Oh! 2015 was.



At the time of writing this, I have been battling with an annoying cold/flu for 5days.

Being sick sucks!

And it sucks even more when you, had just taken the flu shot the week before to prevent getting sick.

Oh well.

That for me, highlighted one of the things I truly wanted to focus on this year.

Letting God have his way/allowing his will alone to be done.

I got the flu shot expecting to alter the happenings in my favor but nope.

That’s how life is.

But it’s funny that through sniffles and coughs, I am thankful for much.

God– This sounds like a cliche one but boy am I thankful for God. If only for taking the tears out of my eyes, I am thankful.

I closed out 2014, broken.

Unable appreciate love and life, I asked that this year, his will alone be done.

He has had my back, directed my path and opened doors I never expected.

He has kept me and you and for that, I am thankful.

Sanity of Mind– there are so many out there that have the things you and I pray for but have no sanity.

Insanity (no link to the grueling workout routine which I am NOT thankful for btw) doesn’t mean madness like in the last Nollywood movie you watched per se but it means I can still appreciate life.

Some have the money and they are watching their backs, have children who hate them, or family members that want them dead. But me?

I’m thankful for where God has me and where he is taking me.

Peace– I am thankful how much of this I have now but also using it to challenge God for more.

My relationship with God– I am thankful for this relationship more than most.

God is faithful and he does some amazing things. I have felt myself growing in him and I’m happy to be back serving in his house.

I have been accused of trying to “over religiousize” my life decisions but I fear not, he will do what he promised to do.

My Job– thank you. For the paycheck, friends made and the lives I have been able to touch. Lord, I thank you.

My Gift– by my count, WhatTheHeckMan has been around for a little over two years. In that time, I have written 23 series and a total of 143 posts. I don’t know where these stories come from. I’m not even sure how it is that I write them but God gave it to me and for this i am eternally grateful.

With my gift of writing and creativity, I have inspired people, motivated people, educated and challenged people. That for me is purpose related and I am thankful for the opportunity to be a vessel.

WhatTheHeckMan– it started off as an outlet to the get over a toxic relationship. But it led me to all these fabulous ones. I have formed and solidified some amazing friendships through this platform. The engagement and the fun we have on here, makes me feel out of this world.

The Comments– I am thankful for this section on its own because you guys may not believe me but you don’t know how much, how important your comments are to me.

I read them over, they make me happy. Even as I write these stories in the darkness and isolation of my room, it gladdens my heart to interact with you all.

I feel connected to the outside. To you, to your feelings on these things I create out of the blue. I thank you for validating my weird thoughts and storylines. Thank you for tolerating my weird twists, story lines and cliffhangers you love so much! 😊😊😊

Above all, thank you for growing with me.

Now to the people I love and I am thankful for.

My father– you are a man of integrity. A man with such a big heart. Inspirational to me in more ways than one. Daddy, I love you.

My mother– Amazing. My relationship with my mother has come leaps and bounds this year. And she has been soooo solid for me.

Never letting me fall or get too down. I am thankful for her following her dreams as they have inspired me too.

My mother is my angel and she’s a Dr. now! Awesome you say? I have to agree. 😊

My siblings– every year, I thank you guys for being worthy siblings.

For never letting me feel like a failure. You are all living lives on the path to greatness. Thank you.

I pray God will continue to grow you and uplift you. I love you sooooo much!

F.M.S– Thank you. Thank you for being the best friend I could ask for. We have had our ups and downs, battles about who’s efo is better but you are just immense to me.

I am thankful for your life and all the amazing things God has done and will continue to do with you.

And now, in no particular order

Being B– Thank you for chasing your dreams. I thank you for always being there. To listen, to pray, to motivate, to annoy me. Thank you.

The Saturday Morning show is a HIT. You’re still the right kind of annoying tho. 2016 project?

Can you be fixed??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Nn– the only human being that can call me at 2am and want to have a full conversation and I’ll allow it.

I have seen you grow so much this year and I thankful for you and everything God does with and thru you.

Keep on being awesome. Keep touching lives. You are truly beautiful inside and out. Live it.

Zuliha– I am most thankful for the heart God has given you.

It works and it feels the great things God has deposited into people and in the world.

I am thankful for your pure “naivety”. It shows that through everything you have been through, with how many times you have been scheduled to fail, you have pulled through and God will do more amazing things with you.

Oya stop smiling, it has do abeg.

The Nigerian god– loyalty. It is always important to have that person that will go to bat for you always. That’s this guy.

He found love and is not annoying as fuck! But he has a good heart and I am thankful for it.

Itafe– you are such a voice of reasoning and a peaceful person. I am thankful for being able toΒ  observe and be inspired by you.

Thank you Fagbon!

Dr. K– Inspirational. In many ways. You have helped align an amazing 2016 for me. Thank you.

Chi-ekene– the belief, the patience, the rotund laughter. Thank you so much. It’s refreshing having you in my corner.

The Lucky 7– Brothers.

No man is an island.

These men, they remind me to never forget where I can from.

H-Nam:- my annoying realist. I am thankful for those real perspectives. I don’t always seem like I appreciate it but believe me I do.

The Bar– Art. Thankful for those heavy days. The safety provided for self exploration and growth. Your staying true to yourself.

O-Akin: you always seem so surprised at the end of each story. Cracks me up!

S-Oke: editor of life. Thank you for the late turn ins, the random requests. The feedback.

The friendship. You’re just super dope!

WhatTheHeckMan Crew: I thankful for all do you for various reasons but off the top of my head

Ife– for alway being annoying. Never commenting but still supporting.

Mhorackz– your expectations of the art, drive the art to better levels. Thanks

Sinmi– Where are my NBA babies????

9jamadea– lol shortest comments. But secretly with a ton to say. Love it.

Feli Feli– thank you for your dedication. And welcome to the family.

Chy– you gotta stay closer to home (the blog). It’s fun at the house.

And everyone else that comments, shares, retweets and such. You all have given me so much life in 2015.

Thank you.

I am thankful that I have the presence of mind to be thankful for the things God has done for me.

I pray thanks and celebration will never depart from our lips.

What are you thankful for?

Family, life, health, food?

Share with me and have an absolutely fantastic Christmas!!!

Love you all. Till next time, whenever that is,

Stay Up!

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  1. Amen !! Thank you for continuing to share your art with us and letting us in to your mind week by week . The lessons from your stories and #WOW have been touching .. I am most thankful for Growth .. I have done and achieved things this year , I never thought possible .. And I’m looking forward to even more growth next year .

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