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Wish Me Well by Timi Dakolo

“Why would you even say anything to me?

Because we hung out a few times?”

She barked out at me.

My attempt to express myself had failed and there I stood like an idiot with no words to defend myself.

“You’re nice to niggaz and suddenly, they think they have a shot with you”

I just was.

Like a newly unveiled statue, I was stuck in place.

She had obviously had a bit to drink and we all had but I had never expected that outcome.

Nora was the first friend I had made when I moved to California.

She was smart, funny, beautiful and the captain of our college’s volleyball team.

She had the body to match her brains and she was loved by everyone.

When I had showed up on campus late that spring, it was already too late to sign up for classes.

Nevertheless, as part of the student body, she gave me a detailed tour and even showed me the library codes and such before my summer start date.

From the moment I saw her as I walked into that office, I knew she was out of my league. Trying to get her to be mine would be futile but I always admired her from a distance.

I started school as a transfer student that summer and when Nora invited me to a bbq she was hosting, I was surprised.

After I met her that initial day, I had gone about my business and focused heavily on school.

I didn’t even think she remembered me but I got the text and I showed up.


It was at that event that I met the gang 6 at the time excluding me. The crew would eventually grow to eight great friends who navigated life and our careers together.

But this memorable incident of Nora yelling at me was later during my first summer in school. She was angry because I had made a move on her.

Presumably thinking that I made a pass at her because she was tipsy but the truth was, we had hung out a lot that summer, so I thought that there was something between us.

As if we all have never fallen for that before.

Nora went off on me that evening but it was okay. No one overreacted probably because they knew we were friends.

And I never brought it up again. I also never directly spoke to Nora that night again.

As much as I liked her and had the biggest crush on her, my ego had been destroyed and I was not going back.

Everyone had their spats in the group but we just ignored it and pushed ahead with life.

It was always viewed as “one of those things”.

We would eventually outgrow those phases in our lives and forget them. Or so I thought.


Everyone found their seats in the van as we took off.

Our guided tour of the Yosemite hills was about to start. Everyone was still a bit sleepy as we set out.

The annual “Gang Linkup” was kicking off again. It had been 4 years since the last one of us graduated and 6 years since that incident with Nora.

As we all dispersed all over the country in our various walks of life, we made it a point to always keep in touch and the biggest way was through our group trips we took once a year in the beginning of the summer.

We had arrived late the night before but every minute was to be maximized.

The hour long ride to our starting point was filled with jokes and stories as we all fully embraced the day with the sun rising on the horizon.

It might have been a challenging hike but the trip was a great way for us to relieve stress as our busy lives were put on pause for 3 days every year in the heat of May.

It was always during the Memorial Day weekend and I had missed it the year before.

I had just completed my Geology certification up in the Bakersfield where I had been posted for the last 2 years. I was nervous about what the future held but my nerves kicked in when I saw Nora again. I still had a thing for her but I never shared it with a single soul.

Besides she was in a long term relationship the last we saw, so I always admired from a distance in silence and in fear that she would actually notice me.

You may have gathered my confidence had not always been at the highest but I skated along. I had lost a lot of weight in the last year and was starting to find my feet.

There was a rumor she had recently gotten engaged but when we arrived she was alone and with no ring.

I had asked a friend who suspected they had broken up but wasn’t sure.

As we marched behind the guide on the hike, I kept my space between us. There were about 3 people between us as she marched in front of me. The hike was grueling but a lot of fun.

As the culture of the group, jokes flew all over the place and the hot sun couldn’t keep us down.

We were in the decline as we headed back to the car after the 3 hour hike and I was coming down a steep angle when I slipped and rolled forward with speed, past everyone in line and I landed at the base of the hill.

Many things hurt but I was sure that it was my ego that was bruised the most.

I lay there as the guide asked me not to move. I closed my eyes as my sun glasses had fallen off somewhere during the fall. The sun was slapping my face and I stayed on my back.


My brain was now registering the pain and just then I felt a touch on my shoulder, it was Nora.

“Are you okay?”

She said. I tried to force a smile.

She must have skipped past almost everyone in front of her to have gotten to me first.

My heart skipped a beat as she continued to rub my shoulder.

And then it started to pound in anger; anger towards myself that I allowed my long term crush to see me at this moment of weakness. I tried to stay strong as they lifted me off the ground and then I realized that not only my ego was hurt but my ankle might have been broken too. It hurt like a horrible credit score.

I had to be helped into my room by the hotel concierge as I tried to recover. The air conditioning was blasting and the TV had the local new house running through highlights on of the Minor League Baseball Championships. I just wanted the pain to go away. My left ankle had been badly hurt but thankfully we had figured it wasn’t broken.

I heard a knock on the door and I said,

“Come in”

I thought it was the room service with the ice I had asked for but the door opened up and for the second time that day, there she was, Nora.

“How are you feeling?”

She asked with that beautiful smile I loved so much across her face.

I was about to answer when she hoisted a big bag of ice up in her hand.

“I’m staying next door and I heard you call for ice so I decided to get it for you.”

I was trying to sit up as she said,

“Relax. I got it”

Notice I hadn’t said anything. Well it was because my heart was hiding under the bed and my mouth… well my mouth was on its own vacation somewhere in Neverland.

She reached on the table and grabbed the ice bucket and headed into the bathroom, she emptied the ice in a bucket and kept some on the bag.

She came back and wrapped the ice bag around my ankle with tape. She looked at me and said,

“So how’s Cali been to you?

You’re done with your program right?”

I looked at her and said,


“How about you? How’s Nursing?”

I’m asked,

She said,

“It’s cool. I love the work except the long hours and early days but overall it’s been great. I’m looking to leave the Virginia though. I miss the sun”

“How does it feel now?”

She asked from the foot of the bed as I was not sitting up in the bed.

She turned and our eyes met.

That was the moment. She smiled and slowly walked on her fours towards me.

Yes, my heart returned home to my chest and was now beating like a crack head energizer bunny.

I was not sure what was happening but my member was well aware of the situation between my legs and rising like the economic power of China.

She got to me and she climbed on top of me and looked into my eyes before pausing and then I leaned in and kissed her.

Her lips were even better than I had always imagined.

So soft.

Baby soft.

They tasted like fresh grapes bursting with flavor in my lips.

I wanted more. I laced my arms around her as I pulled her in and then she turned and her right leg hit my swollen and wrapped ankle.

I squealed and she got up quickly apologizing.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!

Does it hurt?”

I nodded as I stifled the pain.

She patted it down a bit before she looked up.

A wry smile spread across her face.

She reached up and ran her hands under my shorts. I twitched and she said,

“I think I have something that will make it better”

She pulled my shorts down.


My rock hard member in all his elegance was reporting for duty.


I think the size surprised her a bit.

She smiled and reached her hand into the ice bucket.

A handful in her left hand, she began to kiss down my shaft.

I was in dreamland.

Clutching the sheets, I think it was even sexier that she maintained eye contact as she continued down to my balls.

Then she did something that shocked me. She placed a few small cubes in her mouth and took my throbbing member in her mouth.

She placed her hand filled with ice right under my ball sack, clutching it.

The cold soared through my spine and I had never felt that before.

The contrast was crazy. Her mouth was cold from the ice but her lips working up and down my shaft was heating it up. My balls shriveled up and into hiding near my body but she worked her hand around the sack and her tongue up and down my dick.

I wasn’t sure how I was meant to moan but it felt so good.

She dumped the ice in her left hand in the bucket and pulled one cube.

She ran it from my inner thigh up to my shift again. She placed it in her mouth and went to town on the head of my very happy member. I couldn’t hide how good it felt making all sorts of ugly faces as she worked on me.

She placed both hands on the base of my shaft and worked together with her lips up and down.

I must have dreamt about what was happening like two million times in my life and it was finally happening to me!

I could feel myself getting ready to enter that level and cum but I wasn’t sure how this was meant to work.

Was I supposed to let it out in her mouth?

Or not?

What if she didn’t like that?

I was thinking and trying to concentrate on what was happening when she lifted her head up. On her knees, she stood straight and took of her blouse as she asked me,

“Did you have any condoms?”

My eyes grew big.

Really big.

Oh! Not because of what she asked but because of her perfect set of boobs that dropped out of her bra as she unclamped it. I was in the presence of beauty and I felt myself cum at that moment.

She ripped open the condom wrapper and slid it down my shaft.

I clutched the sheets as she slowly lowered herself onto me.

The pace was controlled as she stayed on top the entire time, since I couldn’t move my legs.

I stared up at her and she smiled down at me and it was then I knew. I had felt so strongly about her for years; I was in love with her.

She leaned in and kissed me.

We were both panting for air as she cuddled into my arms. I couldn’t believe what had just happened.


With me. After all these years?!

I was mind blown and confused at the same time.

I turned and kissed her forehead. She smiled and without looking up, she said,

“That was so sweet. I could so get used to this”

I pulled her in closer and squeezed tighter. Sleep invited itself in and shortly took over.


Morning came and I felt very different.

Like incoherent.

I could remember being with Nora but when I woke up, she wasn’t in my bed.

I figured she had gotten up early to return to her room.

We had to be in the lobby for breakfast and to go jet skiing that morning.

My ankle felt a bit better as I limped my way into the shower, got dressed and headed down.

On my way out, I noticed my bottle of Hennessy had been opened but I didn’t pay any mind to it.

I arrived at the lobby and we all started to dig into the food laid out in front of us.

The morning grub was necessary for a long day as we had a city tour and a water tour later in the day.

My usual was already in my hand; a chocolate croissant with a cup of tea.


Everyone filled into the lobby as we all began to eat and chat about the day before and the day ahead.

Questions about my ankle and its durability for the activities of the day were raised but I wasn’t going to be the one to miss out, so I lied that it was fine.

It really was fine.

It was still sore but generally okay.

About 25 minutes had gone by and I was there with the crew.

Dillion – a chemical engineer

Sai- a social worker for a psychiatric hospital

Beth- a marketing exec at a startup

Phillip- an info systems tech guy

Rachel- an alternative Ed entrepreneur with her own school for autistic kids

Bart- a medical student and future doctor

Sage- Me; a Petroleum geologist

And as you noticed we were missing one last person; Nora.

“Where is Nora?”

Rachel asked as she scanned the room. Everyone turned around and realized she wasn’t there.

I had noticed earlier that she was not down from her room yet.

In my mind, I was gloating that even though we had sex with me at 55%, she still wasn’t able to wake up on time.

Sage with the “good good”, I thought to myself.

Rachel soon left the room as she said,

“I’ll go and get her. She probably drank too much last night and over slept”

Up the elevators she went as we all continued to talk.

A few minutes later, the lobby staff started running from behind the desk.

Both employees ran to the front of the elevator. They pressed the button and about a minute later it opened.

Pensively, they ran in and pushed another button as the door closed.

I looked up at the number above the elevator and it kept going,


And then it stopped.

That was my floor and Nora’s floor. It was then I sat up straight.

A scary feeling started up in my stomach.

No way, I thought to myself and then I heard the ambulance sirens blasting from down the street.

Everyone else oblivious to what had just happened stopped and looked at each other in confusion.

The gurney was brought out and in few minutes the EMT’s disappeared into the elevator.

Fear had now set over the room. Rachel had been gone too long and the ambulance showing up was not a good sign.

Rumblings started as we begin to mildly panic.

The elevator opened up and the EMT’s rolled out the gurney with Nora on it.

Rachel was closely behind them.

They lifted her into the back of the ambulance and took off.

We all rushed towards Rachel and almost collectively asked,

“What happened?!

What’s wrong with Nora”

Rachel’s head was dropped as she tried to speak.

Tears now streamed down her face as she said,

“Nora’s dead”

Remember that uncomfortable feeling I mentioned in my gut? Well it disappeared and was replaced with a numb chilling feeling.

I sat back down and thought what all this meant.

All I could say was “WhatTheHeckMan”




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