The Chewing Game

You stand there and ponder

Which flavor should I opt for?

You slowly weigh the pros and cons for every flavor

The mint tastes bitter after a while and leaves an after taste

The strawberry is too sweet

You carefully decide

After all, this pack of gum is going to be with you through 16 sticks

Relationships today are like that pack or piece of gum

If you’re regular get just one kind


That can reflect your type

The individual pieces vary but are all from the same source

You start with the first piece



Welcoming and arousing all the senses in your mouth

You chew down gently turning the solid into a flexible moldable piece

The beginning of the relationship is just as sweet

Doing things and arousing feelings you thought you never had


The more you chew

Sometimes the harder it gets

Or you chew so hard the piece starts to break into small pieces

Sticking to the wrong places

Making a mess

But you continue to chew

Because that’s what we do

How we are

Stick eight

Midway through

The gum becomes harder to enjoy

Like those petty arguments you have been having for months now

And not knowing why

But like that pack of gum

You paid for it

And you’re in it

You continue to try to make it work

You chew on the next one hoping it would be better than the last

You approach it differently

Trying not to chew too fast

Or give him sex too early

You suck when you should chew just to stay careful

Sometimes you can continue and manage

But for some

it’s all too much and the piece gets thrown out completely

You make up your mind to not buy that kind anymore

Because you realize how many times you’ve bitten yourself

Last piece

After so long

You have mastered the way to enjoy this piece

You take your time with it

Partly because it is the last one

But also because the last one always gets it best

You now know when to suck

When to chew

When to calm your tongue

And keep it stashed in the corner of your mouth

You savor it

IT’s the last one

And like the first it arouses your senses but

In a much different way

But then after a while

You have to make up your mind

Keep chewing on it even when your jaw hurts

Or new pack

When the time comes enjoy your last piece

You’ve been through quite a few to get to that point

Don’t just let he/she walk out easily like the others


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