was she Chief’s only child that left with her mother when Chief kicked her out about 10 years ago? There had been rumors but none ever confirmed. My brain was racing. I began walking down the stairs to her when I glanced up and heard my name. “Tunde!” with surprise. It was Jumoke. She was the high profile meeting. I stood there stunned. 

 What in the world is going on?

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Remote Control

#WhatTheHeckMan @adewus4real


My thumb was hurting from liking every pic on my Instagram timeline. Well, excluding Cynthia’s, she’s a bitch. Story for another day.

Zzzzz…. Zzzzz…. Zzzzz…

I really didn’t want to check my phone as I was trying to convince myself that I was going to sleep before 2am.a


I still ignored, keeping my eyes glued to my alarm clock on the right side of my bed with my back to my phone. It seemed to be the only way to get any kind of sleep as my sentencing to a life as an insomniac continues.


Oh fuck it! I turned around and cut the vibrating notification midway. The super bright lights of my new IPhone were blinding my eyes. I punched in the code and opened up my Whatsapp messaging. Sigh. It was Tunde.

Tunde and I have been an on and off thing for a few years now. I think 4 to be exact. We met in my second year of University, his last. He was funny, charming and he wanted me. Everything he said or did, showed me that I was the woman he wanted but I didn’t want him. I had my eyes on someone else. Someone I thought at the time was “badder and better” than him. His name was Shile. But this isn’t about him.

Time has passed and water has sailed under and rained on the bridge of our friendship and Tunde has still been close. We were much closer than this until he graduated and secured a great job. He started to take better care of himself, his style changed, even the kind of girls attracted to him were classier. Heck! I’d say he found his real swag and was swimming in confidence.

New job. New car. New apartment. New Tunde.

I sometimes had to remind myself that this was the same dude that was offering me a rose a few Valentines’ ago and I totally shut him down. I’m surprised I did all that to him but he still stayed and didn’t cut me out of his life. Last year around my birthday, my boyfriend at the time decided a few weeks ahead to go to South Africa on business and subsequently missed my birthday. He was away talking about “I’ll bring your birthday gift back for you”. I was like no o! Keep whatever they’ve given you there to yourself. Ass.

I was home most of the day when Tunde hit me up and asked me to dinner for my birthday. I didn’t have any other plans but I didn’t want to seem pathetic so I told him to let me see if I could move things around and then maybe we could go. We went out that night and I had an amazing time. He was such a gentleman and his gift, a nice Versace perfume set was one of the best I got that day. That night, it happened.

Weeks later, I began to see myself falling for Tunde but he was different now. Still sweet and caring but I constantly felt like I was now having to duel for his attention with other women. Things were not the same. He replied my texts late, didn’t always call back when he said he would and was sometimes too busy to hang out, even when I was the one offering my time. It was like he’d figured the right line where being a nice guy and an asshole crossed and never really crossed to either side.

We’ve had sex a few more times since then but it was always this pattern. He would hit me up late at night to either come through or vice versa. We handle our business and then gone. For the most part while I was talking to my new man, I didn’t mind. Tunde’s dick game was good and so I played my part like a team player and caught the pass whenever it was thrown my way. Don’t you even dare call me a hoe!  Because I know you have one guy like that in your life. We all ain’t shit.

I had sworn I wouldn’t do this anymore. It was a new year but here I was fixing my booty shorts making sure that my butt was hanging out just enough. I wasn’t wearing a bra so I was ready to go. I slipped on my stripped blue and yellow socks, grabbed my keys off the dining table and out the door I went.

Looked at the clock and it was now 2:19am. I had 41 minutes to make it down to his place, those mallams close the gates at 3am and it can be a pain to have them let you in. I was already on the bridge to the island when I realised how I was dressed could end up being a problem. I could see the tiny white light ahead on the way. The policeman was waving his flashlight and motioning me to park.  He motioned for me to wind down my window, which I did.

“Madam, where you dey go at this hour?” Asking me where I was en-route to. “Don’t you know these streets are dangerous and they can harm you?” he continued. I had to lie.

“Oga I know o, I dey go pick up my friend from her boyfriend house. She just call me say dem dey fight”. I told. He seemed truly concerned for a bit and said “make I follow you go there?”  while he looked down my low cut Mckenzie T-shirt.

“No need sir, she no dey in danger”. He looked at me again and smiled as if seriously holding his tongue from saying something inappropriate and then he told me to go ahead and be safe.  Sigh, I shook my head.


I cursed. Glancing at the car clock, that exchange had set me back another 4 minutes. I would be so pissed if I had to talk my way into that apartment because of this useless police officer. Hitting 80mph, I barely made it there as I pulled in the parking spot it was 2:57am. Close.

.  .  .  .  .

 The next challenge was getting up to his apartment. For as nice as his apartment was the worst part about it was the fact that it was on the 12th floor and in this country, Nigeria, if there was no light? Welp! You were pretty much screwed. There was light at his place but the apartment complex would not use the generator they were using to power the elevator so I had to walk. Right before I started walking upstairs, I asked myself it was worth it. 4th floor and my calves were starting to feel it but I kept on walking. I was going to make it up.

I finally arrived at the door. I heard the locks click as the door opened up. There he was… 6’2, broad shoulders, a full beard with that wry smile and that deep voice he said “good morning”. I swear I felt my knees buckle as I attempted to hide the smile on my face. He bent down to hug my tiny 5’5 self, his huge arms wrapped around me. I could feel his hard member down there on me as he pushed in on the hug.

He lifted me up, straddled me and kissed me. My butt cheeks in his strong hands. My mind began to wander as he carried me to his bed. He began kissing me around my neck, my eyes closed, my head kicked back and I was floating.

The words “The Midas Touch” raced through my mind as his tongue gently brushed my shorts again, this time a little firmer, pressing the material against my cream-pie until felt my shorts absorb my juices. I was so wet. Again passed his tongue and he could feel my now sodden shorts as they clung to every contour of my pussy. My warm juices rubbed on his tongue as I watched him move his hand to his mouth to taste it. As his hand returned down south I could feel my body tense up anticipating his touch. Moving back to my quivering thighs, I could feel his tongue start trace a wet trail. I closed my eyes.

As I opened my eyes I felt his tongue press into me. In my confused state I feel my body shifting but his rough tongue grazing my clit is still a shock for me, causing my hips to buck beneath me. His face is now pressed against me and I could hear him come up for air as he inhaled deeply, he wanted to enjoy this moment, to savor all of me. Bit by bit, I could feel all of me go as he took control of me. His tongue searched the walls inside of me. I could no longer control it. His tongue, his unstable tongue moved at such speeds that it was illegal to make someone’s body feel that way.  I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. There was a height of pleasure that he was taking me to that was higher than the 12th floor we were on.

He came up and looked deep into my eyes, like a savage animal ready to feast or a wronged person looking for revenge. My chocolate juices smeared all over his beard, he pulled down his shorts. There it stood, the area around it completely bare. It was hard, so hard I feared for myself and there he went. He bent down as if to put it inside me. I grab the sheets and let out a huge gasp as it slid inside me.

Fuck! It was huge!

This was exactly why I climbed up 12 flights of stairs and I would do it again. He began to pick up the pace. In and out he went. His hands clutching my breasts as they bounced up and down with each thrust. I was moaning shit that I can’t seem to recollect right now. Tunde was hitting it good. I remember saying his name at least a million times and he loves that shit. Hearing his name like he was the star player of a team that had just made the winning goal. The harder he pounded, the more I yelled his name. I could see him nearing explosion but I wasn’t done yet so I asked him to lay on his back and got on top of him. Squatting onto his rock hard package I let it all slide inside me, up and down that ass went on his member. I could tell he loved the view. My ass still bouncing on his hard dick, he placed his hands on my waist to control my movements and I knocked them off.  He was going to feel every corner of this pussy on his member. And then he did it, he pulled my hair while I was riding him, he pulled my hair! I was caught off guard but I kept on going. My head kicked back, my tits continued to bounce in the air as I worked on that wood.

Minutes later Tunde puts me into position on the bed on all fours. I grabbed the sheets tighter, feeling his dick in my gut. It was hitting all sorts of things that I could not explain. Deeper with each thrust, I lost all feelings in my legs. I was holding for dear life as he had one side of my waist in his right hand and my hair in the other. He absolutely loves that doggy position. Occasionally he would smack my ass to remind me who was working here. I placed my head into the pillows to drown out my moaning as I was going insane. This was it. This was one of the reasons why I wanted him so much. I needed every inch of him in me.

He was nearing his max as he put his long strong arms on my shoulders and started to thrust harder, like a scene out of the movie 300, he yelled “Argh!!!!!!” as he let out a full one inside his condom. He shot it all out. And it went limp, like a once powerful but now fallen empire, his package dropped out of me. Like a cheerful giver, he returned down to the scene of the damage he just caused and began massaging my clit with his tongue. The heat from his mouth on my pulsating clit was driving me insane. I was about to cum… Gahd!!!! I went silent as I neared my climax and he kept on going! His tongue was driving me crazy and then….


I let out in the loudest scream I have ever let out. I was weak, confused and satisfied. Fuck! Tunde came up and kissed me on my forehead and that’s all I remember.

. . . . . .

I smelled eggs. Sausages maybe? I could hear someone cooking. I slowly woke up and turned to my right side to check for Tunde, he wasn’t in bed. The sun was shinning into the room and from the 12th floor the city had a great view. It was 10:44am. I reached for my phone on the bedside and unlocked it while thinking about how I knocked out last night. Instagram notifications, twitter notifications, emails, texts but no missed calls. Great!

As I was putting the phone down and packing up my hair, Tunde walks in; he’s on the phone. He drops a tray he was holding in my lap. He’d made me breakfast in bed. I was beaming from left to right on my face when I heard him say to the person on the other end of the phone ‘babe, when are you coming over?”.  I was shocked. I had a piece of sausage in my mouth and I chewed like a sick child rejecting his food. What?!

He then looks at me and asks, “when are you leaving again?”. Still stunned I said soon. He responded with “Okay”.

So Tunde has a girlfriend?! Did he just kick me out in some way? I was angry. I couldn’t think straight. I packed my stuff and hurried out without saying bye. He tried to stop me, I think to explain some crap but I wasn’t having it. I cursed as I hurried down the flight of stairs. How could he be so cruel? And why the hell did this walk of shame have to start from 12 floors off the ground?!

I made it into my car and tears began rolling down my face. And then my phone rang. It was my boyfriend, Soga, probably wondering where I was. I took a deep breath and then answered, “hey babe” I said trying to stay calm. “Morning my love, where are you? I’m outside your door and it’s locked” he said.

My heart sunk. Why today?!  Where do I start?!  What do I say?!

“Babe!!! Remember, I told you I was staying at my friend Sope’s house.” I lied. “I didn’t know you were coming” I continued “but I’ll be there in a bit okay?”

“Okay my love” he said.

I hung up and held my head in my hand. “What the fuck have I done?” I cursed under my breath.

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It’s lunchtime. Long day but its only 12:42pm and I’m making my way out of my office, all I can think about is you, or maybe the lemon chicken pasta that I was hoping to have after I picked you up.

A short cab ride and a few extra blocks walked and there I was at the foot of your 35 story of office. “Thank God for elevators” I cursed under my breath. Little did I know that it would be a phrase that would become legendary to us forever… I texted you to let you know that I was there and you replied with “come up for a second baby I’m just finishing up a document here”. So I proceeded to enter one of the elevators, flanked by a couple of what I suppose were Chinese delivery men for a holiday party or something. A few stops later and we were on your floor. I stepped out and shared a smile with the lady going into the elevator. A quick catch up chat with your assistant Janet and there I was standing in the doorway of your office. “Hey baby” I whispered as I made my way around your table to plant a kiss on your forehead. You smiled as we locked into this short but inviting kiss. In our 8 months together, you had mastered the art of “giving” me little but accomplishing much because I needed that kiss in that horrible day. Our kiss broke and I leaned down to hug you, I got hit by your strong but soothing whiff of your perfume that led me to plant a kiss on your neck. I started kissing your neck till you said “stop it babe I’m at work” with a chuckle. I responded with “it won’t be the first time we’d have done it here”. You smiled as your mind quickly drifted to that memorable late late night that we shared on the very desk you sat on.  We proceeded to leave and as you gave your assistant late instructions, I shot a text to mine asking her to move my 2pm appointment to 3pm. We were heading towards the elevator and oh! The sight I was looking at. You were in that sexy pencil skirt that curved at the right places with those red heels from your birthday. All of it was complimenting you sexy blue blouse. I wanted you. I wanted you bad. I pushed the elevator button and turned around with a smirk on my face about a minute later, it opened up behind me; empty. That hardly ever happened whenever I came over to see you, there were always way too many people coming in and out of your building. As we stepped in, a quick dirty thought popped into my head. I drew you close with my right arm around your lower back and then I held the “door close” button right between floors 17-16. 16 floors was a long way to go but thankfully, the building had 3 elevators but I knew that this one was not going to be getting used today. I started to use to undress you with my tongue firmly patrolling down your neck and passionately searching your body my hands explored. I straddled you on me as my hands pulled up your skirt. Carrying you up and carefully lodging your right heel into the button to make sure the elevator stayed put. I then proceeded to move your panties and you looked deeply into my eyes; conflicted. You muttered with a thin line between begging and wanting “this is bad babe” and I thought to myself holding my smirk “not for us it wasn’t”. I held you up while I dropped down to my knees to taste the juices flowing out of you. I felt my mouth water as I approached your pink with my tongue and my nostrils sprayed hot air onto the insides of your thighs. You start to moan lightly uttering inaudible while trying to keep your voice in check. I began to eat deeper and you let out a loud moan as you glare at me to warn me to keep it in check. How I loved being down? It was so wet my beard, chin and lips soaked in all the goodness flowing out of you. Watching you try so hard not let go of the button as your other hand ran through my hair.

The pace gathered as you could not contain it. It was like hanging for dear life as your eyes rolled back into you head. Sweat dripping on my face as I was working hard to lap up every drop that flowed out of you. “Babe!!! This feels so good” I heard you finally put together but “please stop. Stop. It’s too much” you continued to say. I loved to hear you beg because you always talked a mean game before I laid my hands on you. With your hand still firmly on the button I turn you over and on your feet, I spread your legs apart and I slid my piece into you from behind. I slowly begin the daring journey into giving you every bit of pleasure. With each thrust came a moan as the thrusts became deeper and the stroked longer. The moans began to get louder and then you looked backed and said to me very slowly as “is that all you got, I need faster and deeper baby”. I felt like a tank of nitrogen had been released into my blood stream as I began to ram into your pink with precision and determination. Now your moans began to border on yelling in pleasure but I dared not stop or let up. I secretly began to fear that your sounds would travel through the elevator shaft and alert someone but we kept going and I turned you around. Now with your beautiful and flawless face facing me, I straddled you on top of me as I slid my rock hard member into you again. Up and down, I thrust as you were also grinding on my dick. Your hands around my neck tightly you clung on and moaned all sorts of profanities into my ear. I think the thrill and the shock in the fact that it was actually happening added to the heat that was coursing through you. Begging me not to stop, you were asking me to “fuck you harder” pleading for the safe handling rights of your pussy, you cursed and yelled out telling me not to “fucking stop”. Sweat dripping from my head to my back, your fingers dug deeper into my back cutting up my skin. The open “wounds” stung as sweat flowed into them as I cringed and maintained my composure as I held your butt cheeks in my hands as you hung around me mid air. As we both neared our climax you looked deeply into my eyes for a few seconds and then your began to kiss me passionately and rode that wave of pleasure as we both peaked. I exploded inside you while you received me into you like a favorite restaurant would welcome its patron with warm bread; my dick felt at home as it began to shrink from a full workout. I dropped you while locking into another kiss. We both chuckled as we put our clothes back on and straightened ourselves out and then it happened, the elevator started to move! Even with my hand firmly on the button! Fuck! Someone must have put the elevators into override and the security must have taken control of it to force it down. We rushed to put our clothes back on, straightened ourselves up and stood like nothing had happened even when the whole placed smelled of sex. The elevator traveled down as we smiled at each other

4→ 3→2→ → →

We locked into another kiss!

→ → → 1

The elevator door slid open and there in front of about 12 people eagerly trying to get onto the elevator we had held, we smiled and made our way past them. The guys at the security desk smiled at me and gave me a thumb up as if to congratulate me on my good works and then it hit me! The elevators had cameras! They had installed them about a month earlier. I told you as you turned and looked at me mortified to your bones. We made our way into the cab, I glanced at my watch; it was 1:37 pm. We had been in there for a full 48 minutes. I remember telling you next maybe we should have just taken the stairs. Oh well! The way I was feeling at that moment I’m pretty sure I would have taken you in that cab but hey, one heart attack was enough per day. I need your heart to be functioning when I take it to the next heights but for now, lemon chicken anyone? 🙂 





I heard my phone buzz and the text read “I want to make love to you on a balcony overlooking a city with night lights. Chilly wins hardening your nipples as my member, thrusting in and out of you provides burning heat between your legs. And your juices flow onto my dick as our thighs slam together. We’re in sync with thrust and pull like synchronized swimmers. Your knees start to buckle as I hold you by your waist to support as your ass checks bounce on my dick with every deeper thrust” It sent chills down my spine as I once again decided to get up and put my clothes on. I knew it was late but I was hooked. 


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New York

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Croquet crab and sauteed vegetables to go with my 1958 Merlot. Smooth jazz playing in the background. This is supposed to be the second most amazing day of our relationship but I swear, I can’t wait to be out of here. It’s New York. The Friday of our 4 day trip, we arrived about 22 hours ago from our base in Los Angeles. Settling into the time difference we had to prep and head out for dinner to celebrate our first year anniversary. Now don’t get me wrong, this is amazing but it has also been very excruciating. The flight down here, I joined the mile high club. Well, kinda. See for the past month, my boyfriend and I had set up this game where we would not have “sex” (defined as the actual penetration of me) for a whole month. Starting from that day till today. It has been 31 days since we had that late night conversation and agreed albeit stupidly to this thing. So on the plane, in that decent sized first class bathroom, I only got to taste. And I hate tasting without the full course!

He lives only 29 minutes away, I know that because it also takes 44 during rush hour, yet we have managed to successfully keep this “pact” to not to “do it” going for that long. He’s a doctor. Doctor of Education but who cares, I still tell my friends he’s a doctor. I’m the next in line to be the ADA (Assistant District Attorney of LB), I start my new position in 3 weeks. There is a bit of nervousness around starting but I’m excited. We met at a club, despite my sworn oath to not talk to guys I meet at the club, we somehow started up and never looked back. He’s funny, outgoing, charming, very family oriented, God fearing and above all damn sexy! You wouldn’t understand but his lips! Ugh! they are a combination of Tyson Beckford’s thick and dreamy lips and the lusciousness of Wale’s. They are perfect and the things they can do? Even more magical and that’s what brings me to this moment where I say I really don’t want to be here. See I feel sexually starved. No, I’m not a freak (he thinks otherwise and I’m fine with that) but I want him so badly. He has made this past month easier and harder along the way. The words, his poems, the way he looks at me; have either served to make me not need the sex that bad but made me crave it even more. I need to get out of here!

“Babe, would you like desert?” he asked me jolting me back into reality. I shook my and politely said “no”. I had just lied. I did want desert but not some pie, I wanted the crème filling in his member, I wanted him to glaze them all over my breasts like 6am donuts. All night from the back area of the limo, I had been dreaming of him ripping my panties off and devouring me. Letting my juice box feel the heat from his nostrils as my juices dripped down and all over his face and chin. At one point, I just wanted to ask him to meet me in the ladies room and pound the shit out of me but I didn’t. I was respectful of myself.

“Sweetie, where is your mind?” he said as he tapped me back again, this time there was a box laying in front of me. Rectangular. It could not be a ring, box was too big and it was not a watch, his favorite accessory and something I don’t wear. I slowly opened the box and there it was the necklace I had randomly mentioned wanting 5 months prior. He had listened and remembered and thought it was important. Ladies, you know how it feels when your man listens to you. Oh that was it! I told him to get up and follow me, he was trying to settle the check while I was trying to rush out. “babe, what’s going on?” he asked looking confused and interested, I told him not to worry, he’d find out soon. Now we were walking into our room, I started kissing him. Deeply and passionately. Letting him know how much I had missed him and wanted him. His arms are so strong and they made me feel safe. So I was not surprised when he swooped me off my feet in one move and carried me to the bed. As he lay me down, all I could think was, “omg! This is about to be magic”. He started off by taking my lace panties off; with his mouth. Then this is what I remember from that night… He started to kiss me all over, I started moaning and then he started moving in, kissing the insides of my thighs all the way down to my juicebox. I was so wet I could hear my juices dripping out of my pink and I bet he could smell the delicious chocolate coming out of my wet factory. He started teasing me, going around the box without actually going in and I hated it because I wanted his hot tongue to just plough through my dripping walls lapping up all my creamy juices. Well after kissing my lips, neck, sucking on my soft breast, licking down my navel, it was time to “drink” and so he headed down south, to my chocolate factory. When he first touched my reached my spot with his tongue I let out this moan of relief and excitement and I was ready to go! He started sucking on my clit as I moaned loudly and grabbed the soft hotel sheets. He went in deeper and deeper and I yelled out so many crazy things. I faintly remember yelling “don’t stop! Eat this pussy its yours!!”  All that I felt just gave him more of a desire to go in for more. After he had taken enough from a juice box that he had caused to flood, it was time for his member to join the party. He slid into my tight pink, I moaned so loud, grabbed the sheets with one hand and scratched his back so hard. Adding to his “battle scars” I loved it! I love how his shaft engulfs my insides, it knows all the right routes to follow and how to make me pur. I loved every position he put me in. He becomes this freak in bed and does all these things to me; he basically performs magic on my body.


He then moved me outside to the balcony; we were lodged at the Ritz Carlton hotel on the 18th floor! He bent me over and started to feast on me again, this time from the back, I could feel the ocean breeze from the east blowing through my legs while the heat from his nostrils kept it warm. It was definitely crazy! And me moaning and begging him to stop never really works, I think he just knows the difference between a pleasure “no” and a real “no”. So picture this with me for a second, I’m in New York with the man I love, and I’m having the time of my life and oh did I forget to mention that he shoving his face deep into all my juices 18 floors of the ground?! He put in work, after a while he then whipped out his bossman; for my satisfaction and shoved it deep into me without warning and I let out this sexy and wanting moan. His was looking into my eyes, calling my name, saying “he loved me and was enjoying taking all of me! He then flipped me over to my favorite position and he started pounding, pounding hard with his balls slamming against my clit. We went on and I hit the heights I think twice to be exact but I hit so many heights heck i’m not sure. I might have made it rain twelve times for all I know. We eventually passed out and slept in the sheets on the floor of the hotel room, right inside the balcony door. Only to wake up to a slight knocking and a soft voice saying in that famous South American accent “housekeeping!”… Oh crap! In my kissing him outside the door the night before I had forgotten to put the “Do Not Disturb” sign up. Oh well, we were up. I asked her to come back later and told him I was about to hop into the shower.

I was really enjoying the shower as the last bit of soap washed down my back, my head down a few seconds later I watched it flow into the drain. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I was actually kind of tired from all the nights work. I heard him enter. Slowly I heard the shower door open; I did not open my eyes. I felt his presence in there with me and then he put his hands around my waist, I was feeling the hot water hit my forehead and his hot breath from his nostrils down my spine. He began to kiss the back of my neck downwards, I began to cringe. The bath seemed to get a few notches hotter. I could feel his soft lips running down my back while his right hand parted my chocolate filled lips, massaging my clit, I began to moan and then he slowly slid his finger into my lovebox. I let out a gentle moan all the while keeping my eyes closed as the hot water continued to flow down my face. He bent me over and I knew what was coming, I felt his breath get closer as he shoved his face into my rear and ploughed his tongue deep into my lovebox. I moaned and grabbed the shower knob, this was not the shower head, and it was many times better. The rush was longer, from my wet crown to my water deep ankles, I slowly attempted to open my eyes to get a glance of him working. The flowing waters quickly changed my mind about that. He was buried in there. His tongue navigating through the wetness and I was wet, very wet. He was lapping up all my juices with such ease and poise preventing any drop for seeping out of my heated box. I reached back, grabbed his head and shoved it in deeper and the pleasure grew. This man was about to make me cum and just then he rose, slowly positioned me and then slid his rock hard member into my tight wet and juicy lovebox, I went mad accidently taking a few gulps of water. The tub was small but he was definitely going to make the most of the space. It was hot.


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Sometimes you hear the saying “Thank God for the come up” but what if the place you were at before the “come up” was the safest place you’ve ever known?

Remember when all you so desperately wanted was to understand love. To have what they have. What that other couple had, everyone has that one couple in their life that they just wish they had most if not all they have. And now you experience love but it burns you. The one thing you so desperate craved, comes back to burn you. Now I’m not saying love is not “beautiful, amazing, rewarding” and everything else in between but I’m saying what if the security you craved to get from being in love is nothing compared to the safety you had when you hadn’t really messed with love?

Some beautiful people you watch, jovial and outgoing. They either fall for the right reasons but for the wrong person or just stupidly fall and it all goes south. An emotion can so quickly change the entire dynamic of a person’s life. You gotta change your environment, sometimes friends, sometimes you. All for something you can’t put your hand on.

Remember when you patiently waited for the text from her. Now you hope she doesn’t text. You hope she doesn’t contact you so your current girl doesn’t have to ask. So you don’t have to lie or bring up the past, plain and simple. Remember when you were struggling to get out of someone’s friend zone, now you can’t stop putting people into yours because you’re too “damaged” to face love and know what to do with it?

And the worst is when you clearly love someone else but have to stay away for reasons bigger than both of you. It’s never in the manual that love comes with many things that can determine the likelihood of you staying in love. Then you move from relationship to relationship searching for that kind of love again minus the hurt and disappointment. The disappointing feeling has to come from coming to with the fact terms that you might never find that kind of love again. The true love you once had. Sometimes from places you never expected you community college campus, by a Levy or even the Planned Parenthood lobby. Love is no respecter of location.

Part of loving yourself and your happiness is never giving up on love though and knowing that you’ll find yours. Appreciate and cherish it. Hang on to the thread of what you love, like the Old Tea House, you might feel many emotions but you can never replace that original feeling, the true one you once felt. It’s easy to say “I love you” but it’s everything when you know that I’ll always love you. Sad thing is you might never get the chance to prove that again.

You can go thru all these emotions and ups and downs only to find the love you think you lost or struggled to find and claim it’s all worth it. You never know. This life is just crazy but you gotta love it right?